Shakti 21st August 2018 Written Episode Update; Harak Singh and Preeto upset for Harman

Shakti 21st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Harman comes to buy some clothes for Suomya.
Ravi sat in her room tensed. Her husband comes in. She was tensed for Harman and Suomya. He forbids her take any tensions, she might get pimples otherwise.
Harman brings new saree for Suomya and tells her to change. Suomya looks around for a space to change and tells him to leave the house. Harman was stubborn. She tells him to close his eyes but he denies. Suomya goes to a corner and makes a curtain with her saree while she changes into the new saree. Harman says they never decided to make a wall inside the house. He steps forward whie speaking, Suomya forbids him walk any closer. Harman jokes that there is a lizard. Suomya hurries into a hug.
Varun comes to kinners house asking about Harman and Suomya. The kinners misguide Varun and jokes with Varun about multiple places. They push Varun outside warning they were doing wrong with Harman and Suomya.
Veeran comes to Harak Singh with tea for him. He forbids Harak Singh being tensed for Harman. Outside, Shanno was excited and asks if all the preparations are complete. Both husband and wife were excited about accomplishment of their years long dreams.
Harman and Suomya were shopping in the market when some men discuss about Suomya’s beauty. After they had purchased enough utensils Harman makes the payment. Varun showed Suomya’s photo around the city but no one knew them.
Preeta speaks to Harak Singh that everything is useless now. Harman loves them dearly. He still respected Harak Singh though he attempted to kill Suomya. Why he disrespect Harman’s love for himself by boycotting meals. They come downstairs to dinner table. Harak Singh was upset that this was his way of love, he always behaved like this but Harman used to return home. Today he long to hear from Harman but he didn’t return.
Harman and Suomya were cutting woods for fire. Suomya hurts her hand and it bleeds. Harman mix turmeric in water and applies it over her.
Preeto shares with Ravi that she never thought her son could leave her. He got so deep and understood love so well.
Harman also hurts his hand. Suomya applies the same turmeric paste over his hand.
Veeran speaks to Harak Singh in the room and convinces him to come out for a walk. Shanno gives Veeran the papers before he leaves. Veeran makes Harak Singh drunk. Harak Singh discuss with Veeran about Harman. Veeran considers Harak Singh responsible for spoiling Harman, he thought whatever belonged to Harak Singh was his. Veeran suggests Harak Singh to snatch everything from Harman now to make him realize his mistake.
At night, Harman asks Suomya if she won’t feel afraid in such a desserted place? Suomya says Harman is with her. Harman inquires what if he feels fearful. Harman recalls Harak Singh used to call them both as lions.

PRECAP:Veeran comes to make Harman up and forces him to a hug. He and Varun beat Harman and Suomya with hockey and wooden rods, then throw their bodies into river.

Update Credit to: Sona

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