Shakti 21st June 2019 Written Episode Update: Vedant rejects Harman’s toys repeatedly to insult him

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Shakti 21st June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mr. Bansal asking about Vedant. Vedant comes there and says good morning dad. Mr. bansal gets happy to see him. Vedant says he thought to get ready before they come. Mr. Bansal says now their dream will be fulfilled. Harak Singh comes and says your dream will be fulfilled. Harman apologizes to Vedant about yesterday’s incident. Vedant asks him not to be sorry and says it is about other’s mistake. Harman says you are her employer and she is your Servant, I shall not interfere. Vedant signs him to come near and says she is a kinnar, you won’t get anything from her. He asks Harman to decorate the flowers in the vase. Soumya says I will do. Vedant asks her not to interfere between two owners. Harman recalls Soumya’s words and tells that he will do. Vedant thinks to make him Servant. Shanno asks Preeto to think what is becoming afresh in Soumya and Harman’s lives. She says he told that he will not go, but he went. Vedant shows the contract and says he wants him and Harman to sign on the contract. Mr. bansal asks what contract. Vedant says project shall not suffer because of our fight and tells that the contract is only for the project. He signs on the contract and gives to Harman. Harman also signs on it. Vedant smiles.

Preeto calls Harak Singh and asks where is he? Harak Singh says Soumya made Harman understand that he did wrong with Vedant and shall apologized. Preeto asks when did Soumya meet him and asks why didn’t you tell me. Harak Singh asks why shall I tell you, so that you do wrong. Preeto says that kinnar has snatched my son and husband. Harak Singh asks him to calm down and says he will not come until he does the deal. He asks her to be silent and ends the call. Soumya comes to Harak Singh and asks him not to scold mummy ji and then says Preeto ji and says she is his mum and will never think bad about her. She says your and Preeto ji’s relation was beautiful in that house. Harak Singh hears her and calls Preeto. Shanno picks the call and puts call on loudspeaker. Harak Singh tells that bahu rani asked him not to scold her and also said that their love is beautiful in the house and says Soumya is having humanity and love.

Shanno tells Preeto that kinnar wants to rule in this house from outside. Preeto asks if she did magic on Harak and Harman. Soumya brings tea. Harman refuses to drink. Harak Singh takes the cup. Harman says I will send the sample till evening and says if you like it then will export it. Soumya asks Servant to make tea for Harman. Harman asks him to keep less sugar. Soumya asks why you didn’t take tea from my hand. Harman says I have nothing to do with you or your tea.

Kareena comes to Saya’s house and tells that she wants to get a chance. She says she wants to become independent. Saya says we will not give you any chance. Other kinnar asks her to think once and says Gurumaa shall decide about her. Saya says ok and asks them to do their work. Vedant comes to the factory. Harman says your designs are good and says it will be good in market. Harman says you have chosen these colors. Vedant says but I am not liking it now and asks him to make new toys and throw these toys. Harman says where to throw it. Vedant says I will suffer losses and tells that deadline to export toys tomorrow. Soumya asks them to have food. Harman asks Harak Singh to get the raw materials. Soumya thinks how to make Harman have food. Harak Singh tells her that the beauty of Harman and her relation is that they don’t forget to take care of each other.

Soumya asks Worker to call Harman to have food. Worker calls Harman to have food. Harman refuses. Worker emotionally blackmails him and serve him dal and roti made by his wife. Harman recalls Soumya cooking food for him. He says you are lucky to have food made by your wife, the tiffin sent by wife is very tasty. Soumya hears him. Harman brings another sample of new stock and asks him to check the sample. Vedant checks the stitching and says design and color are perfect, but stitching is bad. Harman says it is stitched by the machine and not by hand. Vedant asks him to go home and make new toys in the morning. He says we have to make it of export level. Mr. Bansal checks and says it is good. Harak Singh says they know what export quality is. Harman says even if we make 20 times, then also stitching will be same. Vedant asks him to get it made 20 times and says then it will get perfect. Harman says ok. Vedant thinks he will make him understand and will make him lower his eyes like his Servant.

Precap: A car hits Harman and he falls down unconscious. Harak Singh shouts Shera. Soumya and Preeto are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Now soumya idiot will be happy.

    1. Yeap! True saying….. Harman should move on…… Stupid soumya….. Hate her

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