Shakti 21st May 2019 Written Episode Update: Preeto-Nihaal Singh’s confrontation

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Shakti 21st May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Harman comes to Suomya who was crying. Suomya was upset that Preeto is angry with her, she didn’t speak to her. Harman asks her to understand, Preeta is trying to overcome her own situation. Suomya was still worried, and goes to speak to Preeto once more.

Nihaal Singh was ringing the bells while singing Bhajan in his room. Preeta was irritated in her room. Harak Singh tries to stop Preeto but she leaves in a hurry. She comes to Nihaal Singh’s room and tells him not to snatch 28 years long prevalent peace of her house. She tells him to leave, and it’s the best time as everyone is asleep. Nihaal Singh confirms Preeto if she really doesn’t care. Preeta replies she doesn’t care. He first ruined her life, he shouldn’t ruin his year’s long Sinyasi life now.

In the corridor, Suomya stops

Preeto and apologizes. She didn’t know who this man was. Preeto says Suomya now knows, she must now tell him to leave. Suomya says he wants to leave, but he isn’t well right now. Preeta says Suomya can’t win both sides then and goes to her room. Suomya was tensed. Harman asks her to come and sleep. Suomya says she won’t be able to sleep. Harman was now aggressive that what we can do, neither Preeto’s worry would go over night or should we throw Nihaal Singh out of the house. He blames himself for going to that Ved Ji in the first place. Suomya asks why Harman says so. Harman complains Suomya doesn’t value whatever he says. Suomya now calls Malika.

In the room, Harman speaks to Soham that Suomya worries him a lot. He won’t now go and call her.

Outside, Suomya sat with Malika. Suomya tells Malika about all the tensions. Malika tells Suomya she won’t be able to do anything. She must wait for the situations to settle.

In the morning, Soham badly cries. Suomya tries to handle Soham. Nihaal Singh comes to the hall and offers some help. Preeto instead snatches Soham that she is yet alive, and needn’t a stranger to take care of their child. She sits with Soham in frustration.

Nihaal Singh takes a seat and coughs badly, while feeling unwell.

Harman comes to say only Preeto can handle the child.

Suomya takes Nihaal Singh into the room. Shanno smirks she wanted to ruin the relationship of this mother and daughter in law.

There, Malika discuss with a fellow that they must go and find the group of Sinyasi Nihaal Singh lived with. This way they will take Nihaal Singh, and Suomya’s in laws will be fine. They will then prepare for the festival.

Preeta denies any food from Suomya’s hand as she serves. Nihaal Singh passes by. Shanno offers him some meal together. Preeta says Shanno can eat the food in his room. Harak Singh holds Preeto’s hand, then offers Nihaal Singh to take a seat. Veeran gets a cough. Nihaal Singh smiles that Veeran didn’t leave his habit of eating chilies. Veeran remembers he was fond of chilli, and Nihaal and Harak Singh wouldn’t allow him any. Nihaal Singh recalls how Harak Singh had a deal with Veeran against a spoon of kheer. They remember their childhood in good moods. Harman was curt and leaves the table. Nihaal Singh says it was his last wish to meet his family, and he owes a lot to Suomya. He will now be relieved.
In the kitchen, Harman was angry that no one cared for Preeto on the dining table. Suomya convince Harman that they have united after 27 years, at least their memories refreshed. Harman says another memory revived as well, that he is Preeto’s first husband. Suomya says this won’t change the reality that they are brothers. Preeto comes to the kitchen and tells Suomya to keep him here. She always take care of him. Harman apologizes Suomya for Preeto’s behavior.

Nihaal Singh coughs in the room and notices blood over the tissue. He recalls Ved ji had told him that when he spits blood, he must think he is left with a few hours only. Preeto comes to Nihaal Singh’s room and says she would herself drop him where he came from. In the hall everyone had gathered, Nihaal Singh says she wanted him earlier as well to leave, and even today she wish him to leave. She ruined his life. Preeto had no replies to his questions. Nihaal Singh says he was impotent so he had to leave the house, then why she married her son to a kinner. Why she didn’t think of a child now. Preeto says he couldn’t give birth to a child, and villagers accused her as an impotent. He couldn’t face the villagers, so he left. Her son can face the world. Harman grabs his collar, warning him not to accuse his mother’s character.

PRECAP: Nihaal Singh dies. At his last rituals, Preeto was called by the Pandit. She was forcefully made to break her bangles. Harman tries to stop but he was late.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Don’t understand why the witch Shanno is still residing in the house…. after all the wedding is finished

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