Shakti 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 19th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya waking up Harman and says it is afternoon now. You have to go to work. Harman says I don’t think they will give me work and says he will search some other work. Spot boy comes and asks Harman to come for shoot as Director is waiting for him. Harman goes back to get ready. Soumya thinks now she can go and work. Chintu thinks to talk to Soumya and calls prince. Prince picks the call and talks to him. Chintu says I talked to your servant badly and says he wants to apologize to her. Prince gives call to Soumya. Chintu talks to Soumya and asks her to return, says nothing is fine at home. He says I love you and miss you, ends the call. Raavi hears him and asks who was there at Happy uncle’s house. Preeto asks why you are questioning me. Raavi tells her about Chintu and Soumya’s conversation. Preeto is shocked and recalls Chintu asking Happy’s wife to send servant away.

Harman comes to the shoot. Heroine apologizes to him. Harman says you did wrong, but not bad at heart. Heroine says yes, she is bad, but can go to any length to be good for such honest men. She says she didn’t see such love story before. Hero comes and says he will not do stunts, else I will leave this film. He says either of us will stay. Director asks him not to mix professional and personal life. Harman says I will go. Hero calls him loser. Harman says I can get job anywhere unlike you. Hero says I can do anything and tells director that he will do pack up of this movie if he stays for a minute then he will do pack up.

Raavi calls Kareena, Rani and Raveena there and asks them to insult Soumya. Rani and Raveena asks them not to insult Soumya calling her kinnar, and says we are doing this as we are her enemies. Kareena asks them to calm down and takes money from Raavi. Raavi asks them not to make Soumya’s face revealed to anyone as she is known as Harman’s wife. She calls Preeto and asks her to come.
Director asks Harman to apologize to Hero. Harman says I will not apologize to him. Stunt Director says you are a kind hearted man and says everyone earnings to related to him now. Harman agrees to apologize to him and says he is changed because of his Gulabo. Hero gets up and tells that this poor stunt man is apologizing to me and asks Harman to take 20 times sorry and that too louder. Harman says 20 times sorry. Hero then asks him to say more times sorry with intensity. He asks him to bend down on his knees and apologise to him. Harman thinks about Action Director’s words and bends down on his knees and says sorry. Hero smiles. Harman gets up. Hero says pack up cancel and asks to make arrangement for scene. He tells Heroine that this is hero’s value and says I have made your stunt man sit on my feet and that too infront of everyone. Heroine says yes and asks him to think in breaks that the people seeing this will respect whom.

Prince tells Soumya that Chintu said that his mami takes care of him much. Soumya asks what did you say then? Prince says I told that my aunty takes care of me best. Door bell rings. Happy’s wife opens the door. Kareena, Rani and Raveena enter inside the house. Happy’s wife asks why you have come? Rani and Raveena along with Kareena ask her why they have kept kinnar as maid. Kareena says we kinnars take nek, but don’t work at home. Happy’s wife asks her to say something and asks her to get out She asks her to take her. Soumya nods no. Kareena asks her to come and holds her hand. Neighbors gather there and asks Happy and his wife to hand over to Police. They say that their house have become apavitra. Rani and Raveena asks them to stop it and says we will take her with us. Neighbor asks her to show face and lift her veil. Kareena thinks Preeto refused me to show Soumya face, but I will lift her ghunghat and tell her that we couldn’t stop them. Preeto is shocked. Soumya is tensed. A neighbor is about to lift her ghunghat.

Varun tells Harman that he has 3 lakhs rupees and will manage more, and asks him not to make Soumya work in the house as maid. Harman is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. I am really upset guys…. in the past few episodes, why is Harman talking about dieing,I hope there is nothing of that sort. The only reason for me watching Shakti is Vivian portrayal as Harman so nicely….. I would like to remind the channel, producer that without Vivian the CHARM OF THE SHOW WILL BE LOST…. well I really hope and pray that whatever I am thinking is wrong…can’t imagine Shakti without Vivian….

  2. Why harman is saying sorry without any fault? I feel like crying MY HERO. And what happened to that patnivrata GULLABO, she didn’t spoke a word after knowing that harman works as a stuntman. Moreover she is awaking him to go back to work. Whatever I can’t understand such a creature. Now after being kicked out from happy singh’s house she will sleep and eat harman’s stunt money. Someone save my harman.

  3. Updates are coming so late

  4. Prachi Mehta Durkaal

    Harman Saumya should leave their village & settle down with metro city where peoples thinking r not narrow they easily get work opporeunity & also home nobody can interrupt in thìer life uss aagal Preeto aur pura selfish family she chootkara mile I wish his uncle & Balvinder get whole proparty & they r doing same things to Harak & Preeto as they do with Harman & Saumya

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