Shakti 24th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Shakti 24th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raavi coming to Harman’s room holding a big box and asks Soumya, how is she? She says you might be fine as Harman is with you. She says you can’t be mum as you are not a woman, but I am a mum, but have to stay away from my son. She says you have everything even though you have a defect and I have nothing even though I am perfect. She says you will soon become everyone like you. She shows her son toys and asks her to throw it out, and says you can’t understand motherhood. She throws the cartoon stuff. Harman tells Raavi that he will bring her son back and asks her not to accuse Soumya. Raavi accuses Soumya and blames Harman for supporting her. She says you have become blind in your love and ruined my home. Harman says there is no point in talking to you, and asks her to leave from her home. Soumya is teary eyes and shocked.

Preeto comes and claps taunting Soumya. She says you will soon make everyon Harman asks her to go and says you will not understand me, you can go too. Preeto says how dare you talk to me like this. Harman tells her that if she is his mum then Soumya is his responsibility. He says I have promised her dead mum and Soumya will not go from here. Preeto asks her to take up his responsibility and see her ruined. Harman and Soumya are tensed.

Preeto goes to hall and throws the things in the house. While everyone tries to stop her, Preeto says she will destroy everything. Harman comes there, Preeto asks him not to show his fake concern, and tells that she will ruin everything. She throws kerosene oil in the house. Harman asks her to stop her drama else he will cut his nerves. Preeto says you will commit suicide…no, as your life is this kinnar. He says I am not related to your life anymore. Harman asks her to stop nonsense and says I will really cut my nerve. I really love you ….preeto. Preeto says don’t lie, you just loves Soumya. Harman says you are doing wrong. Preeto says you are doing wrong. Harman says I am not doing anything wrong, I am just fulfilling my duty towards her, nothing is changed. Preeto says you can’t understand as Kinnar’s blind fold is on your eyes. Harman keeps knife on his hand.

Preeto says how I will live without you, and cries. Harman asks her not to burn the house, and says even now you think that I don’t love you, so okay…he cuts his wrist. Everyone is shocked. Soumya shouts asking what did you do? Preeto shouts and asks Harman why did you do this? Have you gone mad? Harman says may be now you can believe that your son loves you. Preeto asks him to keep quiet and ties cloth on his hand. She asks Viren to call doctor.

Maninder says I thought to go to Jalandhar and will get Surbhi married, but….Bebe says Surbhi will marry where she is destined to marry. She asks him to call Abhishek’s family and says they might agree. Maninder calls Abhishek and greets him. Preeto asks Viren to call Doctor. Viren says he is on the way. Harman says nothing is changed, even now I am your son and loves you very much. I will be alright soon, you used to tie your dupatta in my childhood whenever I get hurt. Preeto says Soumya can’t stay in this house. Soumya cries and goes to room. Harman says where she will go, now her mum is also not alive, let her stay here without any relation. Preeto says I will not pay a price for her being a kinnar. She says either I will stay here or Soumya. Harman gets up and goes to his room.

Soumya recalls Preeto’s condition and cries. Harman comes to her. Soumya says I don’t want to stay….Harman stops her and says now you will not stay in this house, it is enough. Soumya is confused. Harak Singh comes home and sees the house condition. Harman holds Soumya’s hand and takes her to hall. He tells Harak singh that Preeto and Soumya can’t stay under the same roof. He says I am taking her far from here, and says she is a kinnar for you, but I have married her and took rounds with her, even though we don’t have any relation. He tells Harak Singh that you made me fill her maang, and asks how can I forget my promise. He reminds Preeto about her upbringing and says I will take her far from here. He says I am leaving….He holds Soumya’s hand and starts walking out. Ram Ram Jai Sita Ram plays………..

Harman and Soumya are sitting outside the house. Soumya gets scared hearing the thunderstorm and hugs Harman. Preeto gets jealous and thinks to change her attitude early morning.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. H Hasan plz change the montage plz, talking about the episode totally Harman nailed it and Kamya punjabi did a good job, she played whatever was given to her nicely…. Lesser surbhi scenes…. I hope Harman doesn’t marries Surbhi

  2. Can any one answer my question please…..????
    Is sowmya is kinner or not.
    And what is difference between kinner & transgender

    1. Soumya is a kinner

  3. Sabrina

    Aww such a perfect ending and precap yay so happy

  4. Today is harmans day. He scored very well. Preeto too acted well.

  5. I feel so sad for somu, y all of them r telling kinner kinner kinner in todays episode itself they would have been told 15 times . Plz writers don’t use the word always it will hurt some people. Shakthi serial’s motive is to support them instead u r hurting them. Sorry its my opinion if it hurts anyone iam really sorry and my English is so bad sorry for that also.

    1. U r correct ammu. Totally agree to you. N yr english is perfecr.?☺☺

  6. Harman love Soumya very much ,,, so he will ask Surbhi to marry !!! it’s only way to stay with his love Soumya … This marriage will be with contract ,,, only Harman and Surbhi will know !!!

  7. Thank you renu.

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