Shakti 19th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Vedant gets Saya and Chameli kidnapped, Preeto attacks Soumya’s emotions

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The Episode starts with Shanno asking Preeto to come. Harman asks Preeto to tell all guests that tomorrow is mehendi and sangeet and day after tomorrow is marriage, groom is very happy and everyone have to attend the marriage. Vedant says Harman’s style is unique, he wanted to convey his message to Soumya and me. He says today Soumya went, but she will tell tomorrow. Chameli asks Pandit ji to say the truth. Pandit ji says I got this marriage done and asks them to leave him. Chameli makes a phone call and asks someone to bring some kinnars there. She threatens Pandit ji that she will blacken his face and make him sit on donkey. Pandit ji says I will tell truth and says their marriage didn’t happen. Saya thinks to inform Harman. Soumya comes home. She hugs Soham and tells him that they have lost Harman today

and are alone now. She cries hugging him. Bansal hears her. Harman takes off the haldi. Preeto says the relation will be deep with it. Harman says if that happens then this wouldn’t have happened. He asks did you tell truth to Mahi. Preeto says Soumya gave her mangalsutra to her and want you to start your life with Mahi. Harman goes from there. Preeto says he made all haldi fall down. Mahi says I will pick it up.

Saya and Chameli come to Harak Singh’s house to tell Harman. Vedant comes there and holds Saya’s hand to stop her. Saya says you are very cheap man, I will expose you. Vedant says whatever is between Soumya and me, it is with Soumya’s wish and asks her not to tell anyone. Saya asks Chameli to go inside and tell Harman. Vedant calls his goons to kidnap them. Preeto asks Mahi to handle Harman well. Mahi says I know what is a girl’s responsibilities after marriage. Preeto smiles and goes. Vedant’s goons brings Saya and Chameli to a house. He says my men will be standing out. Saya says what do you think that nobody will search us and says many of us are doubtful on your fake marriage. She says your truth will come out. He goes out. Goon locks the door. Vedant says I will take care of you all. He recalls Saya’s words and calls Preeto. He says if you want Harman’s marriage not to halt, then make your daughters’ understand and keep eye on them. Kinnars worry for Saya and Chameli. Kareena says they are not picking the call, they must have come here by now.

Bansal asks Soumya why she is feeling suffocated and says I will ask Vedant not to take you to Harman’s marriage. Soumya says people drink poison in love and says I am just seeing his marriage. Vedant comes and says Soumya is strong and tells that if she attends the marriage then it will be easy for her to move on. Preeto comes to Sindhu and hears her talking to kinnars. She snatches her phone and says you will get it after marriage. She says Vedant called and informed that Raavi and you are trying to stop the marriage. Palak calls Harman and asks what kind of design he likes. Harman says he asks her to apply whatever design he wants. Palak asks him to be on line and calls Soumya. She asks what kind of design Harman likes. Soumya says he don’t like it, but searches his name once it dries. She ends the call. Palak asks Mahi not to worry and says Soumya will not come between Harman and you.

Next day, Palak applies mehendi to Mahi. Vedant and Mahi come there. Shanno says you came, I thought you will not come the way you left, but people are right kinnars’ heart is strong. She asks her to apply mehendi to Mahi. Soumya says Sindhu and Raavi apply nice mehendi. Vedant asks her to apply mehendi to mahi and says don’t you want her to have good mehendi. Soumya sits and takes a mehendi cone in her hand. She applies mehendi to her hand. Palak says she has applied mehendi on one hand and asks Soumya to write Harman’s name on her hand.

Soumya says I will complete mehendi on this name and asks her to write name. Palak says I will do that and asks her to just write Harman’s name on Mahi’s hand. Soumya gets teary eyes and writes Harman’s name on Mahi’s hand. Her tears fall on Mahi’s hand. Kal ho na ho plays….Soumya wipes her tears. Preeto thinks this is the start, I will make you do something which you haven’t thought about.

Precap: Preeto asks Soumya to dance. Soumya dances on the song Aankhiya milake….

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Preeto has become such a witch. Why the hell did she put up such a fight for Soumya rights and made Harak come around to turn out to be the wicked mother in law from hell. Harak is so much nicer even when he didn’t like Soumya, he was still better.

  2. Shakti Viewers

    Yes. You are right. Preeto become very worst. When will they expose Preeto and Vedant to Harman ? or won’t they expose them. Then there will not be any logic in this serial. They have to expose them in front of all. Even Harak does not know about his wicked wife. Harman’s character become very dumb. When Harman and Saumya were together, they could understand each other everything with their expressions. But now Harman always watch Saumya but he cannot understand anything as if he is brainless. Vedant also should be exposed. He is really an evil character. He does not suit for Saumya.

  3. makers please yaar atleast have some justice towards the baby sohum.he deserves a father Harman not that bastard rascal man vedant.she is really helpless yaar.the very hurting scene was when she hugged sohum the innocent baby & said we lost your papa today.surbhi sacrificed her entire life for saumya & on her last breath she proved her promise by giving a baby to saumya & made her a mother & a complete woman.atleast her sacrifice should not go in vain.poor baby had a bad fate that his father was that criminal varun who killed his mother surbhi.and now some good fortune that baby got by saumya getting the custody of sohum & Harman his father.infact till now whatever wrong harak & preeto did in their life was forgived because they did justice for surbhi baby by accepting him & promise to give a child good life.but now what they did is really disgusting.specially preeto.she must have not done this.have some ethics makers.this is really not right what you are showing.a child not having good parents is a bad fate for them & their upbringing.please that bastard,rascal man ek bacche ka bachpan cheen raha hain.such a shameful thing.please don’t be wrong for that kid.harman loves his baby so as he loves saumya.for Harman sohum & saumya are his life.the episode where Harman slept on bed with soham in kinner house & when he holds him is such a delight to watch.please atleast do not do injustice for the kid yaar.we request you.

  4. ban you are right.but its of no use advicing the makers.they have done what they wanted.all sights & instagram they have uploaded the coming episode where harman completes his marriage.he has put the mangalsutra & sindoor to that very gorgeous mahi character.she is more deserving than rubina.mahi & vedant are the leads in this show harmans new married life & romantic episodes with new character.grahapravesh hoga preeto has finally won the game.evil wins.1st two episode harman will sleep in sofa & mahi in bed.then every episode same preeto daily plan making pulav ,then sending them to honeymoon.harman has finally trapped by preeto because he was always preeto puppet & this time he proved himself.he could have found out the truth but looking at saumya he didnt see.this proves him a dumb character.and knowingly if he has done to hurt her because she hurted him that also was every episode harman ke naam ka sindoor aur mangalsutra with chudas the way saumya is dressed up she will be seen in episodes.preeto will daily insult calling saumya or taking mahi to her house or in some functions as harmans many such same old bullshits will be seen.chalo its finished now. he got married without misunderstanding cleared or might be misunderstanding been cleared he is taking revenge with saumya.actually a kids life is spoiled.

  5. yes its finished guys finally harman ki shaddi ho are right videos upload ho gaye sights pe.he applied sindoor & mangalsutra.shakti is over was really a sweet & realistic love story which was mesmerising to watch.but now its a hopless show now.they made shakti also a ekta kappor show with multiple marriages.and injustice wins in this show.disgusting show.atleast we were confident that the lead of the show harman will never get in any trap & become a foolish dumb character.but finally he too is shown the same as other show.

  6. fans you are right.shakti ko hamesha harman saumya ka love moments ka sahara chaiye after harman marriage still they will run the show with harman & saumyas flash back only.after saumya & that disabled marriage who is the new lead then too makers still run the show with their flashback romantic moments.dekhte hain kab tak chalta hain yeh show.finally it will be closed it is the show is taking a leap.makers have ruined the show very badly.satya nash kar diya is show ka.

  7. Finally it happened as we said.marriage ho gaya ab suhagrat Harman sofa main aur mahi bed pe.same as surbhi Harman all episode with Harman saumya flashback & current track with preeto planning to make Harman mahi physical relation so that she gets heirs for her family.a good thought purity of love without any physical relation is spoiled by the shakt makers.same scenes inside the room with mahi & Harman,then in dining with pulav episode.harak singh same old madness of pehli rasoi nek.harman just throwing attitudes.shit all many time in the same bedroom girls come & go.finally he also is a dumb man who is mothers puppet.ridiculous.all dirty shit.aisi koi ladki nahin jo keh sake ki who Harman jaise aadmi se shaddi nahin karegi kyonki who saumya ki jagah kisi ko nahin de sakta.twist would have benn there where mahi would have refused to marry with Harman.but these makers are typical mentality which cannot be changed.but now there is nothing left all finished in this show.the purity is finished.not interested in commenting this is the last hell with shakti
    what disgusting leap.staying with people for long years& then coming in again & staying in the same room.bhale saumya ko bewafa dikhaya.but harman ne apna sacha pyaar dikhana chaiye tha.he should have shown ke usne saccha pyaar kiya tha saumya se aur woh life main kabhi kisi aur ko uske room main hakh dega.but no use they have done all rubish point in telling.forget about last 3 years exceptional love.all disaster.evils,blackmails,lie all these wins in shakti.

  8. What happened to rajat????where is his legal steps.without saumya & harmans divorce they both got married to each other.rajat ka namo nishan nahin hian.infact he had warned preeto he will tell all truth of her evil plans to Harman.but he himself dissapered???what a joke.and both saumya marriage with that disabled is legal??? And harmans marriage is legal with that monkey faced female mahi????there are no rules & laws.anyone can break the legal laws on the reading this fans twist of divorce matter makers will add a scene of signing divorce papers.what a mokery of the show.saumya will sign it because she has always proved her a woman of sacrificing.because she is a kinner her marriage is not legal???such a disgusting can even Vivian continue in this show.where there is no logic behind it.sohum ki custody legally of Harman saaumya being parents to him??? No legal issues.harmans no maturity against the responsibility of his baby custody??all dehati mentality of preeto harak singh.that female new entry she was educated more than Harman??? What happened about her education.infact jasleen objected when she was suppose to get married to Harman by asking the 1st wife who is still not divorced to Harman comes for his second marriage functions & shocking is that???what nonsense is going on the show.he can send that langa to jail for marrying his wife saumya without having divorce.what a logic twist it would have been.harman sending him to Harman mahi marriage is not legal & saumya vedant marriage is also not legal.both staying as a keep for mens.

  9. Shakti Viewers

    Yes. The Shakti Makers proved that there is no justice, ethics or sachha pyar existing in the world AND Only evil can win. They have given a very big advice to the young generation that only evil can win now a days. We all think that the Shakti show has gone to disaster. Anyone can understand the emotion in Saumya’s face when she put Mehanthi in Mahi’s hand. Even Dumb Harman also watched the same but he couldn’t understand and he could understand even a small change in her expression before. Now what happened ?. How he is not getting even a small doubt on Evil Preeto & Vedant. He is going with Preeto wherever she takes him as if he is mentally retarded. It is strange. Anyway, we used to wait eagerly to see Harman & Saumya. The anxiety in watching Shakti has gone to THE END.

  10. Hey guys actually enjoying to comment on Shakti “MOKERY SHOW”repeat telecast only characters change.surbhi marriage with Harman all functions attended by saumya & infact took pheras & grahapravesh with saumya only suhagrat night with surbhi.bed ko uthake phek diya surbhi ko bed main baitnese mana kiya neeche sula diya.then whole marriage drama.surhi ne Harman ko chadar udhaya.then after 3 months surbhi divorced Harman & separated.bacha nahin hua.again Harman got married to mahi.saumya attended all functions,next Harman mahi suhagrat night.same repeat telecast bed uthake pheka,but is baar allowed mahi to sleep in bed because he willingly married her.then same mahi ne chadar baar no chance for Harman to go to out house to meet saumya on suhagrat scene was scipped by imagining her on the moon.night drama episode starts.but this time he could not control his manly physical wishes with a woman what preeto wanted.migt be leap was 3 to 4 months when he announced of being a biological father of his child with mahi.willingly or unwillingly atlast he slept with a woman so that his parents only wish they get their heir for singh family their only blood.typical urban mentality which has to be shown in daily soap.not a new concept kinner getting a better life & a unique love story of two pure hearts.ashamed of ourself for watching this show earlier.never saw such a disgusting show ever.all illegals happened.marriages conducted illegally without breaking earlier marriages with proper divorce formality.a qualified advocate defeated illegally by a anghota chap lady keeps stayed together either it is a kinner or a woman.tarana with vedant & mahi with Harman.yuks.evils play their games.a matured man not using his own brains being a puppet of the show & parents.gav mentality preeto challenging a kinner that atlast I finally separated my son from your attachment.great job done by preeto & team.harman jaisa character jisne kabhi galat ka saath nahin diya aaj saree galat kam main saath diya apne parents ke saath.

  11. Aree yaar jab Harman ka bacha uska khoon paida karna hi hain toh faltu yeh sab drama karna kyon hain??he is married to a woman is easily possible for him & preeto now.whenever he is separated from saumya he starts drinking & he is never in his senses specially from evening hours.preeto ke pass itne nuskeh hain is kaam ke liye.woh Harman ko kuch bhi mix karke de sakti hain where he losses his mental balance.use kuch yaad hi nahin rehta last night usne kiya kya hota hain.toh it is easily possible he sleeps with mahi & but obvious she is she is his wife what a big deal in that.khatam karo.why pulling so much.end the show.finally Shakti ek kinner ki zindagi ki nahin hain.yahhan ek mardangi ki hain.harman bacha paida kar sakta hain ki nahin??.that is more important.for that his parents are just finding ways.finally they made him married so that now he cannot back out.harman ko apne vash main ek aurat hi kar sakti hain naki ek kinner.kinner ke liye toh langda hain na jo use paal ke baitha hain.chalo ab Harman baap ban gaya.ab kinner jo langde ke keep hain uska half langde ke saath suhagrat hona baki hain.half langda because now he is in sticks now.kinner ka suhagraat dikhana hain isliye langde ko bhi chair se utha kar stick par le aaye makers.langda aur kinner romantic dance sequence kaise karenge?actually the love saga what was there which was only maintained till Harman did not marry a woman.but now Harman has married whether he stick to his marriage or not it depends but he completed his marriage so the love saga is finished.that depth for love is finished now.because abhi tak jo strong purity love tha kyonki Harman ne apne life main kabhi kisiko aane nahin diya ya kisiko koi rasta choda.saumya kea lava uski zindagi main aur koi nahin tha.but woh imandari Harman ne tod di.he married a woh love purity is finished the show is bakwas liked it because even makers never made him marry anyone else other than saumya.but they broke that cod which will never tie up now it’s a foolsh show without sense and characters.the Harman character is been brutally ruined & insulted.end the show.

  12. Actually surprised how Vivian still continued the his major shows like madhubala & pyar ki ek kahani his character image in reel was a strong lead without any characterless in Shakti fans are reacting because makers turned vivians character Harman is been will effect Vivian star image.he must have left the show after his marriage in reel.if it would have been some ones dream fans would have not been reacted so much.but what ever is happeneing is the real sequence,so its not worth we request you please quit the do not deserve to play such pathetic roles.

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