Shakti 22nd May 2019 Written Episode Update: Nihaal Singh Dead

Shakti 22nd May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nihaal Singh accuses Preeto’s character. Harman grabs his collar and questions how dare he questioned Preeto’s character, it was good Preeto sent him away from the house decades ago. He pushes Nihaal Singh away. Preeto boasts about her son. She points at Harak Singh and says he is her husband, who took over his brother’s responsibility and granted her respect. She didn’t want her life being spoilt because of him. She tells Nihaal Singh to leave, to never return. Nihaal Singh turns around, and collapses at the doorway. Veer and Harak Singh come closer to wake him up. Veeran checks the nerves and mourns that he is no more. Harak Singh cries and mourns that Nihaal Singh gave utter love to him during childhood, but always made him cry in their elder life. The villagers had gathered. Harak Singh says Nihaal

died as a Sinyasi. Some men from temple come over and announces Nihaal Singh didn’t die a Sinyasi, his last rituals must be performed like a normal man.

Suomya comes to Preeto who runs inside. Preeto was crying. Suomya apologizes and hugs Preeto. Preeto pushes her backward.

Pandit ji sends Shanno to bring Preeto. Preeto says she won’t come outside. Shanno says the villagers would taunt their family otherwise, they only wants her to come outside for minor rituals. Pandit ji tells Preeto to break her bangles and remove the sindoor. She is Nihaal Singh’s wife. Preeto wasn’t ready for any such ritual. Suomya also argues that she is Harak Singh’s wife. Pandit ji says they will have to perform the ritual. Harman objects and asks if Pandit has gone insane, she is Harak Singh’s wife. The Pandit says once the bangles have been broken, the part of Preeto connected to Nihaal Singh will break. Harak Singh was convinced, in spite of Harman’s objection. Shanno uses the spare key pair to unlock Preeto’s room door. Shanno smirks.

Harman and Suomya knock at Harak Singh’s door. They object Harak Singh’s decision. Harak Singh requests Preeto to free Nihaal Singh. Preeto cries and asks Harak Singh how he can demand him such a thing, he was a Sinyasi. Harak Singh hugs Preeto and assures he is alive and will fill the sindoor into her hairline once again. The door unlocks. The man around holds Harman. The villagers remember Preeto and Nihaal Singh hadn’t divorced. They break Preeto’s bangles and remove her sindoor. Preeto cries, and gets unconscious. Suomya brings a glass of water and sprinkle it over her face. Preeto opens the eyes. They drape her in white dress. Veeran asks Shanno to take her inside and drape her in white saree.

PRECAP: Preeto curses Suomya that she is a kinner and can never understand what it is for a married woman, to wear white dress.

Update Credit to: Sona

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