Shakti 1st October 2021 Written *LAST* Episode Update: Singh family adopts Shagun marking the closure of the show

Shakti 1st October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya asking Angel to apologize to the people, whom she has hurt, and whose soul she has hurt. Angel says when I was born, my parents abandoned me, as I am a kinnar, never came to ask me how am I? She says they should have come to ask me for humanity sake also. She says that’s why I had poisoned for everyone, and for Soumya too, as you was lucky to get everything which I didn’t get, you got a loving family. She says when you saved my life, my eyes are opened. She says I hurt you all and gave you pain all my life. She apologizes to Soumya and sits down on the ground. Soumya asks her to get up and asks not to cry. Angel goes to Virat and apologizes to him. She says now I realize that it is good that Heer didn’t die with my hands, else I would have jumped down the valley. She asks him for forgiveness and cries. She asks Inspector to arrest her and get her rigorous punishment, so that it becomes example for the kinnars, who does wrong with other kinnars. She surrenders to the Police. Chintu gets upset seeing Angel surrendering to the Police. He picks the gun from the ground and aims at Soumya. Harman tries to stop him. Chintu says nobody shall move. He tells Angel, you are an emotional fool, but I am not like her. He says today nobody can save Soumya from me, today is the last day of your life. He says how can I forget that you have taken my father’s life, you have no right to live. Preeto says you are thinking wrong. Chintu says I know what I am doing and don’t teach me anything. He says today this Soumya will die. He is about to shoot at Soumya, but Inspector shoots at Chintu’s hand, making his gun fall down. Chintu gets a small injury on his hand. Soumya and Preeto rush to Chintu. Preeto asks if you are fine? Soumya wipes his blood with her pallu. Preeto asks Inspector what did you do, didn’t you know that he is my grand son? Why did you shoot him? Inspector says if I had not shoot him, then he would have shoot Soumya. The bullet had just touched him, no need to worry. Soumya asks him to call doctor and asks Chintu not to worry. Chintu gets touched with her gesture and calls her Soumya Mami. He asks why are you so good, now I understand that there might be some reason behind shooting my Papa. He says person like you, can’t do anything wrong. He says I troubled you a lot, and then also you are concerned for me. I had forgotten that you are my family and was blinded. He apologizes to Soumya, Preeto and others. Soumya says I have a trust that you will realize one day, we all are one family and don’t want to separate you from us. She asks him to return home, and says this will be a big thing for us, forget everything. She says we are ready to accept you like you was with me in the starting. Harak Singh asks Inspector not to file any case on his grand son. Inspector says ok. Soumya asks Chintu to come home. Chintu smiles.

At home, Preeto calls everyone and says today is our daughter’s naming ceremony. Harak Singh calls Veeran and asks him to see the decorations. Simran, Virat, Soumya, Harman, Raavi and Chintu come there. They all look at the baby. Photographer comes and clicks their pics. Soumya and Harman take pics with Chintu, Virat and Simran. Pandit ji comes there. Harak Singh says today is the baby’s naming ceremony. Pandit ji congratulates them.

He starts the naming ceremony and asked if they thought of baby name. Preeto says this baby has brought new light, new start in our lives, she is the start of a new morning in our lives and that’s why we will call her Shagun. Pandit ji names her Shagun. Preeto calls the baby as Shagun. Raavi says my mother has given her beautiful name, Shagun. Pandit ji leaves. Soumya takes baby in her hands and says new family member Shagun. She tells Preeto that she thought of something, whatever Heer and I have bear, Shagun shouldn’t and that’s why we shall brought her up revealing her identity to her, so that there will be no fear and no secret, she will stand on her feet with her self respect and will move on in the society with her identity. Preeto says you are saying right, being a kinnar is not a crime, but it is a boon and there is no problem to live with this truth. Harman says all family is with her.

Lawyer comes there. Harak Singh says lawyer came. Lawyer greets him and says one column was remaining in the form, gender one. He says fill it, then the baby will be yours. Preeto and others tell that she is Shagun. Lawyer says fill the form, then she will be yours legally. Soumya with Preeto and Harman’s consent ticks in other box. She then gives the pen to Preeto. Preeto writes Shagun Singh as baby’s name. Everyone claps. Lawyer says Shagun is yours from now onwards, congratulations. He leaves. Soumya tells Shagun, that she has come in their lives as the new morning, new hope for the family and new shagun for them. She says in the world, only men and women get the importance, but our family will give importance to a kinnar and a kinnar will keep the family united. She says you are Shagun of the family. Harman says you have brought happiness in the family like Soumya and Heer, you are boon for us, for which we are thankful to Mata Rani. Soumya says she is born of Mata Rani’s blessings, in third gender body. She says such stories of Soumya, Heer and some other name will keep coming. She says this story’s end will be never ending. She keeps Shagun near Mata Rani to seek her blessings. Everyone folds their hands before Mata Rani. Shagun looks at Soumya. Soumya smiles. Naseeba song plays. Soumya says Mata Rani has blessed you, seeing the flower on her. Shakti song plays……Everyone smiles. Soumya shows the baby to everyone.

The Show ended on a happy note, with Soumya and Preeto adopting the baby and naming her Shagun Singh, with all family members’ acceptance and happiness.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Finally Chintu repented

  2. Mokish Lakhwani

    I Will Miss Every Actor/Actress Of This Show Especially Vivian Dsena (My Favourite)

    This Show Deliver A Very Good Message About Inters*x Peoples And Even How The Society Behave With Them.

    I Know That The Entire Nation Had Watched This Show And Learned A Very Good Lesson From This.

    Well, This Show Recently Had 1355 Episodes. It’s Very Proud That How The Makers Worked On This Show Since Many Years To Change The Thought Of Society For Inters*x Peoples.

    My Respect For Eunuches Has Now Increased After Watching This Serial. It Will Be Always Close To My Heart.

    “Thank You” 😇😇😇

  3. Wait what, I didn’t know that the show was going to end 🤯. Damn you exams😡.

    1. Snowflake

      It seemed ike it would never end…
      DW, they will come back with another season, all grown up Shagun and all

  4. I will miss this show a lot.
    (Tears of happiness)
    Glad that it ended on a good note, we will see Simba Nagpal everyday on Bigg Boss 15 now❤️💛

  5. Snowflake

    Viheer and Haya will forever be in our hearts…
    The show shld hv had a decent ending at least… Leaving Virat alone without his Heer….I just dont know…

  6. Raven

    I am sorry Heer had to die and they should have showed Rohan also Virat’s parents in jail,never the less happy ending💕💕

  7. I’m going to miss Shakti a lot. It ended in a happy ending at least. 😍😍😍💕💕😍 Thank you for this show and shoutout to all of the actors and everyone who worked hard for this show. I love it! Lots of love from Malaysia, once again thank you for this show.

  8. I will miss shakti, and the whole cast
    I wish their can be shakti season 2
    I wish this cast can be in shakti season 2
    kaasj viheer ki ending bhi achi hoti
    Viheer should have been together
    Rubina and the whole cast graced shakti
    I will miss you alll
    come back soon with shakti season 2

    1. i strictly give shoutout to one and only rubina dilaik who created her special place in kinnar community hearts, had started interacting with them, had addressed their problems and came forward to solve them, donated her funds for raising the living standards for kinnars upto goodness. rubina also donated her biggboss dresses to kinnar samaaj people.

      very very proud of rubinadilaik for having interaction with the real kinnars who have been working in shakti for 4 yrs.

  9. I feel if their is shakti season 2, it will have shagun grown up, like since the world didn’t accept kinners, it only soumaya family who did, they need another season to show the world accepting them in shakti
    I really wanna see haya and viheer again

    1. yes. now haya had to play role of parents in shakti. rubina has supported lgbtq people in real life too. that is real inspiration for all of us.
      humanity matters most.
      i m sure harman-soumya, virat, preeto be ready to make shagun study about both kinnar samaaj & normal people. and also she should know her identity, so that she does not have any fear living her life.

  10. Shesha485

    Even though the show has lost its track at some point of the story, the show has addressed some social issues properly and the court room track (Ronit Roy’s one) is my favorite. Will miss the cast of the show. Loved the ending,

  11. worse serial end happy

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      Please be respectful to other users and their opinions.

  12. Why can’t anyone say such things about this show?

    You tell me one thing. Out of those who work for transgender rights, how many actually watch this show?

    You can accept and even empower transgender without watching such shows. They are nothing after all!

    Anyone and everyone can criticise it directly. If you don’t want to then don’t! But don’t be stereotypical!

    1. Yaa. Let’s Sort out the Misunderstandings. Can we?

    2. Okay Mr. Ojas Mehta, tell what is the misunderstanding.

    3. Though we appreciate the opinions of everyone, but use of proper language should be there to give constructive criticism about the show or concept. Can we agree?

  13. Shakti forever love❤️😭

  14. I will miss shakti

    1. @Bacii u r right. BTW

  15. I think their should be shakti seaosn 2 to show how shagun deals with her astitva, and if the world accepts her or now, I really want the original cast in shakti season 2

  16. I don’t understand one thing in the end how can virat be so happy without heer, like its not that I don’t want him to be happy, I wish heer was in the last episode
    does anyone know if their will be shakti 2
    and if their will be when is it rpedicited that ti will come
    please let me know

  17. ShraddhaSharma392

    Well, i use to watch before leap.. but after leap some episode I saw..
    This show was unique and good, raised a good social issue..
    But writers could have shown Heer alive as well, rather than her death..
    Anyway… Happy ending😊😊😊 with good social massage..

  18. They could have developed Heer’s role better instead of showing her being tormented at every stage by Virat’s parents until her death. Heer was the grand daughter of the very strong Preeto and daughter of a courageous Soumya. She could have been shown to have a stronger ending.

    She tried so hard but what happened to her promise to Preeto that she would stand on her own feet and get a job? Makers could have shown Heer getting a job and being independent with the support of her family and Veer instead of constantly showing her being harassed. They could have shown her finally standing up to Virat’s parents and choosing to live away from them with Virat.

    Also there is this need to show how everyone must live together in the extended family no matter how evil the family is. Such potential in this series to really make a change and send a strong message. They did send some good messages but they wasted the opportunity with Heer and Virat. Instead, they end with that idiot Angel and her last minute magical transformation. Why does Angel get this transformation? it should be Heer; strong willed, proud, intelligent young woman who embraces her identity and moves forward in life and love despite the obstacles.

    1. There is one thing about this show that I never understood? Why did Soumya and Harman and Heer and Burst never consummate their marriages? Sure, as eunuchs they can’t have children, but why the makers did not let them live happy, fulfilling marital lives? Also, isn’t the condition only detected at the onset of puberty when period never appears? How did they know of their conditions since newborns?

    2. Bcoz KINNARS were considered Burden on Society. That is why a Marital life of a HUSBAND with his KINNAR WIFE Could Not be Easy or Possible. The Makers Wanted to Address the Social Issues by Highlighting the Reality of the SOCIAL MINDSET. And Try their Best to come to Resolve the Problem

  19. The ending was hapy and was very good, and I’m really happy about it, I wish heers character ended better, I didn’t want her to die, I really want haya and viheer in shakti season 2, I will miss viheer.

  20. Greetings from Malaysia. I hardly believe the show will end since I’m expecting Heer will be reunited with Virat despite she has been declared dead.

    1. I really didnt want heer to die, no one did. I wish her was shown strong. Rubina graced shakti. I will miss al the characters and I hope to see the same cast, haya and viheer in season2. Is their any confirmation about season 2?

    2. Not Yet. Itni jaldi SHAKTI 2 nahi aayegaa. Sabhi Actors apne apne Personal stuff mein BUSY ho gye hain. So………..
      We can’t Force Anything So Soon.

      Next Season thode waqt ke baad toh aayegaa hi, lekin iske liye Thodi PRODUCTIVITY ki bhi zaroorat hogi. Mtlb Story ko aur STRONG aur COMPATIBLE banaane ki zaroorat hai bas. Ismein Thodaa yaa Kaafi waqt lag jaayegaa, but itni jaldi nahi hogaa. Please Let other be FRESH. Please Let them LIVE THEIR OWN LIVES. Jo Bhi Hogaa, Yeh hi Bataa Paayegaa ke kab hogaa. Sahi Waqt kaa Intezaar toh Karnaa hi Padegaa. Utni derr hum bhi kahi BUSY ho jaate hain. Right? EXAMS aa rahe honge sab ke toh uspe Dhyaan dete hain.

      GOOD LUCK 👍🏻🔥 @Sanam

    3. Thank you Ojas
      And I know they have their own lives, I mnot forcing them
      I just cant wait for dshakti 2, I really miss shakti season 1, and the day here died, I get so emotional thinking that, and even the ending was emotional it was happy but since t was he ending

    4. No worries😇

  21. OJAS MEHRA Isn’t getting rid of prejudice / hatred towards kinnar people the point? If Harman and Virat loved Soumya and Heer that much and wanted to give them all human rights they have been deprived of they should have given them the right to be their fully-fledged wives too. This too is discrimination towards kinnar people. I’m sorry to say it, but this makes the 2 couples’ relationships purely platonic.

    1. I Understand your Point. Well the Narrow-Minded people still misunderstands if KINNARS Could Give Birth to KINNARS Only. The Relationship between a Huband and a KINNAR WIFE is still Platonic bcoz many people Oppose KINNARS on Basis of their Face or their Internal Body Reproduction & Fertility about having Baby (KINNAR BABY) with the MALE HUSBAND. We haven’t Even Tried to STUDY about these KINNAR People, their Body Functioning (In & Out), their Inner Reproduction Systems, Biology about Transgenders Body Functioning.

  22. Even I am confused and spent like 2 years searching for information about them, after learning this show exists. The very little information I got is that a kinnar is basically a man that looks like a woman externally (or a ‘woman’ with male underdeveloped internal reproductive system with a feminine-lookimg like external part, i.e. a ‘woman’ with testicals that never come out of the body, instead of ovaries and a womb. Due to hormones and stuff, the person usually looks like a very tall and ‘musculine’ woman, but this is not necessarily the case and Soumya and Heer are exceptions, cause they are the pretty main characters. Also, I have read the condition is detected in puberty when period never appears so it makes no sense for kinnar babies to be harmed. Neither does it make sense for Heer not to question why she has no period (and if she does have, what makes a kinnar). On the other hand, we have cases like a man who has lived his entire life as a man and even has kids to have a womb inside his body… Like you said we really do not know a lot but this show wasted its protagonists’ lives. If not mothers, the least the writers could do was to make Soumya and Heer spouses to their guys and not just friends who are in love with each other but never move on from the boyfriend/girlfriend stage.

    1. Please Not Say That this Show did wrong thing to protagonists or something else. It’s Good that u r finding out the Reasons. But KINNARS were Considered Burden on SOCIETY, that Narrow-Minded Thoughts Still Needed to be Eradicated from People’s Minds and Lives. That was the Main Issue that The Show SHAKTI Addressed On. NO WORRIES.

    2. Also the Concept was: “those who keep KINNARS (Transgenders) in the House, are the Evils of the Society.” This was the DUMBEST THOUGHTS the INDIAN SOCIETY Ever Think about the KINNARS Living in their Cities or Rural Areas.

  23. I understand your point. But I still think it’s wrong. What I like in Indian dramas is that no matter how awful the situation / problem is, it eventually gets resolved. But this never gets resolved. Harman and Virat could have been an example for real-life people who marry kinnars. Besides, who will find out anyway? What happens between a couple is no-one else’s business.

    1. U r right. That Won’t Be EASY. But Everything Be SORTED Out With our Efforts, With Right Time, With Right Mindset, With HUMANITY, With POSITIVE MATURE ATTITUDE Towards such Situations Around Us.

  24. The way how kamya said
    Saying goodbye would be like leaving a piece of my heart behind and I am not ready for that, I am gonna see you again soon! The bond we share is beyond any boundaries. You are my pride, you are my Shakti, and I am your Preeto,
    I think shakti season 2 will come soon

  25. I wish season 2 can come soon with same cast, haya and viheer
    I really miss shakti

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