Shakti 25th September 2018 Written Episode *Maha Episode* Update: Soumya seeks Salman Khan’s help to find Jolly, Harak Singh gets clued about Harman

Shakti 25th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya running to escape from kinnars and sit in the decky of the parked car. The car is drive off. Salman Khan is seen sitting in the car. Soumya realizes car started and hits on the decky. Salman Khan looks at back seat. They reach the big boss set. .Soumya also gets down from the decky. Salman says my life is complete, for the first time a girl sat in my car decky. Soumya panics and tells that some people were after her, she tried to escaped from them and sat in the car. She says she sat in the car by mistake and tells that she lost the way. She says her name is Khushi and she lost Jolly in the temple. She says they have lost their memory and don’t know about their families. Salman Khan asks guard to make arrangements to make her sit. Harman ties the kinnar following him and

asks her to tell who is he and who is Khushi and what is their connection with them. He is about to slap her when other kinnars come and hold his hand. Harman asks why are they after them and puts blanket on them, runs away.

Salman Khan asks Soumya if she has any photo of Jolly. She says no and she doesn’t have even phones. Salman asks if she knows his face. She says yes. He calls sketch artiste. Chameli asks kinnars to make balwinder wear saree. Balwinder says you are doing wrong, I will not leave you. Chameli and other kinnars make him wear saree and take him from there. Salman Khan asks Chameli to describe how her Jolly is? Soumya describes Harman’s appearance. Sketch artiste makes Harman’s sketch. Soumya looks at the sketch and smiles. She says he looks same. Salman asks his assistant to make posters and pamphlets of the sketch and distribute it. Harman thinks where is this Khushi mental? He thinks of Soumya’s words while searching her on road. Kinnars bring Balwinder on road and asks people to give nek to him. People gives him nek. Chameli says your people are making fun of you, and nobody is coming to help you. She says this is your value and asks him to go home like this. She asks him not to trouble any kinnar else he couldn’t live in his world. They leave. Balwinder removes the saree and throws it far. He thinks I will take revenge for this very soon.

Harman comes to the temple and prays to bappa. He asks him to make him meet his Khushi and says nobody is there to take care of him. He cleans someone’s car and gets money to buy food. Salman Khan’s guard brings food for Soumya. Soumya says I can’t have food, don’t know if Jolly have food or not. Harman buys vada pav and sits to have it. He thinks of Soumya and couldn’t eat it. He thinks if she have eaten food or not? Salman Khan comes and asks Soumya to have food. Soumya takes the plate. Salman says you didn’t tell me that you loves Jolly. Soumya says no, I don’t love him, but cares for him. Salman says this is love side effects, you can’t have burger worrying about him. He asks her to confess. Salman’s assistant Dinesh tells that he got pamphlets distributed. Soumya says she hopes she meets Jolly soon. Salman Khan says tonight everyone will see you on screen and you will get your family back. He goes to shoot. Soumya thinks how can I love Jolly, as he is searching his Gulabo. She thinks she is searching him, may be due to concern and not for love. She couldn’t eat food. Harman also returns the vada pav. A man sees pamphlet and is about to inform Harman, but he doesn’t listen and walks away seeing kinnars. Kinnars get the pamphlet and show to Guru maa. Soumya prays to Bappa and asks him to make her meet Jolly soon. She says she forgot her home and family, but remembers only Jolly. Dinesh comes and says Bappa hears his every children prayers. Soumya says I trust Bappa and Salman ji. She says she knows only Jolly and nobody else.

Guru maa calls Dinesh and asks him to tell where to bring Jolly? Dinesh asks her to send Jolly’s video. Kinnar ends the call. Soumya says we shall go and bring him. Dinesh says this may be fake call. Guru maa asks kinnars to take her to the place where Jolly was last seen and says they will take Jolly there and get the prize, and then will kidnap Khushi. Varun asks Harak Singh where he is taking her? Harak Singh says she is my wife. Veeran says if she elopes again? Raavi asks him to take her out. Shanno says if she elopes again. Preeto asks who is this inauspicious woman and asks him to kick her out. Harak Singh takes her to temple to pray for Harman. Veeran scolds Shanno and asks why didn’t you keep quiet. Balwinder calls Raavi. Raavi says I will meet you tonight.

Harak Singh and Preeto come to the temple. Balwinder looks at the decorated room and thinks his Raavi is coming, he is getting wedding night feeling. Raavi comes there. balwinder shows the decorated bed and says we will celebrate wedding night now and every day. He asks if she likes the decoration. He puts the drink in the glass and asks her to drink. She refuses and cries. Balwinder says you have to do what I ask you else you know what I will do. He asks her to drink. She throws the glass. Balwinder says so you will not agree. He holds her and pushes her on bed. Just then door bell rings. Raavi pushes him and runs to open the door. She sees Police and tells him that he blackmailed and called her, and then tried to misbehave with her. Inspector asks Constable to arrest Balwinder. Raavi says she is Raavi Singh and Harak Singh’s daughter and Harman’s sister and not a film. Kishan Lal blackmails Veeran. Veeran says I asked Inspector to bring Balwinder here. Inspector brings Balwinder there and asks him to give money when he is off duty. Veeran asks Kishan Lal to handle his lover son and not to blackmail him again.

Varun and Shanno tell that the house is theirs now. Varun says Harak singh and Preeto lost their right on the house when kinnar became their bahu. Veeran says where is they? Preeto asks them to enjoy. Just then door bell rings, Veeran and Varun take wine inside the room. Harak Singh, preeto and Raavi come home. Veeran says if Harak Singh comes here then we can’t enjoy. Varun says I have locked the room, he will not come here. Harak Singh sits on the sofa and sees Soumya dancing on Big boss show. Soumya dances on a song…heer heer na…le jaye mirza koyi…Harman also sees her dancing in the shop’s TV. Harak Singh gets up from his sofa and thinks she is the same kinnar, what is she doing on TV. He thinks Harman must be near her and thinks if she is separated from her. He thinks where is my Shera?

Salman Khan asks Soumya to come, and introduces her as Khushi. He says she has lost her memory and came here to ask help. He asks her to tell what she wants to say as country is hearing you. Harman thinks she is really mental. Soumya says Salman ji helped me in searching Jolly and tells that she lost her memory and knows only Jolly. She asks Jolly to come there, if he hears her. Harman tells the people that she is talking about him. Harak Singh says she is a bewafa to forget Harman and made a friend Jolly. Shop keeper switches off Tv. Harman says she is my friend and I am searching her. Shop keeper says shop needs to be close. Harman switches on the TV. Salman says I know you will get your Jolly. They show Harman’s sketch on the TV. Harak Singh sees his sketch and gets happy with teary eyes. He says Harman is found, and Jolly is Harman. He thinks they have lost their memory and cries happily.

Soumya thanks Salman Khan. Salman says welcome. Harak Singh sees Varun coming and switches off TV. He wipes his tears too. Varun asks what happened? Shanno says she has served the food. Harak Singh says yes. Veeran gets a call and leaves. Harak Singh comes out and tells himself that he got his son back. He dances happily and then tells himself not to express his happiness. He understands some conspiracy is happening against Harman. He thinks to find out who have done this conspiracy and thinks I will not leave that person. He calls someone and asks to meet in Mumbai. Harak Singh tells shop keeper that Salman Khan called me and asks auto driver to take him to big boss home. He sits in auto.

Harman and Soumya meet in big boss home and get happy. They hug each other happily. Dinesh brings them to a locality. A woman says today is Gauri Visarjan. Amruta is seen dancing.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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