Shakti 24th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Virat kidnaps Heer

Shakti 24th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode 1 (8 pm) Virat Kidnaps Heer

The Episode starts with Heer coming to college with kinnars. Virat moves back seeing her with kinnars. Heer says everyone is with you Virat, so I brought the ones who will work here with me. Jharna says no marriage have happened here, this is not kinnars area, but college. Heer reminds her how she handled her with love yesterday. Jharna tells that kinnars can’t work here and tells that she will call NGO representer. A student supports Jharna and tells the same. Heer looks on and recalls telling Saya. A fb is shown. Heer tells Saya that nobody wanted to work with her in college because of Virat and that’s why she wants them all to come to college with her, so that Virat gets defeated. She asks will you come with us? Saya says yes, but they will not agree so take a reporter with us. NGO representer comes there and tells Heer that kinnars can’t work here. Reporter asks him if he can say this on camera and tells that the third category is kinnars. He asks how can you refuse to let them work for the society. Heer asks NGO Representer to tell that kinnars can work here for the camera. NGO worker says only Principal sir can decide. Principal says they can work here and asks them to work at other side of the hall. Heer asks Virat, what will he name himself now as he lost the challenge? She then names him Joru ka ghulam. Virat gets furious and says you are flying high. Heer says she will fly high as she has won the 5 days challenge. She briefs Nutan about the work and asks her to pack the PPE kits inside the box after counting. Nutan nods her head. Heer smiles and looks at Virat. Isha comes there and takes Heer with her. Virat thinks he will make the kinnar know her value. He goes behind them. Isha and Heer are talking. Virat thinks of Heer’s words and comes to her. He shouts and says Heer Singh…do you know why I left you as you are a kinnar. He couldn’t see Heer there, but Saya standing and hearing him.

Parmeet makes Gurwinder do Daljeet’s puja and aarti. She asks Gurwinder to greet her husband like greeting God. Daljeet says work is done. Parmeet says puja shall be done with full devotion. Gurwinder keeps her head on his feet. Daljeet smiles. Parmeet asks her to keep the puja stuff in room and says Virat shall not know about it. Gurwinder nods her head and takes the aarti plate from there. She remembers Daljeet’s words that he doesn’t want anyone to know that he is having the deficiency and can’t father a child. Saya asks Virat to have courage and win the fight on his own and not by telling the secret of the person and make her weak. Virat says I hate her face, just go and tell her. Saya says you have left a bride on the mandap and asks what else you will do to express your feelings to her. Virat says why don’t she go away from my life. Saya says she was leaving from your life, but your stubbornness that she is a kinnar and she doesn’t have the right to live peacefully, brings her infront of you. She says one day we have to handle her, leave her and let her live in the misunderstanding, it is better for you both. Jharna looks for Virat. Heer says it is easy to give lecture and tells that whom I loved thinking as God is a kinnar, and tells that his anger is justified and it seems like the world betrayed him. Saya says the God has betrayed Heer. Virat says if she comes infront of me then I won’t let her be peaceful. Saya says you can trouble her the way you want for your peace, but without telling her truth. She tells him that his anger is because that he loved her and even now, but doesn’t want to accept it. Jharna is coming there. Saya says when you tell her truth, then you will not be at peace, but will repent. Jharna calls Virat. Virat looks at Saya and finds her gone. He thinks she must have gone seeing Jharna.

Soham tells Preeto that Raavi bua got married twice, but both her husband are in jail. He says Sindhu’s bua is not in jail and that’s why we shall send her to her sasural. Harak Singh says this is her own house too and her own wish to stay here. She is our daughter. Soham says you didn’t understand me, says Sindhu bua is a girl, if she will tell that she will go to her sasural from her mouth. He says when alliance comes for Heer then what they will say. He says they shall send Raavi and Sindhu to their sasural. Preeto asks why do you want the girls to go away from their house. Soham says you start doubting me again, tells that Heer was telling him when he was applying balm. Rohan says we will talk to Sindhu Bua when she returns home. Preeto says we are not poor that we can’t feed our daughters all life. Soham says I told as Heer was saying. Harak Singh asks Soham to end the matter. He goes with Preeto. Soham thinks Heer shall leave from here, like I have planned.

Heer is coming home from college and gets kidnapped on the way. The masked kidnapper makes her smell chloroform and takes her in jeep. He drives off. Later he stops the jeep and lifts Heer. He keeps her on the road, removes his gloves and face mask. His ring falls down from his finger while he was removing the gloves. He looks at her while she is unconscious. Tu hi mera khuda plays…..

Episode 2 (9:30 pm) Heer confronts Virat for kidnapping her

The Episode starts with Virat calling Preeto and telling her that Heer is unconscious behind the college. He asks her to come and take her. He says I have done this and says if she wants him not to repeat this, then make her understand not to come in his way again. Preeto is shocked. Virat comes back to Heer and makes her sit with the support of bricks. He sits beside her and moves her hairs from her face. He is about to get up. Heer is about to fall on him. He makes her sit and covers her with his jacket. He then recalls Preeto’s words that she is a kinnar and gets up shockingly. He says why did you come in my life, you have ruined everything. He wears his shirt and leaves. Tu hi mera khuda plays….Preeto comes to Harak Singh and asks him to come with her. Harak Singh asks where? Preeto says I will tell you on the way. She sees Soham and Shanno coming there, tells that she wants to take kurti and asks him to come with her. Harak Singh says your saree is nice. Preeto takes him forcibly. Shanno asks Soham to find out where they have gone. They reach the place where Heer is unconscious. Saya also comes there and asks why did you call me. Preeto shouts Heer and asks her to get up. She asks Chameli to hide the jacket which she finds on Heer. Chameli hides the jacket. Preeto sprinkles water on Heer and says they were worried when she got late, and came here. She says you was unconscious here and asks if she got any injury? Heer says no. Harak Singh looks at the gloves and masks and tells that someone wanted to take out old enmity. Preeto says yes and tells that Heer used to come with her brothers, but today she was alone. She asks her to come home. Soham is hiding and hears them all.

Parmeet asks Daljeet to have food and tells that Gurwinder will eat his leftover food. She asks Gurwinder to bring water. Parmeet tells Gurwinder that Daljeet is done and asks her to eat his leftover food. Gurwinder takes the plate and is upset. Raavi talks to Sindhu on phone. Shanno comes there and asks how they get happy seeing others getting married. She says atleast you would have got Sindhu settled. She hears Preeto asking Heer to freshen up and tells Raavi that she is doing wrong by supporting Heer and have become guilty of many people, and tells that sins are calculated. Raavi goes. Shanno says she will settled their scores and couldn’t go even after bearing many slaps. Heer comes to her room and recalls taking the gloves and ring kept on the spot. She recalls Jharna showing their engagement rings to Heer and opens the window lock which she had unlocked. She then comes out from the window.

Virat comes home and tells that he is going for bath. Simran asks him to go to room and take bath, asks who goes to bath while taking off clothes from door. Just then Heer comes there and splashes water on Virat’s face with the jug. Virat looks at her angrily. Everyone looks on angry too.

Heer keeps the jug on the side table and tells that criminals washes the proofs after committing a crime. She tells that she came to return his ring and shows his ring on her palm. Virat realizes that he had lost the ring while taking off the gloves. Parmeet is about to slap her, but heer holds her hand and tells that she has no relation with her and that’s why she can’t raise her hand on her. She says if you had used your hands at the right time then your son wouldn’t have spoiled. Virat takes his ring and says it is mine, what you will do. Heer says I didn’t change my way, then you tried to make me move from your way. she says I will not change my way and tells that it is better if he doesn’t care about her, like she doesn’t care about him. Sant Baksh says you are accusing my son and asks ifs he has forgotten her value. Heer says your son used to tell me how you used to make the house as police station and asks if he will file her complaint. Simran tells that you are misbehaving with him, who didn’t become your sasur.

Heer says neither she get married nor he is her sasur. She tells that FIR shall be filed and shall not suppress the matter by shouting. Gurwinder asks heer to calm down. Heer says I am calm down, but please make your dewar understand to leave me. She folds her hands and says I begged infront of him one day for my love, but now I am telling that I have done a big mistake. She tells that she has come out of fairy tale stories and realized the reality. She folds her hand and asks him to leave her. Virat says I don’t get affected with your tears or cry and says if she wants to stay away from him, then make her own world where people like her stays. Everyone gets shocked hearing him. Gurwinder asks what do you mean by these words. Virat recalls Preeto’s threat and thinks she is a kinnar, I wish I could tell the world. He says she is mad, crazy and stupid and is about to go. Heer calls his name and asks him to take care of his relation, gives ring in his hand. She says you couldn’t throw me out of college, so you tried to kidnap me. She says with your cheap doings, the challenge is over, I have won and you have lost, asks him to accept it. Virat tells Parmeet that he is going to take bath and asks her to get the house cleaned as Heer Singh has come here. Heer says if you don’t mend your ways then I will make all your life impure.

Precap: Heer is taken to the hospital in an injured state. Virat comes there. A masked man comes to the hospital and tries to close her oxygen pipe. Virat holds his hand stopping him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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