Shakti 25th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Saumya reveals she came to party as Harman’s slave

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In the party, Harman and Saumya cut the cake holding each other’s hands. Harman gives her a bite from the cake and smiles while everyone claps. Surbhi thinks she is happy that the problems have been solved between them, she wish they always stay together. She wish Harman and Saumya. Harak Singh distributes the sweets. Kishan Laal come to his son and says now Harak Singh would make fun of them. Harak Singh comes to Kishan and tells him to drink as its free today, he mocks him to have come without a gift. Even poor bring at least a handkerchief for his grandchild. Kishan Lal says he is insulting him, Harak Singh says he has no respect to be disgraced. Surbhi takes everyone’s attention towards a short film she made for their anniversary, as a gift. The film contained photographic memories of Saumya’s life. Harman smiles and was lost in the memories associated with them. In the end, Surbhi wish no one is ever able to cover each moment of their life.
At kinner’s place, Kareena tells Raveena that Malika told Tarana she would take her alone if she is ready, but Tarana instead threw water of Harman’s face to bring him to consciousness and left with him. Raveena says they are all being fooled by Malika and Tarana. Malika comes there and says they are all right, none of them is Tarana who wanted to turn them all a family. Today, she took a decision for herself, and she was also strengthened that they can also get their right in the society. For that, they must seed themselves with self-trust and gain self-respect. Everyone leaves and return with Preeto’s gifted clothes. They weren’t ready to accept them at the cost of their self respect.
It was night, Harman comes to Saumya and thanks her. He doesn’t care she went to party as a slave, but in each moment. He doesn’t even care if she is a kinner. Won’t she speak. Saumya says she will, she tells him to sleep at the moment. Harman had fallen asleep when Saumya returns with the glass of water. She wipes her tears and wish him anniversary.
The next morning, Chintu opens the door to a young boy, He asks him about a house, then asks if there was a party at night. He boasts about being able to smell things from a distance. He asks if there is a chocolate milk being prepared nearby, Saumya brings the milk then. The boy tells Chintu that he can also smell danger nearby. The boy leaves. Chintu thinks the problem must either be a fight between Harman and Saumya or some plan from Preeta.
Varun was leaving when Surbhi comes to the room, she places a black tikka behind his ear to save him from bad eye and hands his tiffin to him. She apologizes for not being with him like his wife in the party. Varun says he can’t stay angry with her for long. Surbhi requests him to talk to Preeto, Varun says its not easy to get things from Preeto. Surbhi hugs him saying she is sure he can do anything, and confirms if she has a problem with Saumya? Varun assures he has no problem with Saumya and leaves.
The family was sitting in the hall. Ravi says the party was so grand people would speak about it for atleast one month. Harman comes downstairs and asks for a cup of tea. Saumya instead comes with a pile of gifts. Shanno wonders what gift it is. Saumya says Harman’s wife got these gifts, what she would do with them so she came to return everything. She also places the ring over the pile, which Harman had gifted her with.

PRECAP: Harman swears in the temple that he won’t expect anything from Saumya until she accepts his love.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Harman u r so good,Only tolerate Shakti because of ur journey and character

  2. Harman you are really big hero. I love you sooooooo much. You are best best husband in whole world. now i hate Saumya because why she does not understand his pure love. she caught Preeto’s evil plan. I hope harman find what reason to saumya’s behaviour soon. plz writer make them together and happy forever.

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