Shakti 22nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman elopes from home to search Gulabo

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Shakti 22nd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman bringing Soumya home and calling Preeto. He tells her that he brought his Gulabo. Preeto gets happy and hugs them. It turns out to be Preeto’s dream. She wakes up. Raavi asks what happened? Preeto says nothing. Soumya comes home and tells Sameer’s mum that Jolly came to her institute and scolded her infront of her students. Sameer says Soumya must have sent him back. Soumya says she couldn’t clear his misunderstanding. Sameer’s mum thinks she has to do something. Harak Singh comes out and searches Harman’s friends. Preeto comes out and tells Harak Singh that his son and daughter in law are fake and asks if this is my house or not. Neighbors tell Preeto that Harman is her son. Preeto asks them to come inside and check. Neighbors agree. Harak singh panics and handles

the situation saying Preeto is unwell. He takes her inside. Preeto gets upset with her.

Sameer tells Soumya that the weather is good. Soumya asks him to call Jolly home for dinner and says she wants to clear his misunderstanding. Sameer says you are going to marry me and asks if she understands its meaning. He asks her to think how he feels and asks her to forget Jolly. Preeto comes to Harman and asks him to run from there, and searches his real relations. Harman asks if they will not search me. Preeto asks him to go and kisses on his forehead, says she will pray that he gets his Gulabo. Raavi hears them. Harman hugs her, touches her feet and leaves. Raavi tries to stop him. Preeto asks her to let him go and says he loves his Gulabo very much. Raavi cries. Preeto asks Raavi not to tell anyone in the morning.

In the morning, harak Singh blames Raavi for making Harman elope and telling him about Gulabo. Raavi swears on him and tells that she didn’t help him to elope. Harak Singh says you are taking fake swear and is about to slap her, but preeto stops him and says she asked Harman to go. Harak Singh fumes angrily. Lavneet tells Harak Singh that Khushi will search Harman now and when he returns then he will get ready to stay with me. Veeran says he will not return this time. Varun and Shanno tell that they will kill Harman and celebrate Dussera happily.

Harak Singh comes to Soumya and tells that you are right, Lavneet is not Harman’s Gulabo. Soumya asks why did you betray your son. Harak Singh says I lied as I couldn’t see his pain. He says truth is that he has no Gulabo. He folds his hand and asks Soumya to make Harman believe that Lavneet is his Gulabo. Soumya asks where is Jolly? Harak Singh says Harman doesn’t believe anybody and left house. He says you have to bring him back and needs you. Sameer comes and says no. Lavneet hears them hiding. Sameer says my Khushi will not do your work and says you uses my Khushi to set your son’s life. Soumya asks him to understand that Jolly needs her help. Sameer refuses to let her agree. Harak Singh gets angry and takes Sameer out. Lavneet stops Soumya from going out and asks her to bring Harman back. Harak Singh grabs Sameer’s neck and says I don’t see anything except my son’s happiness. Sameer says I am getting close to Khushi as I love her. I will not help you. Harak Singh folds his hand and asks him to return his son to him. Soumya and Lavneet comes there. Soumya says I will bring Jolly back home and will make him understand. She says she wants to do this. Sameer gives her promise and asks her not to help him again.

Varun tells goons that Ravan never dies, if Ravan dies then how did he come again every year. He asks the goons to go and kill Harman Singh. Goon says your work will be done. Harman is running on the road and collides with a man. He thinks I don’t want to stay with fake relations. Raavi meets Saya and tells that Maa made Harman elope. Saya asks her not to worry and says they will bring him back.

Preeto asks Shanno to prepare for the festival. Shanno says your son eloped. Preeto says he was not my son. Shanno thinks Preeto has gone mad fully. Varun comes home and calls Veeran. Veeran asks what happened? Varun says Harman is trapped by the goons. Harman is still running on road. Soumya and Sameer search him on the road.

Harman plays dhol. Goons come and beat him. One of the goons is about to hit him with lathi, when Soumya comes and stops him. Shakti song plays. Harman looks at her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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