Shakti 25th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman refuses to get engaged to Lavneet

Shakti 25th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harak Singh that he is very much happy today, he was not that happy on Harman’s first marriage. Sameer’s mum asks Soumya why is she sad? Soumya tells that Harman is getting engaged to Lavneet and tells that she made him believe that Lavneet is his Gulabo, and worries that his trust doesn’t break and says if that happens then he will not trust me also. Lavneet comes to Harman and hugs him. She says they are perfect Jodi and takes him to downstairs. Harak Singh says both bride and groom have come. He says today’s function will start with my bhangra. He sings roop hai tera sona…and dances. Harman, Lavneet and others look at him performing. Harak Singh makes preeto gets up and dances with her. She brushes off his hand. Harman calls Soumya. Veeran and varun dance with Harak

Singh. Lavneet smiles happily. Raavi gets Saya’s call and goes to side to call her back. Saya tells Raavi that she got the proof. Raavi asks her to come there and says she is waiting. Harman calls Soumya. Soumya gets hurt as needle pierced in her finger skin. She finds the phone ringing. Lavneet tells Harman that today is their day. He sees Soumya and says my friend came. Soumya dances on the song main bawli hogi. Harman says my friend danced well. Lavneet asks do you know her? Harman looks at Soumya, but she is someone else. He tells that he was waiting for Khushi, but she didn’t come. He says I went to her engagement. Lavneet says may be she got busy or her fiance don’t want her to come. Harak Singh asks Varun to bring engagement rings.

Raavi calls Saya and asks her to come fast. Saya says they are on the way. Harman calls Soumya again. Sameer’s mum asks Soumya to go and meet Jolly. Soumya says Jolly is my friend, but Sameer is my would be husband and if I go there then he will not like it. Sameer thinks Soumya loves him now and thinks nobody can separate them.

Harak Singh asks Harman and Lavneet to make each other wear ring. He asks Harman why is he shying, and tells that you are already married before. Raavi stands shocked as Lavneet makes him wear ring. Saya and others are running on road to come there. Raavi calls her and says everything is finished. Saya says we are coming there. Harak Singh gives engagement ring in Harman’s hand and asks him to make Gulabo wear it. Harman takes ring in his hand. Soumya asks Mata rani to help Harman as he is starting his new life. Harman reminisces Dr. Kaushal’s wife giving him ring, saying she got it from his clothes. He refuses to make her wear that ring. Harak Singh and Lavneet panic. Raavi gets hopeful. Harman goes to his room. Soumya prays to Mata Rani asking her to protect Jolly. Harman comes back. Harak Singh says this is shagun’s ring and asks what do you mean? Harman says I will make my Gulabo wear her ring and shows the ring.

He tells that Doctor said that he was having this ring when he gained consciousness and tells that he will make her wear same ring. He tries to make her wear it and says she is not my Gulabo. Harak Singh says doctor might be wrong and asks him to make her wear other ring. Preeto brings her ring and says she made same ring for her bahu as hers. Lavneet tells Harman that her finger has swelling and that’s why it is not fitting. Harman says I lost my memory, but haven’t become mad. He says you all are lying. Lavneet tries to emotionally blackmail him. Soumya says first Khushi said that you are not Gulabo, now she said that you are Gulabo. Lavneet says I am your Gulabo and asks him to believe her. Harman says I will not believe anyone. Lavneet tries to stop him and swears on him that she is his Gulabo and asks him to give her a chance. Harman says trust on you. Raavi says what is the hurry?

Harman comes to Soumya’s house. Soumya sees him and closes the door. Harman asks her to open the door. A masked man comes to Harman and kidnaps him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. This storyline has become nonsensical and redundant.

    1. I agree … time to end this drama!

  2. Stupid. Every episode kidnapping. Boring.

  3. I don’t like new track. Unite Lavneet and Sameer and that would be great twist. Then Saumya-Harman’s union would be great. They are always seperated. Bahut hogya

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