Shakti 20th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Preeto accepts Parmeet’s condition

Shakti 20th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Parmeet telling Preeto that we want our son and you want your grand daughter. She says I will help you get Heer back, but before that you have to help us to get Virat remarry. She says when Mahi came in Harman’s life, you got rid of Soumya so you will help us so that we can get rid of Heer. Preeto asks how Heer will return if Virat remarries and tells that even we are the reason that she left. Parmeet says Virat’s love is the reason that she left and tells that Soumya didn’t have the family, but heer has a big family. Preeto says any price is less to get back Heer. She says she will get Virat married so that she can get back Heer. She shakes hand with Parmeet. Harak Singh, Veeran, Rohan and Mahi look on shocked. Parmeet says this is the first move of yours to get Virat married. Harak Singh asks how to believe you, you are the one who tried to kill her many times. Parmeet says we tried to kill her, but we will not attack her again. Rohan asks her to make them believe that once Virat remarries, then they will get Heer. Angel comes there with Sant Baksh and says I will make you believe. Rohan asks why did you come, go from here. Sant Baksh says she is with us. Angel says once Virat gets married then Heer will be yours. She says my revenge is fulfilled as Virat and Heer are separated. Harak Singh doesn’t believe her. Angel says you don’t believe my tongue then believe my blood. She cuts her palm and swears on her blood. Preeto believes her and shakes hand with her.

Saya asks Virat what does he want? Virat says you know Kinnars’ community better and asks her to do something so that Heer leaves Angel’s community and comes to your community. Chameli says whoever does the sanskar, the kinnars becomes of that Guru maa. Virat tells that there may be some way, else don’t know what they will make her. Shyam tells Heer that he told her the idea. Heer says my heart knows that I may show hatred, but I still love Virat. She says you don’t know our love limits. Shyam says I know everything and says it is very difficult, but not impossible. He says this will be possible when he sees you with me, then he will get jealous. He says we both know our limits. The kinnar asks her to talk nicely with Shyam and holds his hand. Heer tells that this is not possible for her and tells that the lady inside her, can’t permit her to do this with Virat. Angel says you came to know at 22 years that you are a kinnar and asks her to do as Shyam said, else your Virat will be killed by tonight, by my men. Heer is shocked and looks at Shyam. She cries and recalls Virat’s immense love for her, keeping tea stall outside her house and confessing his love to her, all the happy moments and their marriage. She cries and asks what I have to do. Tu hi mera khuda plays…..

Saya says I will try to bring Heer to my community. Later Isha is driving the car, and stops seeing Preeto and Harak Singh. She gets down and asks if they got hit. She asks who are they? Preeto says they are Heer’s Dada and Dadi. Harak singh says you have to help us. Isha refuses. Preeto holds her hand and takes her to Heer’s room. Isha says you can’t take me forcibly, I will file Police complaint. Preeto shows her Heer’s room, toys, books, clothes, jewellery and make up. She says whatever she asked for, we gave her that. She says today our Heer is living a kinnar’s life and asks her to come with her. She takes her downstairs. Sant Baksh and Parmeet come there. Isha asks why did you bring me here? Preeto says she wants her to answer her question. She asks do you like Virat? Parmeet says you used to like Virat in childhood and asks if it was a game? Isha says no. Preeto asks Isha to marry Virat and says they will get their son and I will get my grand daughter. She says you are a doctor and Virat’s friend. She asks her to agree and marry Virat. Virat comes back to the tea stall. Kinnar looks at Virat and informs Angel. Angel asks Heer to act infront of Virat so that he feels that she became of someone else. Shyam asks can I hold your hand? Heer gives her hand in his hand.

Shyam and Heer come out of the house holding each other’s hand while other kinnars are in tow. Virat gets up and looks at them. Tu hi mera khuda plays…Heer holds Shyam’s hand again and smiles to make Virat go away from her. Virat asks what is all this? He asks Shyam to leave her hand. Heer says you have come again, go and do your work. Virat controls his patience and tells that you are doing this so that I go away from here, believing you are with someone else. He says just understand that I will not believe you and asks her to stop her acting. Heer says you are my past and Shyam is my present and future and asks him to go and search someone. She says we both are incomplete and we will complete eachother. Virat asks her not to utter a single word, else his hand will be raised. Heer says Shyam is near to me and asks him to listen. Virat raises his hand to slap her, when Isha comes there and holds his hand.

Precap: Heer gives her mangalsutra to Isha and says I am forgiving you for snatching my love. Virat tells Isha that Heer is so much changed that she didn’t even get affected by my suicide attempt. Isha says she will get affected, but you have to do something for that.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. I’m sure it won’t be a real marriage. Isha is helping Virat by going along with the pretense of a marriage. Remember, besides being Virat’s friend, she’s a psychologist. She’s probably hoping that Heer will realize that she’s losing Virat to another woman and Heer will ultimately run back to Virat. As for Parmeet’s plan to kill Virat’s undying love for Heer, she’s going to be in for a surprise. Preeto is not joining forces with Parmeet to permanently separate Heer and Virat. She probably has something up her own sleeve to thwart Parmeet’s plans. My money is on Preeto. Preeto is like the protective mother hen and nothing and no one can mess with her brood. In the meantime, back at the kinnar farm, Shyam and Angel will try to upset the applecart and will go all out to foil Preeto and Parmeet’s plans. Sounds like a circus, doesn’t it? Well, let’s see what happens. Peace!

  2. Diya, I just saw your note, posted a couple of days ago. Thanks for the info. I sure hope the writers incorporate the concept of having the surgery in the show. Perhaps there will be some organizations that can contribute to this project. I’m surprised nothing has been mentioned in the show. Take care. Be well. Peace!

    1. Exactly that’s what I think it could even be that her is not even a kinner as I read b4 that someone bribe the doctor during her birth to say she’s a kinner as an educated person she can check it out herself to know if she’s really a kenner and not here say ,and besides there are many hospital that can perform surgery this days, my poor lover birds are suffering to much ,I can’t take it anymore.

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