Shakti 21st March 2019 Written Episode Update: Varun’s lawyer humiliates Soumya in court

Shakti 21st March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Varun’s lawyer asking Soumya where is your lawyer? Gurmeet has kidnapped Sehgal and slaps him, says we will bring your wife here. Judge says I am seeing this case for the first time and says we shall wrap it up soon. Soumya asks for sometime and says my husband and lawyer are on the way. Harak Singh sees unconscious Harman and asks what happened to you. He sprinkles water on his head and make him conscious and asks where is the witness and the lawyer. Harman tells about Sukha stopping him on the way, and then goons attacking them. Harak Singh says I will not leave Sukha. Harman says he will call Soumya and inform that they are fine. Villager tells other that it seems Harman got his mind. Other tells that he might be bored and says kinnars shall dance for our entertainment. Sehgal’s wife tells that she is worried for her husband and asked him not to fight the case. She goes out to check him. Varun’s lawyer tells that he is not against Kinnars, but they shall be in their limits. Soumya says our lawyer is coming. Judge talks to her bluntly and asks her to sit silently. Varun’s lawyer tells that kinnars shall stay in their limits and asks Judge to give the verdict fast, as they don’t have any witness or the lawyer. Saya sees her brother Milkha coming there and says we have the witness. She folds her hand and asks him to give his opinion.

Milkha swears on Gita that he will tell the truth. Varun’s lawyer asks Milkha to give introduction and says you are a big building. Milkha Singh tells that he is Singh and Singh’s company owner. Varun’s lawyer asks what is your relation with Kinnar Malika. Varun’s lawyer tells that he heard that they are brother and sister and says don’t know if you want to accept this or not. Milkha Singh gets embarrassed and tells that he feels that kinnars have no right to stay in this society. Saya and Soumya are shocked, while Lawyer, Varun, Sukha, Sarpanch and others get happy and smiles. Soumya asks him not to tell this. Varun’s lawyer asks her to sit and asks Milkha why did he keep Mallika away from his house, and asks if he also feels that kinnar shall not stay at home. Milkha says whatever I wanted to say, I told and don’t want to say anything.

Saya gets up and slaps Milkha shocking him. Judge asks everyone to sit quietly. Harman comes there and tells Milkha that this slap is on all society and not only on you. He tells Soumya that he will always stand by her side. Saya says I have freed you from the debt of rakhis. Milkha leaves. Varun’s lawyer tells that Milkha Singh is a responsible man who kept Mallika away from his house and says even Maninder did the same. Harman says our family wants Soumya to stay with us and that’s enough for Soham’s custody. Harman asks Sukha where is his lawyer and grabs his collar. Varun’s lawyer says these men do like this and wanting a child.

Harman says we don’t need the society and says our family is with us. Varun’s lawyer asks if he is sure that his family is with them. He calls Shanno there. Varun says our trump card will do wonder now. Veeran says Shanno. Varun’s lawyer asks her why did she leave the house. Shanno says she has to leave her house due to that kinnar, for her children future. Varun’s lawyer asks her to tell clearly. Shanno says she never complained since her marriage and says she learnt everything and did what they say. She says whenever I did mistakes, Preeto slapped me. Veeran shouts asking what is she saying? Varun’s lawyer asks Judge to note down the point and says even woman fights in their house. Shanno says I didn’t feel bad, but now these people are forgetting their values, making kinnar as bahu. She says we have to follow the society norms and says shall I not think of my children’s betterment. She says they will be called as kinnar’s nephews. She says how my children will bear and says I can’t kill my children and asks judge to save her home. Soumya asks Shanno why she is doing this? Lawyer asks her not to interfere.

Harman tells judge that his lawyer and witnesses are kidnapped and they are not allowed to speak. Judge says you have already wasted our time and says if you don’t have lawyer then I will appoint lawyer for you. He calls Lawyer Saxena and gives him the file. Saxena sees the file and says this is kinnar case. He tells Judge that he can’t fight this case as he is unwell and apologizes. He leaves. Harman supports Soumya. Lawyer asks Shanno to sit and says who wants to fight this case as everyone knows about the result, and says don’t know on what basis they want to fight the case and get the baby. Soumya says she is fulfilling her dead sister’s wish, who wanted her to raise her child as her own. Lawyer laughs and tells that if your sister would be alive then she wouldn’t have given baby to kinnar. She says she will not give her son.

Precap: Lawyer tells that Varun has right on the baby after his wife’s death. Soumya tells that she will not give her son and says this court don’t regard kinnar as human, and says she will not give her son. She says this is my last decision. Shakti song plays…..

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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