Shakti 21st December 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman takes Soumya to their old house

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Shakti 21st December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman telling that he is right. Soumya refuses to believe him. Harman says that was your past and tells that Sameer is wrong and the people whom he brought. He says that was your past and it was truth. Soumya says if he is forcing her to accept and says she will not agree. Harman says yes. Sameer provokes Soumya and she goes. He says I will not be quiet and says I can do anything, but not doing anything. Preeto tells Raavi that Harman is trying to make Soumya remember, but Sameer doesn’t let her remember anything. Raavi says everything will be fine. Preeto says Mohini came there and saved us from becoming liar infront of Soumya. Mohini comes there and says she came there with the best planning. Preeto says planning? Sameer cuts another day in the calender. Harman thinks what

to do to make Soumya remember the past and thinks what was the thing which only both of us know and not others. He thinks to make her remember the incident which happened before their accident and goes to Soumya’s room. Soumya turns her face. Harman says sorry and tells that they have to go somewhere and asks her to come. Soumya says you will go from my life after 10 days and will not do any tamasha. Harman agrees and asks her to come for now. Soumya asks where? Harman packs her bags. Soumya asks where are we going ? Harman says where we went after leaving home and dreamt to start a new life. Soumya says again new drama. Harman says I have just 6 days. Veeran and others are drinking tea. Varun says we shall drink wine and says tea is consumed by poor people. Veeran says they will drink. Mohini comes there and tells that she came for him. Veeran asks if I am dreaming and her to pinch me. Veeran says my good days come and asks Mohini to kidnap his heart. Mohini says you shall have wine with my hand. Kishan Lal says one peg from my hand also. Mohini taunts him. Harak Singh brings Soumya to a house and says this is the place where we stayed after leaving the house. He shows tree on the wall and says we had named our family members names on the wall tree so that we don’t miss our family. Soumya gets flashes in black and white.

Harman asks her to wear his jacket and takes out her dupatta and wears it. Soumya asks what are you doing? Harman makes her wear jacket and says you are Harman and I am Soumya for 1 day. Soumya asks what nonsense and says I will not play this. Harman says Sameer was wrong, if you come to know this after much time, then what you will do? He says it is a matter of ten days, do as I say. When you come to know about the truth then you shall not repent. He says someone taught me this and says I need your help. Soumya says do you think you shall do this? Harman says yes. Soumya wears his jacket. Harman says when you become Harman then look handsome. Soumya says I don’t know Harman. Hrman says you know Jolly and asks her to act like him. He says I know my Soumya, Gulabo very well. He asks Harman ji how we will stay in this house. Soumya as Harman tells that she will make the broom ready. She brings the broom and gives to Harman. Harman sweeps the house. Soumya helps him. Tu hi mera khuda plays……He asks her to bring water from outside. Soumya says ok. Harman asks her to say theek hai gulabo. Soumya asks I don’t know both of them. Harman asks her to say with love and theek hai Gulabo and go. Soumya tries to recall and her past flashes infront of her. Harman asks if she remember anything and says this name is magical and both Soumya and Harman feel something. He says when Soumya hears this name, she comes running to Harman and hugs him. Soumya asks him to control and says I will go and bring water. Harman looks on.

Soumya calls Harman and says tap is outside. Harman says ok Harman ji and comes out. Soumya asks him to wash his face and hands. Harman asks her to say it with love and call him Gulabo. Soumya says the same. He recalls Soumya splashing water on his face and tells Soumya that Gulabo used to wash her face. He splashes water on her face. Soumya gets upset with him. He asks her to do as Harman would do. Soumya says I really don’t know. Harman asks her to think. Soumya splashes water on his face. Harman says what Gulabo would do now and splashes water on her face. Soumya does the same. They smile and look at each other. Tu hi mera khuda plays…..Soumya acts to be upset. Harman smiles.

Precap: Soumya and Harman tie the holy thread to the tree and she gets some flashes. Harman thinks if you re remembering something then it is my first win.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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