Shakti 23rd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Veeran and men find Harman and Suomya’s hideout

Shakti 23rd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shanno blames everyone for not being able to find Harman. Veeran gets a call from Varun who tells them about Harman and Suomya’s residence. Veeran promises huge amount as a gift to Varun.
Surbhi sat in her room saddened by Varun. She makes a call to come to Delhi for the same offered job. She packs her bag, writes a letter for the family that she is moving away from them. She no more cares for Suomya or Harman. She writes for Papa that she loves him dearly but more than that Suomya loves him. She turns around to look at the house for one last time before leaving.
Suomya decides to call Malika and atleast inform her that she is fine here. Malika receives the call concerned about them. Suomya smiles over his concern and says she is happily living with Harman. She doesn’t share her location with Malika. Malika blesses Suomya but thinks she must find out where Suomya lives. If there is some problem in future, atleast they will know about the whereabouts.
At night, Suomya brings money to Harman and makes calculations of money. Some for Rashan, some for other necessities and the rest for saving. Harman asks Suomya why she didn’t keep any budget for vacations. They dream of spending their life enjoying with each other. Suomya was lost at once.
Varun appreciates Veeran’s courage. He says he doesn’t trust Veeran after he betrayed his real brother. Veeran demands what he wants? Varun asks him to write it down on a paper with signature that after Harak Singh and Preeta has been disowned, he will get his share from the house. Ballu demands Ravi while Veeran promises him as well.
Suomya breaks into a cry for all the situations. Harman assures like their love has been accomplished, everything will become possible. Suomya takes Harman’s promise to stay beside her always. Harman calls Suomya as his heartbeat, and he can’t commit a suicide now. They vow to live and die together, then hug each other.
Harak Singh was awake late at night. He picks up Preeta’s cell phone and takes Harman’s number from the phone. He complains to God that Harman doesn’t call him but his mother, he will now call Harman and ask him to return home, they won’t condition him for anything.
Suomya lay down to sleep. Harman caresses her forehead and lay down besides her checking his cell phone. He wish Harak Singh had accepted Suomya as his daughter in law, everything would be fine. He knows that he would want to call but won’t, but he would never forgive Harak Singh. He prays that his daughter in laws pray for him comes true.
The next morning Suomya was in the market when she spots Veeran there. She finds a way and leaves for home. Varun and others were also there scattered around.
At home, Harman was decorating some flowers in a vase. He thinks Suomya’s love has brought him into a new world. Suomya returns worried that Veeran is here. Harman decides to leave this place before they confront them. He can’t return home with them.
In the fields, Veeran’s car stops Harman and Suomya’s way. Harman tells Veeran he won’t return home at any cost. Veeran convince Harman to come along, but Harman denies. Veeran asks Harman to give him a hug atleast. Harman hugs Veeran, Suomya watch Harman being stricked at the back of his head.
At home, Preeto and Ravi gets worried as strong winds storm the house.
Suomya and Harman were being beaten by men with hockeys and sticks. Both were badly injured after being strike on head and body. They fell unconscious.

PRECAP: Harman and Suomya were injured and unconscious. The bodies were thrown into water.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Heart wrenching episode today … I know it’s only a television show, but was very heart breaking to watch today. I anxiously await Monday’s episode.

  2. Where is 24th aug update???

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