Shakti 22nd August 2017 Written Episode Update: Harman to surprise Soumya

Shakti 22nd August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya taking off Harman’s shoes and covering him with blanket. Preeto comes there and thinks Soumya took off the shoes. She pretends to sleep on the floor. Next morning, Harman wakes up and sees Preeto sleeping. Preeto wakes up and tells that she took off his shoes and covered him with blanket. She couldn’t let him be alone and that’s why slept here. Soumya comes and hears Preeto telling that she took off his shoes and covers him with blanket. Shanno tells Soumya that she would have taken off his shoes. Soumya says if she had taken his shoes off then he wouldn’t have believed her and paid price for the same. Balwinder asks why she is talking as market woman. Soumya says she is brought from market. Harman asks them to keep quiet and asks Raavi to control her husband.

Preeto tells Soumya that she did right by not telling Harman that she took his shoes and covered him with blanket. She says if you had told him then Harman wouldn’t have let you go after 40 years ago. Soumya asks her to stop calling her bahu. Surbhi wakes up Varun teasingly. Varun gets happy and thinks he can do anything for her love. Surbhi asks him to enquire with Preeto. He says ok. Harman gets angry in his room and thinks to stop the drama. Chintu comes and says he couldn’t slap him as he is his father. Harman tells Chintu that he will surprise Soumya and will apologize to her on their anniversary.

Harak Singh is drinking with his friends. One of the friend tell that his marriage daughter is near and he don’t have money. Harak Singh promises to give him money. His friend thank him. Harak Singh hopes that kinnar goes away from his life. Other friend asks him about Harman and his two wives. Harak Singh says they are happy and goes. He comes home and tells Preeto that he drank with his friends. They ask about Harman and he said that he is happy. What could I say that he is unhappy. He tells her that he has promised to give his friend 70000 Rs. Preeto nods ok.

Balwinder comes to Raavi and says he got a job of 40000 salary, but he needs 80000 for that. Raavi gives him necklace and asks to sell. Once she goes, he thinks Indian woman.

Harman is sleeping with Soumya on bed and their hands are tied. Soumya wakes up and opens the cloth, says you are having difficulty to sleep, so I will sleep on sofa. He says he will go and asks her to sleep on bed. She asks him to lock the room if he don’t trust her. He locks the door and thinks to do the arrangements.

Precap: Harman asks Soumya to wear the clothes brought by her. . Soumya refuses. Harman says today is our anniversary. Soumya throws the saree.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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