Shakti 19th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Soumya’s revelation shocks Sameer

Shakti 19th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman asking Sameer where is Soumya? Jasleen says he is not here. Sameer says Soumya was here in this house. When you came last, she was here. He says she ran out of house fearing you might get her and told that she doesn’t want to stay with you. Harman asks where she went? Sameer says she went from this road, takes him out and lies to Harman. Harman says Soumya was with you, but you didn’t tell me even after seeing my love for her. He beats him. Sameer tells Harman that Soumya told that she don’t want to be with a low class man. Harman doesn’t believe him and asks why did you make my Soumya go far from me. Jasleen and Sameer’s mum cry and try to stop Harman. Soumya wakes up. Harman asks Sameer where is Soumya? Sameer tells him that he loves Soumya and tells that when he proposed her, she slapped him. He says Soumya used to cry for you and asks him to ask anybody here. Sameer’s mum tells that he said right. Harman beats Sameer and says he is lying. Soumya knocks on the door and asks Sameer to open the door. Harman beats Sameer. Sameer asks him to go and search Soumya. He says if she can’t be mine, then she can’t be of anyone else. He says I thought to leave this city, but now I will stay here. He asks him to search Soumya and says you will not find her. Harman gets angry and says I will kill you. Sameer’s mum asks him to leave him. Jasleen tells Harman that may be Soumya left.

Soumya knocks on the door. Sameer and his mum come inside. Sameer tells Soumya that Harman came here and beaten him up. Soumya says she will bring ointment. Sameer says I have proved my love and says he wants just her. Soumya says there is no comparison between you both. Sameer says your words hurt me and asks her to tell the difference between them. Soumya asks his mum to make him understand. His mum asks her to answer Sameer and says may be he will understand. Soumya says I don’t want to answer. Sameer gives him Harman’s promise. He asks why do you think I can’t give you love which Harman gives you and can’t take his place in your life.

Soumya says you can’t as you loves a woman and Harman loves a kinnar. She says Soumya whom you loves thinking as a woman is a kinnar and Harman ji loves that kinnar. She says I am a kinnar. Sameer and his mum are shocked. Sameer says if it is a joke then it is a bad joke. Soumya says this is my identity truth and Harman has accepted this. Sameer says may be she is making excuse. Soumya says this is not an excuse and tells that her mum and then Harman protected her from the world and that’s why she can’t compare anyone with Harman. Sameer recalls Saya searching Soumya. Harman tells jasleen that atleast God shall understand what Soumya means to me. Sameer says I hate seeing you. He throws her stuff and says I just hate you. He tells his mum that she has touched everything and throws kitchen stuff. Soumya is teary eyes. Sameer’s mum says now we understood why you are kicked out of house, and says you have done puja here. Now we have to make this house pure with gangajal. Sameer asks her to pick her stuff and leave fromhis house. Soumya packs her stuff and thinks of Sameer and his mum’s favors on her. Naseeba song plays……

Sameer says I can’t believe that Harman is behind a kinnar, I feel ashamed to even think. Soumya says I didn’t care that you are behaving with me indifferently after knowing my truth and says nobody has the courage to accept a kinnar and says only her Harman ji has that courage. She says he fought with the world for her identity and was with her since her mum’s death, that’s why I told that nobody can be comparable to him. Sameer says your Harman can love you, but I can’t love you, I am a man.

Soumya goes to the temple and sits there. Harman is also there and prays to God to give him Soumya. Soumya is about to see him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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