Shakti 20th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Virat and Heer’s wedding night?


Shakti 20th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Parmeet telling Heer that it seems her maayka is unhappy at their house and that’s why comes here often. Bua says as if langer is happening here. Daljeet says they are more fast than Police. Preeto walks towards Virat and says my grand daughter is stubborn, but you have promised me that you will fulfill my conditions. Heer says this is not condition, but your stubbornness. Preeto says it is my trust. Heer asks her not to emotionally blackmail them and asks Preeto to reply to her. Preeto says she is talking to Virat. Virat says I am sorry Preeto aunty and tells that Heer was leaving from the house and that’s why I married her. He says you know that we can’t live without each other. He says when Heer is not here, then your conditions don’t mean anything. Preeto says this marriage was bounded by conditions and tells that she will send the divorce papers, asks him to sign. She says she will get Heer signed and tells that she don’t deserve to be bahu of the house. Virat holds her hand and says she is my wife now. Preeto says you have no right on her and drags Heer from there, but Bua ji warns Heer asking her not to return again if she steps out from here. Heer brushes off Preeto’s hand. Bua insults her.

Preeto asks Bua ji not to interfere in her Heer’s life. Heer says you are interfering between my sasural and me and you don’t have right to do this. Preeto says it is enough of your nonsense, come from here. Heer refuses to come with her and asks her to bless her, else go. Preeto slaps her hard and says I made you learn walking and today you are brushing off my hand and asking me to go. Heer says yes, I am saying and pushes her. Rohan and Virat are shocked and try to stop her. Heer asks them not to interfere and asks Preeto to get out and never to return. Preeto remembers promising Soumya and walks behind in great shock. She is about to fall down, but Rohan holds her. Heer says go from here, and never return in my or my Virat’s life. She closes the door and cries. Preeto says you are my son’s blood and my right will not end on you. Harak Singh asks Preeto to come. Preeto says you didn’t know that we protected you. Heer thinks you used to take all my life’s decisions, but I don’t want you to take Virat’s life decisions. Virat comes to Heer and says no problem Heer. Heer regrets for her bad behavior with Preeto. Virat says she is your Dadi and will understand.

Heer tells that they shall plan the baby, so that Preeto, Parmeet and everyone will get happy seeing baby’s face. Virat asks her not to talk about baby now and says one siyappa ends and you starts another. Parmeet brings Heer to the decorated room. Gurwinder has decorated the bed. Parmeet tells Heer that tonight, her life will start and asks her to sit on the bed like a new bride. She blesses her and goes. Heer sits on the bed and waits for Virat happily. She thinks she shouldn’t have talked to Virat about baby. Heer asks Gurwinder, what will happen in wedding night. Gurwinder asks her to feel shy when he comes to room and asks her to tell in the morning. Sant Baksh gets drunk and shares his happiness with Parmeet. Parmeet is happy too. Sant Baksh makes Virat drink wine. Parmeet asks him to give them a heir. Virat says what happened to you, you all talk about grand children. Sant Baksh says he is right, we shall give sometime to them so that Heer settles down here. He tells Virat that he will take him to his room. Virat says I am not a kid. Sant Baksh and Parmeet take him to room. Sant Baksh pushes him inside and locks the door. Heer gets up from the bed and says sorry to Virat for the rounds and for her wish to have babies. Virat thinks of an answer for her questions.

Precap: Next week, Parmeet finds pregnancy strip in the dustbin and tells Virat that Heer is pregnant. She asks Heer. Heer is happy and says I am pregnant. Everyone smiles happily. Virat looks shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Alister La Frenais

    The storyline is going from bad to worse. Firstly, I would like to enquire if Biology is taught in Indian schools, if so, then why is Heer not able to decipher the difference between her physical make-up and that of a woman. Come script writers get your act together.

    1. Biology is taught in Indian schools and we have some of the best doctors in the world…always did. It is another matter that we have some of the most unscrupulous scriptwriters in the world, who know that many among their audience are not aware about the physical differences between people with inters*x conditions and a normal woman. So kindly leave our country out of it! Jai Hind!

  2. Alister La Frenais

    Devika, you seem to have taken what I wrote personally. I was simply highlighting the fact that in the 21st Century, the scriptwriters are still promoting 18th Century thinking. Whilst, I do realise that this is just a soap and not real life, the scriptwriters and producers of the show must portray tolerance to those people that do not fall within the male or female gender.

  3. Wait, I thought inters*xual people are have external female features?

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