Shakti 23rd November 2016 Written Episode Update

Shakti 23rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeto is surprised to see Harman in kitchen making tea, and says it is a wonder to see you awake early morning. He says you can’t sleep properly because of stranger. Harman says she is not stranger, as I married her, and I am making tea for her. Preeto says I will make. Harman says Soumya is still in shock, and I have to take care of her by myself. Preeto is irked and throws the things once Harman goes with tea. Varun looks at her and thinks many things are broken in this house. He says you have ruined your sister’s life so your life is ruined too. He says I saw my mum misery, when I can take care of my mum, I can take care of these toys too. He says these are the stairs to take me to my destination, says this is just a start and I hope you don’t die before seeing all this. Viren tells Shanno that Harak Singh called them in garden early morning. Shanno says may be he will name his property on your name and die jumping in the well. Viren says he will not die, and will get everyone property. He asks her to make tea for himself. Shanno refuses to make tea and sleeps again. Viren asks her to wake up and tells that you don’t speak anything infront of others, just troubles me. Shanno says I used to fight with them for property and you don’t say anything.

Harman brings tea for Soumya and says I made it especially for you. Soumya says for me. Harman says you couldn’t sleep properly last night and says she will freshen up with bed tea. Soumya drinks it. Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays……..Soumya says last night, when I woke up, saw you sitting and sleeping, you couldn’t sleep properly. Harman says you held my hand and that’s why I slept while sitting. Soumya says you are very nice guy. Harman asks like whom? He asks her to tell. Soumya recalls Maninder ill treating her and cursing his destiny. She recalls Nimmi loving her. She then says she can’t tell him that he is like her father. Harman asks if I am like your mum. Soumya says I can’t compare you with Maa, or anyone. You are good like yourself. She asks why you are giving pain to you and your family, and says she can’t see him sad, asks him to forget her. She says I will go to my house. Harman says your butcher dad will kill you, don’t think of going there. He says you will stay here with me. Soumya cries. Harman holds her hand and says I told you that you will stay here with me, you are not burden for me. Don’t think of going anywhere. He smiles.

He comes down calling Harak Singh and asks Varun, where is he? Varun says may be he is in his room. Harman says I know him very well. Varun looks on. Viren comes to Harak Singh and says I have brought all files. Why did you call me here? We would have talked at home. Harak Singh says he don’t want to be in the house, and says his heart is broken when he saw Preeto crying looking at the toys. He asks Viren to sell all toys factories. Harman comes there and says no factory will be sold. He tells Viren that he will talk to Harak Singh. Viren says okay and goes.

Harman comes to Harak Singh and asks are you upset with me. He says whatever I do, you think me wrong. He says I can’t make Preeto understand as she gave that duty to you. He says won’t you talk to me and asks him to understand that he is saving his friend’s life. He says I won’t let anything wrong happen to you and Preeto, I am your blood. Don’t sell factory, else you have to buy toys from outside. Harak Singh asks him not to give false hopes and says you are married to Kinnar and assuring to give grand kids.

House owners come to Maninder’s house. He looks at the house and says you have kept the house nicely just as I gave you. Bebe brings tea and snacks. House owner asks why did you decide to go to Jalandar soon. Maninder says Soumya is married and…..just then Surbhi and Beeji come there. Maninder looks on. He says it has become impossible to stay in this city. Owner says okay, when you have taken a decision, what can I do. Maninder says we will vacate this house tomorrow itself. Surbhi stops him and says only Papa and Dadi are leaving, Nani and I will be staying here. She says they will pay her rent. Bebe tells that Surbhi is a kid and want to stay here because of her mum’s memories. Owner says I can understand and goes. Maninder tells Bebe that they will not stay here, but if she wants to stay here, then she can. Surbhi says I don’t want to talk bluntly with you, but you fall in my eyes every times. She says you will realize what you have lost only after losing all relations. She says my mum might have died due to some other reasons, but you had killed her.

Preeto gets hysterical and says she will not stay with Soumya in the same house. Harman says okay, I will take her from this house, I have taken rounds with her and is married to her, even though we don’t have any relation. Preeto looks on shocked. Soumya is sad.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Nice episode.varun and preeto r irritating us . When they will stop their evil ideas. I hate them

  2. Montage unchanged…. Feeling sad…Talking about the episode, very dramatic, wish to have some light moments in the upcoming episodes

  3. Harmya scenes are nice…preeto,varun and harak Singh are idiots…surbhi scenes are nice and super…

  4. nice episode

  5. Sabrina

    If harak wants grandkids so much just adopt a few kids lol son is happy home is filled with laughter if kids

  6. Let Harman marry some girl and give grandchildrens to preeto since he consider saumya as a friend and has no feeling of love for her.He doesn’t even thinking that saumya will be sad to see him with other girl that too she will be in same house with him..So better remarry Harman and fulfill your mom’s wish.Be a good son and a perfect hus for the girl you marry.let somu do whatever she wants to dont get her into more trouble by making her stay with your stupid family.As a friend you can help her from outside also since no one knows her truth.

  7. Soumya will gave them grandchildren ,,, she is not kinner !!!

  8. If she s not kinner entire serial will be meaningless

  9. can’t accept 2nd married that the writer try hard to make it happen … especially with surbhi … I don’t hate her but not in this case

  10. shazia faisal

    Good episode.but if hrmn remarry what will b of somu bcz she is so innocent and silly girl evn not know what to do and what not to do.

  11. harman can have kids through surrogacy. . Any way what they want is kids of harnan that can easily happen. . haya can parent those kids. . One happy family -:))

  12. I love d haya jodi very much.harman don’t marry any girl.wait 4 few days soumya truth will reveals then she will give heir to ur family.

  13. Angelk1

    Soumya isnt a kinner. I’m telling you the hospital probably switched her dna test , that happens a lot.

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