Shakti 20th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Suomya and Harman finds a new house

Shakti 20th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Harman and Suomya walk side by side with each other. Harman console Suomya that they will live happily wherever they would go. The gang of kinners stop their way, Harman suggests that his in laws would now offer him to come along them. He requests them to let them go to a place where no one can find them. Malika insists on Suomya to convince Harman, their house is open for them. Suomya wanted to live with Harman in the world created by him. Harman wished to take Suomya to a world where there would be no torture or teasing; they might also visit their house soon. Malika place a hand over Suomya’s head and leaves with kinners. Suomya and Harman leave hand in hand. Harman brings her to a stall where the two seated. Harman asks what she would like to eat. Suomya allows anything of his likings. Harman orders food. Suomya makes a bite for Harman as she can’t eat until Harman does.
The next morning, Veeran and Shanno find everyone asleep on the couch. They wake Preeto, Harman and Chintu as its morning. Preeto eyes everyone and asks why is everyone staring at them, they must go and prepare for Pooja. There was a ring of bell at the door. Shanno opens the door. Nani recognizes Bharam outside and allows him inside. Bharam touches her feet and greets Preeto. Bharam says he came to take Maa. Maa asks Bharam why he is in such a hurry. Preeto sends Shanno to arrange for breakfast while Ravi to help Maa in packing.
Harman and Suomya reach a park. Harman asks her to sit as she was tired. He feels responsible for all her troubles, but Suomya claims that his love gives her courage to face any trouble in the world. Harman asks for Suomya’s hand to go towards their world of dreams.
Manohar and Babe discuss if Surbhi and Bee ji didn’t wake up for long. They laugh together that they must have cried whole night for Suomya and Harman. Surbhi and Nani had returned from temple, Surbhi says this time she is really happy that Suomya left them, as he and her in laws turned to her enemies. She wish one day they will long to meet Suomya.
Harman and Suomya reach the house. Harman wasn’t happy but Suomya calls it really beautiful. Harman vows to turn it beautiful anyway. They decide how they would set the house. Harman decides the corner of their bedroom. Suomya decides to set the kitchen in the balcony outside and the temple house in a corner. Harman spots towards a corner where they will go when anyone among them is angry. Suomya wasn’t ready to fight in this new house, they didn’t come here for fighting after all. Suomya looks around for some broomstick. Harman points towards some weeds.
Veeran sat with some fellows happy that finally he will own this house of Harak Singh. Gone were the days when Harman could do him any harm, even Harak Singh can’t do anything against him now. He has to gain the courage now.
Harman and Suomya clean the house. Harman draws a family tree on a wall while Suomya smiles and gives him a thumbs up. Suomya screams of being hurt by a couch but breaks into laughter watching Harman’s filthy face. They decide to clean themselves now.

PRECAP: Preeta bids her mother farewell but with a complaint of not understanding Harman and Suomya, else they must have been together in the house with them today. Her mother claims Suomya belongs to neither the world of men nor women in the society, she doesn’t regret any of her act.

Update Credit to: Sona

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