Shakti 22nd January 2020 Written Episode Update: Virat proposes Heer and gets beaten by Soham

Shakti 22nd January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soham getting angry seeing a guy waving his hand at Heer, stops his jeep and gets down. He beats the guy and asks him to say sorry to Heer. The guy says sorry. Heer says this is 49th guy and thinks every day will be Raksha bandhan for her. The guy calls her sister and asks for apology. Heer says I forgave you and asks him to go. Heer says she is so cute and her brothers want to make everyone as her brothers. Soham is still angry. Sindhu comes and asks them to go to their classes. Soham says my class is not now. Rohan says I know when you have class and asks him to go. He says heer is younger than us, we shall drop her to her class. The guys talk that Heer is so hot, but her bodyguards brothers don’t let anyone befriend her. The guy who was beaten up by Soham, tells that whoever dares to propose Heer will get 50000 from my side. Virat comes there and says not 50000, but 75000. The friends ask the guy Bunty to agree. They strike the deal. They ask Virat to go and propose Heer, who is wearing pink dupatta. Virat looks at Heer and her brothers. A guy asks if he is scared seeing Heer’s bodyguards. Other guy says he can just say, but he is tensed. Virat walks towards Heer. Soham gets a call and goes to side to pick it. Rohan also walks far from Heer.

Heer sees Virat and thinks he is so cute. They walk past each other. Heer’s dupatta falls on his face. Tu hi mera khuda plays….Heer turns to take her dupatta. She looks at him. Soham and Rohan come to Heer, hold her hands and starts walking. The guys talk that Virat can’t do anything and Bunty’s 75000 will not go. Virat runs and goes to the terrace of the college building. He shouts asking pink dupatta girl to tell her name. A girl says she is Heer and asks what is your work? Virat says I have love at first sight with you and says I love you Heer. Heer is shocked. Everyone claps standing downstairs seeing his proposal to Heer. Soham gets furious, while Rohan holds Heer. The guy asks him to tell about his love story. Virat calls Bunty and asks him to get 75000 ready, says they did deal to propose and not to tell the love story. Bunty says ok. Virat turns and gets hit by Soham. He falls from the college building and falls on the Heer’s feet. He gets up. Heer asks about his name. He says Virat singh. Rohan asks how dare you? Soham comes there and asks him to call Heer as his sister and apologize to her.

Virat says she is your sister, not mine. Soham says you did wrong and asks him to say sorry. Virat refuses. Soham hits him. Virat faints. Sindhu, Principal and other lecturers come there. A guy tells that Soham has beaten the guy and pushed him down from terrace. They rush him to temple. Heer prays to the God for the guy. Sindhu calls Preeto and informs him about Virat. She says DSP is his elder brother. His elder brothers come to hospital. Preeto asks Harak Singh to go. Harak Singh asks her to come along with him.

He says Dadi’s name is Preeto Singh, father’s name is Harman Singh. He asks him to go and check. He calls him Sipahi. DSP says he is DSP Daljeet singh. Preeto says what did you say that Heer came to college to trap the guys. She says stand in any locality and asks about Harak Singh’s name. Harak Singh asks about his family. His mother comes and tells that his father is Sant Singh and mother is Parmeet Sant Singh. Preeto says you would have given some good values to your son. Parmeet says let my son gain consciousness first. She says that she has given honesty and good values to her children, and that’s why her family is in Police.

Precap: Heer keeps a flower and letter beside Virat’s hospital bed. Virat gains consciousness. He comes infront of Rohan and Soham’s jeep and aims gun.. Heer gets down. He shower flower petals on her. Heer smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. More than heer ND virat….I’m dying to watch soham…he’s so cute…his angry young look makes me go gaga..this new storyline is like older one only..why couldn’t they make heer much like a modern girl who needs to fly high in sky ND don’t think about marriage anytime soon

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