Shakti 25th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Soumya refuses Sameer’s love

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Shakti 25th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer telling Soumya that he also loves everyone. They all dane. Harman tries to break the mesh of the window. Preeto talks to Saya. Saya asks her not to come there and says she will search Soumya. Preeto says Harman and Jasleen are unreachable. Saya says we will enquire. Preeto says I will inform you if Kishan lal gains consciousness or If harak singh says something. Guest lady asks Soumya to dance. Harman is still trying to break the mesh. Sameer comes there playing dhol and says today it is my new birth and says he is changed now because of this girl. He says now I got the guarantee that Soumya will not go anywhere leaving me. Soumya says I have nobody except you both. Sameer asks her to tell few words for him. Soumya tells that he is very good and have given me food, shelter etc. She says she can’t lower their favors.

Sameer says it is surprise time now and says you like when someone is not hesitant, fearless in confessing love. He says today I want to tell my heart feelings to you. He tells about his father’s sayings and says he saw his father’s thought in her thoughts, and fell in love with her. He says I am not a child, but loved you like a child with same innocence and love, and have dreamt of births together. He says only you can handle me and promises to keep her happy. He asks Pandit ji to read the mantra for their marriage. Soumya is shocked.

Sameer dances with his friends and plays dhol. Harman manages to pull out the mesh and escapes from there with Jasleen. Sameer’s friends set up mandap for them. He wears ghatbandhan cloth and is about to tie to her dupatta. Soumya asks what you are doing? He says marriage happens this way. Soumya asks have you gone mad? Sameer says yes in your love. His mum asks Soumya to hear him once. Harman tells Jasleen that he saw Soumya here in the temple. Jasleen asks him to call Saya and others. He finds network and calls Saya. Soumya asks him not to force her. Sameer’s friends ask her to marry him. Soumya says I can’t marry. Sameer’s mum promises to make her daughter. Soumya says how to make you understand. They all ask her to say yes.

Saya comes to Harman. Harman tells that he saw Soumya in the temple with a guy. Jasleen says our kidnappers don’t want to lock us for long and says they want us not to reach somewhere, may be they want to harm Soumya. She says we have to stop them. Sameer asks Soumya to agree and says they all are witness of my love. Soumya folds her hand and asks them not to force her. Sameer holds her hand and says I will force you, and says whatever happened with you was forced and says your marriage with Harman was forced one also. He says I will love you and keep you happy. Soumya slaps him hard and leaves. Sameer’s mum goes behind her. Everyone leaves. Sameer gets upset.

Saya tells Preeto that Harman and Jasleen came out of room. Preeto gets shocked and comes to Harak Singh. She asks him to order his man to free Jasleen and Harman, and tells that Harman’s mum is still alive and will not do anything. Harak Singh asks what you are saying and is shocked. Preeto goes after warning him. Soumya packs her stuff. Sameer’s mum tries to stop her. Soumya tells her that she will not stay here. Sameer comes and asks Soumya not to go. Soumya tells him that she has just Harman in his heart and he will be there for forever. She says I can’t stay here. Sameer asks his mum to make her understand. Sameer’s mum says you have convinced me for marriage and I also agreed without thinking about what Soumya will feel.

Sameer says I did a big mistake and says Maa calls me Jhalla because I don’t understand things easy. He asks her not to leave house, and says if you want then I will apologize to you and will bear punishment decided by you. He says things changed after you came home, and tells that he wanted his mum to be happy and since she came, smile came on his mum’s face. He asks her not to go and holds his ears. Sameer’s mum asks Soumya to forgive him and says he will not do this thing again. Sameer says if you leave at this moment then I will think that I am bad person in the world. He says I will become old Sameer then and will become worthless. Soumya says now I don’t trust you now. Sameer’s mum folds her hand and asks her to stay back. She says I will not stop you. Sameer takes bag from her hand and keeps it.

Harak Singh calls Gill and says I asked you to kill Soumya, and didn’t ask you to kidnap my son. Gill says he was searching Soumya and that’s why I did this. He thinks he wants Sameer to marry Soumya and save her. Jasleen asks Harman until when we will search Soumya. Harman says I couldn’t reach you even though you are close to me.

Raavi thinks why did Jeet give me credit card and thinks if I ask him to give money for Bau ji then? She calls him. Jeet says I miss you and want to spend every moment with her. Raavi gets happy and says she wants to talk about something serious. Balwinder comes there. Raavi pretends to talk to her friend and ends call.

Surbhi calls Preeto and asks about Harman. Preeto says how he could be without Soumya. Surbhi asks her to call her if she comes to know anything. Varun says if I light fire today then it will not set off. He misbehaves with Maninder. Nani scolds him. Varun misbehaves with her. Sumit asks him to mind his language. Varun insults him.

Gill asks Sameer’s mum if marriage happened? Sameer’s mum says no. Gill says I thought Sameer’s life will get better marrying her. He says shall we handover her to the people who are searching her and says they will divide the money which he will get. Sameer’s mum says she didn’t want to do anything for money. Gill asks her to think about Sameer and says if he can stay with her, after whatever happened as man gets mad with rejection. Sameer’s mum says I can’t decide without talking to Sameer and goes.

She comes to Soumya and asks her to have food. Sameer recalls Soumya slapping him and gets up. Sameer’s mum tells that he must not be hungry like you. Soumya apologizes to Mata Rani and says I can’t love anybody except my Harman ji.

Harman sees Sameer and his mum on road and asks if he saw Soumya showing her pic. Sameer looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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