Shakti 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Shakti 19th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saya signing bail papers of Kareena at her house. Inspector leaves. Saya tells everyone that she wants to talk to Kareena alone. Everyone go inside. Kareena looks on. Saya tells that her crimes will not become good deeds and says your hatred for Soumya is so big that you couldn’t see her goodness once. She says if you want to do penance then make friendship with Soumya and lower your burden and you will feel good. Kareena looks on ignorant. Saya says if you conspire against Soumya again then I will not forgive you. Rani tells Raveena if Kareena will become good. Raveena says no. They laugh.

Preeto waits for Pandit ji and says did they get licence to come late. Harman tells poetry and says one shall have love in heart to become Pandit. Balwinder and Chintu smiles. Shanno tells that she will not get her son’s naam karan with Kinnar’s baby and says she will go. Raavi taunts Soumya and says Kinnar is ruining our house. Harman asks her to spit venom, but his son’s naam karan will happen today. Harak Singh says your sister is saying right, Kinnars bless baby and goes. He asks did you decide to ruin our respect and tells that Soumya did magic on him. Preeto asks Soumya to make Harman understand being mature. Harman says you are more mature than us, if you couldn’t understand then why you are hoping from us. Harak Singh says only Viren’s son naam karan will happen today and not your sin’s naam karan.

Harman says not sin, but my son. If you call him sin again then nobody will be bad than me. Harak Singh gets angry on Harman. Soumya tells that they will not get their son’s naam karan with Chachi’s son naam karan. Harman asks what you are saying? Soumya says we can’t be happy hurting family. She requests them to call anything to her, but don’t call ‘sin’ to this innocent baby. Preeto and Harak Singh looks on. Shanno looks on angry forgetting Soumya’s big favor on her. Pandit ji comes and sits. Harman goes to his room. Soumya tells baby that you are not anyone’s sin, but my baby although I have not given you birth. She says she can bear the pain, but will not let him bear anything.

Harman comes. Soumya says she can bear when they call her Kinnar, but can’t hear anything against the baby. Harman says it is our baby’s right and says naam karan will happen. Soumya tries to stop him, but he goes. Harman comes and asks Pandit ji what he is doing? He helps him. Preeto thinks why his behavior changed. Maninder comes with Bebe and Nani and greets preeto and Harak Singh. Maninder says he don’t want to come, but have to come. Preeto taunts him and says you don’t deserve to come to our house, but we call you to show the neighbors. Pandit ji asks them to call baby and mum. Harman goes. Later he comes to his room with the bag and bring the stuff for the naam karan. He tells that he will go and check what Pandit ji is doing next. Nani comes. Harman asks her to sit with Soumya. Soumya hugs Nani. Nani bless her. Neighbor congratulates Harak Singh and asks him to become Dada soon. Harman asks him to think that he has become dada. A lady asks about his two wives. Bebe says Surbhi is at our home and says Soumya is here. Harman says his Gulabo is delicate. Lady jokes.

Pandit ji asks Viren and Shanno to sit. Harman sees the rituals and is going to his room. Lady asks where you are going? Harman says my wife is unwell, I have to take care of her and goes to his room. Preeto thinks what is going on in his mind.

Harman tells everyone that they have named their son as Aditya Soumya Singh. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Prachi Mehta Durkaal

    Bhagwaan Preeto jaisi ghamandy aur nirdayi maa kisi bacche ko na de na toh apni beti ko koi sanskar de pai aur nahi bete ki grihasti basne deti hain kamse kum apni saas se hi kuch shikti isa time me woh beaulad hotel hue uski SaaS ne Haraksinh ko roka nahi aur nahi ye kaha ye beaulad aurat mera vansh pura ket degi yeh besharam lady yeh baat kya samjegi jo apne bete ke bedroom me taqazaki karate sharmati nahi Harman Saumya aur nani ko chod ke dekho to selfish aur besharmo ka Hamdan Harman ko Saumya aur bacche ko leek kabhi door apni duniya banani chaiye kaha woh log chain se reh paye

  2. Prachi Mehta Durkaal

    Big fan of Hata unme hi Sean’s jyada bataiy aur faltu log mat dikhaiye in sab logo ko dekh gheen aati hain

  3. These days the updates come v late, try to update a little faster…

    1. OMG Tanvi, you replied sencond…for the first time?

      1. *second

  4. Common preeto… Saumya ko accha sabak sikhao…ideas ki jami hao to mein bataa doongi. 101 ideas hai mere paas us kalmoohi Saumya ko seedhe line pe laane ke liye.

    1. *kami

  5. Not second jessica thanvi replied 3rd first time

    1. Thats so true ?

  6. Hi jessica. Do you remember balika vadhu. It also has bold concept of child marriages and second marriages. But I didn’t felt bored at least a single episode. But it is very difficult to bear even a single episode of shakti yaar.??

    1. Yes.. Balika Vadhu was a good serial… I loved Toral’s acting in that.

  7. your silver lining

    Now harman is becoming more irritating than saumya…i don’t understand where the show is proceeding and what turn will it take…actually no, it’s not gonna take any turn but will keep going like that monotonously till the end.

    1. S your correct, Harman is becoming more irritating day by day

  8. I love harman character bcz he accepted his love as she is n support her always only 2% prsn are like him in reality …he always stand with her against his family ..really hatts off ..He is inspiration for all

  9. Have you seen new promo of shakti, very interesting twist, I hope at least then soumya can stand for her with out anyone’s help as her mother always wished.

    1. What promo?? I haven’t seen it..would you tell more about it?

  10. Hi everyone , please comment in english to understand the comments , l don’t understand indian ,please , all of us realized saumya’s reactions it’s very bad behavior against exactly harman , he stands with her all the time , she’s not , till what ? She has to be grateful for this , she has to be with him like he in every situation , he stands front all his family just for her ,till what we wish and wish ? till another show

    1. Lol… Yes

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