Shakti 1st April 2019 Written Episode Update: Suomya’s case commence

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Shakti 1st April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts when Harman tells the family that only their house is without electricity. The villagers come from behind that they cut their electric supply, electricity can’t be provided to kinner’s house. Sukhminder warns they must fight the whole village if they try to reconnect the line. Suomya comes with a candle and says there have always been those who created darkness, and those who provided light for others. Harak Singh family light a bunch of candles in and outside the house to light it. Harman brings a few candles out and says Suomya always enlighten their life, though they always want to darken it. The villagers feed offended and leaves. Inside, the family enjoy candle light dinner.

Later on, Suomya tied her hair in front of mirror. Harman comes to untie them. They romantically

dance together in the room. Harman tells Suomya none can interfere their love. His phone bell rings at once, it was Rajat Singh. He needed an information and asks which hospital Surbhi was taken after her accident, and needs the information about the doctor. Harman looks for the doctor’s file but can’t find it. He tells Rajat about electricity supply’s incident. Rajat tells them to leave the file, they must do what he says.

It was late at night. Harman and Suomya reach the power house of the village. Harman cut the wire disrupting the power supply of whole village. He informs the darogah to be in the power house. The villagers come there furious over Harman for disrupting the electricity of the village. Harman says none of them have a right to disrupt the electricity of his house, electricity is provided by the government. Sukhminder wonder how Harman got revenguous at once. Police reach there at the venue. Harak Singh tells the Sarpanj to explain what the matter is. Harman warns the next time if someone try to cut the electricity wire of his house, he will cut their beard altogether. Harman and Suomya leaves, determined to reply to each of their trick.

The next morning, Harman and Suomya do the Pooja. Harman breaks a coconut spreading its water all over. Preeto prays for the day as their case is being reopened on the day. In the court, Rajat Singh introduces himself as the prosecution. Chaddha comes as the defense lawyer, everyone was shocked to see him in the court while Rajat faces him with a resolve. Rajat says when the Defense lawyer’s face color and lawyer change, it shows defense is weak. Chaddha reminds 15 years ago, he made Rajat leave his advocacy in this same room, and in front of the same judge. Rajat was determined he will change the past this time.

Chaddha presents the case. He says kinner is a mistake of God in this existent word of humans. Whenever a mother is asked, what she wants; she would desire for a son or a daughter and not a kinner. Even in the historic times, men had rooms and women had the yards, but kinner had no place. Why society must accept a kinner when they have no existence. In the present case, their client’s lawyer got the custody of the child to his biological father and left the decision to Harak Singh’s family if they want to keep the kinner in the family or send him to the community. This ruined every thread of the society and may negatively impact the society. He requests the court to let the child remain with his father, and send Suomya to her community.

The judge gives the turn to Rajat Singh now. Rajat says Chaddha isn’t the right man himself, but what he said is absolutely right, there is no place for these kinners. In the every festival of society, kinners are made a part of it for the symbol of good omen. Their prayers are thought to be answered as they are pure. Even the law if India recognizes them, they have been given their right to vote; and if a minister accepts their vote why not their rights. They are exactly like a man or a woman is, similar blood run in their veins, they have same emotions and feelings. This case isn’t about child custody. It’s about a kinner’s astitvya. Court must decide if kinner have any place, or right in the society.

PRECAP: The court orders Chaddha to begin the case proceedings. He says Rajat Singh left the case in between. Harman and Suomya were worried. All of a sudden, the lights of court room go off, smoke fills the room.

Update Credit to: Sona

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