Shakti 22nd August 2019 Written Episode Update: Mahi insists Soumya shall have godh bharayi rasam too, Harak Singh objects

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Shakti 22nd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya telling that she won;t let injustice happen with a married woman. She says injustice had happened here with a married woman, but this time, I won’t let anything happen to anyone. They leave. Mahi feels pain in her stomach. Harak Singh asks her not to interfere in their house matters and asks her to be far away from Mahi. Soumya looks on. She comes to Mr. Bansal’s house. Mr. Bansal says he has decided to name his house, property and business on her name and says he is going to stay in Ashram. Soumya refuses to accept it. Mr. Bansal tells that Vedant has done wrong with you and asks her to think that this is penance for him. Soumya takes the property file in his hand. Mr. Bansal blesses her and says you will get your Harman surely. Soumya thanks him. He asks her to take care

of Rohan and leaves.

It shows days are passing by. Soumya is taking care of Soham and Rohan in Mr. Bansal’s house. She prays for harman’s return infront of god and hugs Soham and Rohan.

After Nine Months, Soumya thinks nine months passed, but there is no news of Harman ji and asks the moon to tell him that everyone is waiting for him. She says tomorrow is Mahi’s godh bharayi and asks him to return to see Mahi’s baby. She says I want your baby to be like you and want him/her to love me like you used to do.

At Harak Singh’s house, Neighbors gossip about Mahi’s baby shower and Janmasthami on the same day. Pandit asks them to call Mahi. Soumya goes to bring her. Preeto comes to Harak Singh and asks him to come. Harak Singh says he don’t want to come. Preeto says Mahi’s godh bharayi is going to happen. Harak Singh says when he will come. Preeto says she is sure that he will come and says until he comes, they will think his baby as him and will live.

Soumya brings Mahi there. Pandit ji starts the janmasthami puja and plays shank. Everyone say bal Krishna Bhagwan ki Jai. Preeto and Harak Singh swing the Krishna ji’s cradle, Shanno and Veeran and then Soumya. Pandit ji asks them to do godh bharayi rasam. Mahi looks at Soumya and thinks of Harman’s words. She says who are you to me? Shanno smiles. Mahi says you are my sautan, but lets give it another name. She says you have the first right on this baby and that’s why your godh bharayi will happen also. She says Harman ji loves Soumya very much and this baby is hers too. Soumya thanks her for her words and says they will bring up the baby together so that when Harman comes, he gets happy. Soumya dances on the song solah singaar karke godh bharayi..Sindhu, Raavi and Ankush also dance. Soumya imagines Harman there. Mahi calls Soumya to her and makes her sit beside her and is about to keep godh bharayi stuff, coconut etc in Soumya’s lap.

Harak Singh stops her and says Soumya has no right on this baby. He says Soumya is inauspicious and says she had done Surbhi’s godh bharayi and she died. Mahi says but…Harak Singh says if you love Harman then don’t make her reflection fall on yourself or any family member. Soumya is about to leave, when Saya and others come there and claps.

Precap: Preeto takes Mahi to hospital and calls Soumya. Doctor says baby is neither boy nor girl, but a kinnar. Preeto is shocked. Soumya is coming running there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. That what u get harak singh u hate soumya for being a kinnar, now your harman kid is a kinnar too.

  2. Baap re!!!! Ab toh ho gya ……Kya bna dia iss show ko???????

    1. Can someone plz
      Kindly tell me
      What is kinnar means ?

      1. Kinnar means transgender

  3. Very surprising with the show??actually Harman is not coming back but vedant the murderer is coming back as a hero for saumya being positive character.shameful thing to happen,the person who killed Harman who was saumyas life line & her whole world she will forgive him & move ahead with the murderer vedant ?disgusting. harak singh & preeto really can’t believe these people are humans or not?their words & their language is just not acceptable.calling her manhoos,dien,bad woman,bad luck & so many words.they never realized & will never realize that saumya is a kinner not by her was almighty decision.and if almighty has given her a partner who loved her more than anything in this world that is also almighty decision.everytime harak singh use to tell “yeh sheron ka khandan hain kinner ka khandan nahin.yeh mardon ka khandan hain.for every bad thing always they blamed what?his grand daughter is a kinner.still he will say she is a bad luck for his family,Harman ke bache ko bolega manhoos hain,dien hain?yes of course he will say he got a kinner grand daughter because of saumya.she touched mahi during her pregnancy.he will never accept kinner child in his house.everytime he says from his own mouth “sat naam”sat naam”but he does not deserve to be a human being.useless story line.saumya never lived without Harman for more than 1 day,today she is alive last 1 year. yeh karma hain kabhi kisika bura mat karo na socho.this is for mahi who betrayed harman by getting saumya look,harak for betraying his own son by putting medicine & preeto for her all negative plans.god kamse kam is baar toh akal aye aur apni galti mehsoos ho in logoko.atleast saumya ke liye guilty ho.

  4. How can a doctor know if a baby who is only a couple of minutes old is a kinner?? Is the doctor a magician?? That child got to have both a vagina and a p*nis or a p*nis that only the genius of a doctor knows that will not work when he gets older he has already predicted that the BABY is a KINNER LMAO. Man I so badly want to cuss but I have limits but trust me one of these days I am going to lose my cool with these frikkin writers they think we are illetrate you know we don’t know what we are reading or perhaps are reading and not able to comprehend smh.

    1. Wow… the moderator will bleep out the word p*nis but not the word vagina. I want to know how they decide which words to bleep and which to not. Anyways, why can’t the doctors know at once if the child has both s*xual organs at birth? They pronounce the child as boy or girl at once. So they should be able to identify a transs*xual child at once too. Correct me if i am wrong

  5. Epic show now again main Kinnear Hun story start yaar Kinnear aise nhi hote jaise yeh log dikha rhe . They changed the meaning of transgender .

  6. Shakti/Vivian Fans

    If Preeo and harak get a kinner child, it is natural because Preeto and Harak insulted the Kinners very badly throughout and both of them cheated Harman to get a heir. They have given make up to Mahi like Saumya and Mahi united with Harman cheating him. Also Mallika’s curse cannot be forgotten and take it as ease. Because the curse was that much extreme and heartbreaking. even after getting such curse, Preeto did a very worse dama with the Kinners in the marriage function. So, this is God’s punishment for them. But, for this also Harak will develop a scene that because of Saumya only baby become kinner and he will make Mahi upset also. Even now he does not realize that Preeto and he only is the cause of Harman’s life destruction. Because of their wickedness and stubbornness they lost their son. If they accepted Saumya truly, Harman and Saumya would have been lived happily with an adopted child. Everything Foolish Preeto destroyed. Wicked Shanno is the happiest one and she thinks Harak’s family destroys, she will get the property and rule the house by herself. God should punish her as well.
    We all hope that Harman(Vivian) will come back in the show and eagerly waiting to see Harman and Saumya’s happy moments and life. Hope Makers will bring him back for the Fans and Viewers. Each and everyone wants Vivian back. If he is not in Shakti show, it will be boring and no interest in watching the show. Please bring back Harman (Vivian) for the sake of his Fans. We all Love Harman (Vivian) and Saumya.

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