Shakti 21st August 2019 Written Episode Update: Preeto stops Soumya from leaving the house

Shakti 21st August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harak Singh announcing that Soumya has no place in this house. Mahi says we all are mourning and tells that the pain gets less when shared. Harak Singh says it is enough of your sacrifice and says you wanted to stay with sautan, you have become a widow. Mahi says she is Harman ji’s true love. I can’t insult her by throwing her out and can’t give him pain. Harak Singh says Harman can’t return and don’t feel pain. He says you will understand when you have a son. He asks Soumya to leave, calls her Dayan etc. Soumya wipes her tears and is leaving. Preeto imagines Harman there and gets happy. She says you have come. Harman says you couldn’t take care of my Gulabo after I left. He says Harak Singh is throwing my Gulabo out, stop her from leaving. He says if she stays here then I will be near her and can see you all. He asks her to stop Soumya. Soumya is walking out. Preeto stops her. She says you will not go anywhere. Harman or his soul smiles. Preeto says she will not go as my son wants her to stay here, she will not go from here. She asks Harak Singh if he forgot that their son started to live in house, was happy and left wine because of her. She says this house is the witness of their love story and she has full right on this house. She says my son wants her to stay here. She says whenever she wants, she will come here and says this is your house too. Harman says you are world’s best mother. Preeto says you are world’s best son. Harman vanishes. Preeto asks where did you go? Soumya runs to Preeto and hugs her crying. Preeto also cries and vents out her pain. Harak Singh is upset and goes. Shanno thinks Harak Singh’s family will be ruined, hopes Harman doesn’t return and says she will ruin them.

Harak Singh comes to the cliff and recalls his moments with Harman and his death. He sits there and looks at the wine bottle in his hand. He says you have betrayed me in friendship and says when you are born, I distributed sweets in all Gurdaspur. He says Preeto is waiting for you and asks him to return and do a favor on his father. He drinks and asks him to come. He says I will take selfie. Just then a heavy wind comes. Harak Singh stands up and looks down the valley. He recalls Harman falling off the cliff. He is about to jump down, but stops himself and thinks no, if I get broken then what will happen to Preeto, what will happen to my bahu rani and the baby. He says you are not a coward and says I will fight with life, without shattering and breaking.

Preeto looks at Harman’s pic and says I know you are here. She says you are playing luka chupi/hide n seek with me. luka chupi song plays….Preeto cries asking him to come. Soumya looks at Harman’s pic and put him in the glass bottle and reads that whoever finds him kindly reach us at the written address. She thinks whoever gets this bottle and your pic, will tell me about your address. She says I will throw the bottle daily, hoping I will get info about you. She throws bottle in the valley. She comes there daily and throws the bottle in the river deep in the valley. Nasiba song plays….

After 15 days:

Soumya continues to do the same. She sits on the park bench and says until when I will do this, says can’t you see me yearning for you and asks him to come, says I might die in this pain. She sees Harman coming to him and hugs him. She says where did you go, I searched you everywhere. Harman says how you will die, I am always with you. Soumya asks him not to leave her and says I can’t live without you and asks him to come home, says Mummy ji and Papa ji are waiting for you. Harman says what about this bottle and says lets break it with the hope that destiny will unite them together. He breaks the bottle. Soumya wakes up and it is her dream. Tu hi mera khuda plays….

The neighbor tells Harak Singh, Preeto and others that Harman can’t return as the valley has swallowed many. Preeto says my son can’t die and asks them to leave. Neighbor lady tells that Preeto shall accept it. Neighbor asks Harak Singh to get Harman’s wife do the widow rituals. Mahi says I am not widow, I got married recently, my husband is not dead. The neighbor lady says if Harman sees you in colorful dress then his soul will have pain and asks her to remove her ornaments etc. Mahi tries to stop them and cries. Everyone is shocked. Soumya comes there and asks them to stop. Shakti song plays….

Precap: Soumya sings song and celebrates Mahi’s godhbharayi function.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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