Shakti 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Shakti 25th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeto taking toy from baby and throwing it far. Soumya comes and takes baby in her lap. Baby starts crying. Harman asks Soumya to take baby to room and says he will buy toys for him. Preeto asks with whose money? Harak Singh asks him to answer. He says even your son will be brought up here, says this is man’s khandaan and not kinnars. Varun says everything belongs to Harman. Preeto says absolutely, but our money doesn’t belong to his adopted son. Harman throws the wallet and says he will bring toys for his child. He goes. Chintu says I will call my Kans mama.

Door bell rings. Soumya opens the door and sees orphanage people. They tell that they came to take the baby back home. Soumya is shocked. Harman comes to buy toys and thinks my junior Harman will be happy to see these toys. He thinks my small family have small happiness. Soumya refuses to give the baby. Orphanage guy asks her to give away the baby. Soumya tells Kaushalya that you gave me baby. Chintu comes and says Aditya will not go anywhere. Soumya asks what happened? Orphanage guy tells that they give babies to women and men and not to kinnars. Everyone smiles. He says you have hidden fact from us that you are a kinnar. Soumya says we both love each other. Orphanage guy asks how you will feed him and asks did you know how a mother gives upbringing to a baby. She says one needs to be a woman to become a mum. Soumya asks him not to touch her. Everyone smiles looking at her helplessness. Harman is in car and smiles. Preeto holds Soumya while Orphanage people take Aditya from her.

Soumya falls on his feet and asks him to return her son. Yeh Nasiba song plays….Harman thinks your Harman ji came. Soumya cries badly. Preeto stops her from going to Aditya. Soumya shouts Aditya. Orphanage people take Aditya and closes the door. Soumya shouts Aditya. They leave. Preeto slaps Soumya and says they have taken your son. Soumya runs. Door bell rings. Soumya opens the door and sees Harman. Harman brings toys. Soumya tells him that their baby is taken away by Orphanage people. Harman is shocked. Harak Singh and Preeto looks on. Harman asks who had taken my son. Chintu bites Raavi and runs to Harman. He tells that Orphanage people came and told that they don’t give baby to a kinnar.

Harman asks Soumya to stop crying and says we will bring our Aditya back. Raavi asks Chintu to come to room. Varun asks Inspector how did they come? Preeto says don’t you know my name. a fb is shown, Preeto and Harak Singh meets Kaushalya personally. Preeto tells that Soumya is a kinnar and have trapped her son also. She asks how can you give baby to a kinnar. Varun says you have solution for everything. Preeto smirks. Shanno sees the toys brought by Harman and says we shall keep these toys.

Harman and Soumya come to the orphanage. Soumya folds her hand and asks Kaushalya to give Aditya to them. Orphanage guy says we can’t give baby to you.

He says we can’t give you any baby for adoption. Harman asks him to give their baby else he will not leave him. Harman says I am sure that someone is behind this conspiracy.

Varun asks Preeto to think again and says if that man is not corrupt then. Preeto asks him to call him and says money have power. Harman and Soumya go to Orphanage head Chaddha. Soumya tells him everything. Orphanage guy comes to Chaddha and says she can’t be a mum. Chaddha scolds him and says if they are ready to give him a family then what is the problem. He gets Preeto’s call. Chaddha asks him to return their son. Soumya smiles happily.

Chaddha gets Preetos call and she promises to give him 5 lakhs charity, and asked him not to return baby to Harman. Kaushalya is about to give baby to Soumya. Chaddha comes and apologizes to Harman, and says we can’t give baby to kinnar. Harman is angry. Soumya is shocked.

Chaddha asks who will take up baby’s responsibility after you. Saya says we will take up the responsibility. Gupta refuses to give the baby.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. These days the updates come a bit late… H Hasan try to update faster….

  2. Bad epi….when wil d devil preeto’s evilness come to an end….varun alwys dancng on preto’s rythm…..

  3. Sad episode , preeto and all her family made from stone have no heart no human’s feelings , they are all of them hopeless cases , they’re describing humans by mistake , and this varun I hated him , he’s no one , he is a shadow to anyone called

  4. Not to forget, bhondu Saumya is hopeless too…she took a slap from preeto sooo easily. She claims to be the mother of the child but can’t even stand up for her child. I too feel like giving her one below her ears…stupid dumb useless Saumya ?? ?

    1. your silver lining

      You are absolutely right jessica. Saumya is bhondu,dumb,useless and hopeless. As they say- she doesn’t deserve to be a mother,not because she is a kinnar but because she has no courage to take a stand for either herself or her child. She deserves so many punches from everyone…from preeto surbhi harman aditya etc..this one is from me…?

      1. Ya that’s sooo true.

  5. Does anyone know what the title song of Yeh Nasiba that was played

  6. Sad episode. I want to kill preeto and her family.I hope soumya back her child soon

  7. Hey guys I heard in some spoilers that soumya will Harman along with child after returning to Singh house after convinced by presto, she feels Harman is in dead need of woman, unless the kinnar, after all this Harman and soumya will get clash between them in d bedroom, as Harman in drunken state forces soumya to sleep with him, but dumb soumya refuses stating she is a kinnar, not a lady to fulfill his wish, the word kinnar makes him a dead angry leaves with breaking all the things in room and loungers, presto observes this and fill soumya mind.

  8. Harman makes a vow that he will never search for soumya, never see her again,

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