Shakti 21st September 2020 Written Episode Update: Virat takes Guruji’s advice

Shakti 21st September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Virat getting up and looking at Heer. They both ask each other if they are fine at same time. Jharna gets angry. She interrupts them by going to Heer and asking her to complete her mehendi.

In night, Virat is thinking about Heer. His Bhabhi comes there and says she is not sure if she should tell him this, but the person who loves him most in the world is Heer. He says he knows, if needed, he will give up his life for her. She says he cannot. First right on his life is his wife and children’s, not friend’s. This makes Virat thinking, Jharna adds sleeping pills in milk and brings that to Virat. He drinks it.

Heer is studying. She thinks about Virat and looks outside her window. Preeto comes and says he won’t come. She should not wait for him. This way their both lives will be destroyed. Heer says to herself, she knows Virat wedding is soon, but at least until then, she can wait for him. Even she knows after marriage, Virat will become Jharna’s fully. She wants to see whether he’s just back in her life for friendship or it’s something else.

Virat wants to go to meet Heer, but he feels very sleepy. He throws water on his face, but fails to keep himself awake. Heer also falls asleep while waiting. Jharna is happy.

Heer is studying with Rohan in living room. Soham comes to them and talks about a webseries in which a girl finds out that she’s a Kinnar. Everyone is shocked. Harak Singh says he has seen it too and it’s very rubbish film. He asks Soham to let Heer study. Soham continues troubling family by making predictions that Kinnar girl will die, she found out truth too late, she will take poison. Family speaks in Kinnar girl’s support. But Heer says, if it was her, then she would commit suicide right away. She wouldn’t be able to take this shock. Preeto asks what about her family who raised her with so much love? She cannot die. Soham asks why she’s getting so senti. They can watch together when next episodes come.

Later, when Soham is in his room, Preeto comes to him and asks he doesn’t love his Dadi either? She is confident he won’t do anything wrong with them. He says sorry, everyone is sad, crying because of him. But his parents went through same, right? If she doesn’t want to see Heer suffering, then send her to her place, among other Kinnars.

Virat’s mom introduces Jharna to Guruji. She says all marriages in their family is done by Guruji. He asks Virat and Jharna to close their eyes and see each other, their future, and throw water down from Kalash. Virat sees Heer when he closes his eyes. He says he should see Jharna’s face. Heer is just his friend. He removed Heer from his heart, but why he is not happy with this marriage. Guruji asks if they have any question. Jharna quickly says no and Guruji leaves. Virat says he has one question and follows Guruji.

Heer is still thinking about Virat. She says it’s good he didn’t come last night. He killed her small hope as well. Now she won’t wait for him ever.

Virat is not able to find Guruji. He then goes to Maa Durga to get answer of his question. Guruji was waiting for him there. He says he knew Virat had question, but couldn’t ask in front of everyone. Virat asks him whether every married couple is happy. Guruji says as long as there is love, their married life will be happy. Virat then asks what if one loves someone, but there’s more loss in that relationship, then will there be happiness? Guruji says profit and loss is for business. If love is true and someone really wants to be together, then nothing in this world can affect their relationship. Virat asks what if one’s decision hurt others. Guruji says, he should listen to his heart. Initially they will get hurt, but then there will only be happiness. Virat’s confusion is cleared and he says this is the time to make a decision based on his heart’s feeling.

Precap: Everyone is dancing in Jharna-Virat’s function. Virat brings Heer on a side and says he loves her. He wants to marry her, not Jharna. Heer is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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