Shakti 25th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Heer’s fake pregnancy shocks Preeto

Shakti 25th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Virat asking Heer if she has gone mad to lie infront of everyone. He says you are not pregnant as you are a kin…Heer asks him to listen to her once. Virat asks why did you lie and asks her to go down and tell everyone? Heer says Simran is pregnant, she loves some guy. Virat is shocked and taken aback. Heer tells everything about Simran asking her to help, while threatening to commit suicide. Virat asks did you think….? Heer asks him to think about Simran and Arjun and tells that they shall think of uniting them. Virat says this lie will prove costly for us and everyone will come to know about this truth. Heer asks her to support her else do whatever is better for this house. Virat says I am always with you, but the day when Simran or you get effected then I will tell everyone. Simran hears them. Heer asks him to think that their rehearsals will happen to become mummy and Papa. Simran gets emotional on seeing Heer’s good side. She recalls her words, that how can anyone be so backward in this 20-20. She comes inside and hugs her, thanking her. Heer asks her to ask Arjun to bring baraat to their house soon. Simran says you are helping me even after I treated you badly. She hugs her again and thanks her. Heer says our relation has taken to another level and says its ok.

Preeto comes home and tells Veeran that she has sent Shanno somewhere for few days. Veeran asks where? Preeto says I have sent her to stay with Saya and others kinnars. Veeran gets up shockingly. He asks how can she stay there? Preeto says Shanno might think Kinnars as humans if she stays there. She asks how are you staying with Shanno since many years?

Just then Parmeet comes there, beating plate with plate. She tells that today no argument or fight and tells that she came to share the biggest happiness of her life. Preeto asks what is the happiness? Parmeet says Virat had told her about her habit to beat the plate and asks her to beat the plate with her. Raavi brings plate. Preeto beats the plate with spoon. Parmeet also does the same. Everyone looks on. Preeto asks her to tell. Parmeet says your grand daughter Heer, my bahu Heer is pregnant. Preeto drops the plate shockingly. Harak Singh, Rohan, Raavi and others get shocked. Parmeet is shocked seeing Preeto in shock.

Parmeet says it is a good news. Preeto recalls Doctor telling that Heer is a kinnar. Harak Singh recalls Saya telling him that Heer is a kinnar. Mahi recalls Preeto telling her that Heer is a kinnar. Rohan and Raavi also recall the same. Parmeet says even we were shocked and says this is a big matter. She asks her to come home and hugs her. She says she has kept the puja and then they will celebrate. She says she is sure that their argument will end after the baby comes. Preeto comes and asks how did this happen? Parmeet tells that Heer is very understanding and just as she comes to know about her pregnancy, she hurried up for marriage. She asks her to come with her and takes Preeto with her forcibly. She asks everyone to come tomorrow for celebrations and tells that Preeto will stay with us tonight. Veeran tells Harak Singh that Shanno is not wrong always and tells that if we had told Heer’s truth to her then this drama wouldn’t have happen.

Simran meets Arjun. Arjun says we can abort this baby. Simran tells that they are their baby and tells that they would have planned baby later after marriage. He says we have to shift to Canada after marriage. Simran asks him to talk to his parents. He promises to bring his parents tomorrow and smirks hugging her.

Bua ji tells that Heer shall have a son. Parmeet brings Preeto there. Bua ji says Heer gave us happiness. Preeto tells that she will talk to Heer. Bua ji and Parmeet let Preeto go to meet Heer. Heer prays that Simran and Arjun shall get married soon. Preeto comes to Heer and asks what is this new drama, you lied to everyone. Heer says you came again, says I had asked you not to interfere in my family matters and asks why can’t I become a mother? Preeto says you can’t be a mother. Heer asks why? Preeto asks her to come and tell everyone, when Virat comes there.

Virat asks her to let this lie be lie and tells that Heer is not alone, her husband is with her in this lie. Preeto looks shocked. Tu hi mera khuda plays…..Preeto asks did you forget that she is my grand daughter before being your wife. Heer says I am Virat’s wife first and then your grand daughter. Preeto is shocked. She says I told you that I will have first right on Heer’s life and her life decisions. She says this lie can prove costly for her and you are backing from your promise. Heer tells Preeto that Virat is silent for Simran’s betterment and says they will become parents later on. Preeto says I will tell everyone, people will say that I didn’t teach her good values, I will hear, but will tell the truth to everyone. Virat and Heer looks on.

Precap: Heer’s godh bharayi happens. Heer makes Simran have the sweets. Bua ji gets doubtful. Shanno escapes from kinnars’ house and plans revenge. She says I can’t let this injustice happen and asks them to stop it all.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Alister La Frenais

    Shanno looks more like a kinnar than Heer. I think the casting director should take a refresher course in casting actors. The people they choose to play the part of Kinnars look too feminine, whilst they cast the actor to play the part of Shanno, who would fit the part of a kinnar.

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