Shakti 22nd November 2019 Written Episode Update: Shanno and Veeran meet Varun, Soumya have a movement

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Shakti 22nd November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bebe getting shocked seeing Soumya on the bed unconscious. She asks Maninder about her. Maninder says she is Gayatri’s patient and is in coma. He says nobody shall know that we know her. Reet calls Bebe and asks her to give Prasad. Bebe gives Prasad to Gayatri and Reet. She gives black thread to Reet and says it is mannat ka thread. Maninder says it is auspicious for the person tying this. Reet asks Gayatri if this is truth. Gayatri says yes and tells that God is bigger than anyone and do miracles. Reet runs to Soumya and shows mannat thread, says you need it the most than me. She says Heer gave you locket and I am giving this thread for you. She ties thread to her hand. Gayatri says Soumya doesn’t open her eyes or talk to Reet, but Reet has made a relation with her. Heer asks when Gulabo will come? She asks if Gulabo don’t miss us and why she didn’t come to tell us what to do and what to not. She recalls Soumya telling that her jaan doesn’t need to apply make up to look beautiful as she has a beautiful face and heart. Rohan hears heer and soham sad and cries standing outside. He says they are my responsibility, I won’t let them be sad. Soumya feels movement in her hand and touches the glass. Gayatri and Reet hear the sound and come there. Reet says she kept the glass here and forgot.

Gayatri says there is a movement in her hand and she will be fine soon. Reet thinks to tell this to Heer. Bebe and Maninder are shocked. Bebe asks Maninder to kill her. Maninder says I tried to kill her many times, but Gayatri came there and then she got the CCTV installed. He says he don’t want them to know that this bad blood is his. Gayatri and Reet come out. Gayatri says Soumya felt movement in her hand. Reet says once she comes out of coma, she will tell about her father, dadi and family and we will leave her there. Maninder and Bebe are shocked.

Rohan comes to Heer and Soham and cheers them holding the puppet. They get happy and laugh. Veeran talks to Shanno on call and tells that he knows what to do. Varun comes on the bike and meets Veeran. Veeran hugs him and says he is happy to see him. Varun says I called you for help and asks for 5 lakhs rs. Veeran asks you want to leave the city. Varun says I will go to other city and will start a business. Veeran says Soham is 7 years now and tells that he looks cute. Varun tells that Soham’s mother cursed him and tells that he has nothing to do with Soham. He says kinnar bhabhi and Harman shall care about Soham. Veeran says now Soumya and Harman are not alive and Soham is leaving orphaned life. He says he wants him to raise Soham as his son and says Shanno will help him to get Soham back. Varun smiles.

Heer calls Reet. Reet picks the call. Heer tells that she is calling from Bua’s phone. Reet says your locket is lucky for Maasi and she will be fine soon. Heer asks her to pray for her Gulabo. Reet asks will you come for my birthday. Heer says Preeto will not allow, but she will ask Soham.

Preeto asks the kids to have food fast and says you have to wake up early tomorrow. Soham recalls Maninder asking him to ask where is his nana and nani? He asks Preeto. Shanno thinks answer him now. Soham says I will go there in summer vacation. Preeto asks why? They don’t miss you, you stay in your Dadi’s house. She thinks how this thing came in his mind? Shanno tells Mahi that today Varun is coming to meet her today. Mahi asks who? Shanno says he has a relation with this house and he is the house biggest enemy. She tells her something and asks her if she will help her. She says we can handle Preeto, Raavi and Sindhu now and break them, as Soumya is not here. Mahi says I will do as you say.

Bebe asks Maninder to kill Soumya and tells that they will leave from here in night itself. She asks him to kill Soumya. Veeran brings Varun to his house. Shanno asks Veeran to go and stand out, says if anyone sees Varun. Veeran goes out. Shanno tells that this house changed since he left and tells Harak Singh is in jail and will not come out until their work is done. She says if he comes to know about you then he will help you. he asks about Soumya? Shanno says don’t know, but she can’t be back. Reet eats kheer standing infront of Soumya. Soumya gets flashes of Heer eating kheer. Shanno asks varun to search Soumya’s address and tells that she will help him get Soham in return.

Varun tells that he don’t want to be part of any conspiracy and wants to lead his life peacefully after coming from jail. Shanno says if you don’t want to help me then why I am wasting my time. She asks him to go. Maninder throws the wine glass and tells Bebe that they shall kill Soumya. She asks him to come.

Precap: Soumya tells Maninder since she was born, she felt proud to call him Papa, but he always thought her as a stain on his forehead. She says she will pray to God not to make her as his daughter, even if she is born as kinnar again, says today you have become childless.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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