Shakti 18th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Dr. Kaushal warns Harak Singh about Lavneet

Shakti 18th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer asking Soumya to forget Jolly and says you are marrying me and not him. Dr. Kaushal asks someone about Harak Singh’s house and doesn’t see Harman near by. Harak Singh tells Veeran that Harman went with his wife out and hopes everything will be fine. Varun says everything will be fine, afterall darkness comes after light. Dr. Kaushal comes to Harak Singh’s house. Harak Singh greets him and asks why did you come? Dr. Kaushal tells Harak Singh that he doesn’t know his daughter Lavneet and says she can go to any length to fulfill her motive. Harak Singh sees Preeto and asks her to go to temple. Dr. Kaushal tells Harak Singh that Lavneet can be dangerous to them. Harak Singh asks do you have any son? Dr. Kaushal says no. harak Singh tells that he got a son after many mannats,

but his palace broke, he is ready to face any dangerous consequences. He says my only aim is of his happiness. Dr. Kaushal leaves.

: Lavneet comes running to Harman and hugs him. She says vaid ji said that you will be fine soon. Harman asks her not to hug him again. Lavneet says we can hug as friends and says I can hear your heart beats. Harman tries to break the hug. Soumya sees toy teddies and thinks don’t know why aunty gave me this. She thinks she would have talked to her if met some other day. She feels connected with her and reminisces her love and care. She thinks since I lost memory, I lost everything, but remember just Jolly with whom I feel close. She hugs teddy and closes her eyes.

Raavi comes to Saya’s house and tells that Harak Singh foiled their plan when Harman went to Maninder’s house. Saya says we have to do something suddenly and asks her if she can call Harman’s friends. She says they know Soumya. Raavi calls Monty and asks him to meet her. Lavneeet applies some lep on Harman’s forehead and is about to kiss him, but he stops her. Lavneet kisses on hand and says until you get back your memory, I will kiss here. He says good night. Lavneet says good night and goes.

Sameer’s mum comes to Soumya and says these toys are real friend. She asks her to sleep hugging toy to get a peaceful sleep. Harman imagines Soumya hugging him and sleeping on bed. He brushes off her hand and asks her to move back. Soumya says I like you and find you lovable. Harman says so what? Soumya says I am going. Harman asks what is in the suitcase. Soumya says some puja stuff. Suddenly she collides with sofa and money falls out from the suitcase. Harman says thief…he wakes up from dream and thinks Khushi has stolen money even in his dream. He thinks to meet her and tell her that she has stolen money in his dream. He comes downstairs and asks Lavneet to take him to Khushi, as he wanted to speak to her. Lavneet asks him to hug her and sleep. Harman gets angry and insists to meet Khushi now itself.

Everyone comes there hearing him shouting. Harman says she came in my dream and stolen money in the house. He asks him to tell her address. Harak Singh says I will make you meet her in the morning. Harman says sure. Harak Singh says yes. He asks Lavneet to take him to room. Preeto asks Lavneet why is he sleeping separately and asks if their marriage is fake. Harak Singh asks everyone to go and sleep. Harman asks Lavneet to bring water bottle for him. She says ok. Raavi comes to Harman and says you shall meet khushi and shall teach her a lesson. Harman asks her to go and thinks he shall meet khushi. Lavneet thinks he will not stop because of me. Harak Singh says if we can’t stop Harman then we can stop Khushi. He says I will ask Sameer to stop Khushi and divide them using society wall. Raavi hears them and hopes Lavneet gets exposed and Soumya returns home.

Sameer takes Soumya to dance Institute and gives her tiffin, says he will meet her after class. He meets Harman. Harman says your mum said that you went to drop her. Sameer says she went to teach dance to kids. Harman goes to dance institute. Sameer thinks he is making his work easier.

Harman and Soumya get their memory back. Harman brings Soumya home and calls preeto. Preeto hugs them happily.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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