Shakti 18th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Vedant gets Soumya arrested

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Shakti 18th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harak Singh telling Bansal that they shall start the work and says planning will go on. Bansal asks Soumya if Vedant calm down. Soumya says he is fine now and says she is thinking to take him out, may be he will feel better. Bansal says ok. He praises Soumya and tells Harak singh that she cares for everyone in the house. Harak Singh says I know and says I am seeing how lovely she is. Mr. Bansal gets a call and goes. Harak Singh tells Soumya that Harman gets angry seeing her working here and says he don’t know how to handle his anger. Soumya says only you can make him understand and says neither my identity or my truth will change with his anger. She asks him to make him understand that she can’t leave the job and asks him to make him understand. She folds her hand. Harak Singh asks her not to fold her hands. Soham gets fever. Kinnar says I will call Soumya. Saya stops her and says she will take Soham to hospital. Soumya takes Vedant out in the park. Shanno brings Preeto there and tells that Soumya is his caretaker and earning money. She tells that Harak Singh and Harman have done deal with Vedant and his father bansal. She says I brought you here to show how she is wheeling Vedant’s wheel chair as if she is his wife. She says Soumya must have asked Harman to come there. She asks her to think what to do. Preeto gets angry and goes.

Vedant asks Soumya to bring icecream for him. Soumya asks which flavor. He says anything and gives the money. She brings the icecream and gives change to Vedant. Vedant asks you didn’t bring for yourself. Soumya says she don’t want to eat now. A lady checks for her phone and says it is missing. She informs the police there by. Constables asks everyone to stand in queue and get themselves check. Vedant asks her in which line she will stand as she is neither man or woman. Soumya says I know very well and stands in the middle.

Saya checks Soham and says he is still having fever. She says seems like we have to call Soumya. The Constable checks in Soumya’s purse and finds the lady’s phone. Soumya is shocked. The lady thanks Constable. Vedant smiles. Soumya looks at him. A fb is shown, Vedant sends her to get icecream and steals the lady’s phone and keeps it in Soumya purse. Fb ends. The man in the park asks Constable to take her to police station. Soumya comes to Vedant. Vedant says it is bad to steal. Soumya asks why did you do this? Constables take her. Vedant thinks he is rid of Soumya now. Chameli and other kinnars come there. The people in the park accuse them of started stealing. Chameli says why will we steal? The man asks her to see that the kinnar was with that guy. Chameli sees Vedant and thinks to inform Saya.

Vedant asks Harak Singh if it is right to send a big order. Harak Singh says yes. Preeto comes and says you will not do deal with Bansal and asks him to cancel. She says you might be going there and trying to convince Soumya. Harman says we will not cancel the deal. Soumya says you are just acting to upset with your wife. Preeto asks Harak Singh why didn’t he tell him. Harak Singh says I didn’t call Bansal or Harman also didn’t call him. He says bansal called me and when we went there, we met Soumya. He says it is a God’s sign that she was there. Harman says I will do deal even if I have to go there daily and see Soumya’s daily. He says leave whatever happened between us.

Chameli asks Saya what they will do as Inspector said that Soumya can’t be bail out. Saya says lets go to Mr. Bansal. Mr. Bansal gets worried for Vedant and asks where is Tarana? Vedant comes there. Mr. Bansal asks where is Tarana? Vedant says if I am her caretaker and says she might have went home. Saya comes there and says you are lying. You have sent her to jail. Mr. Bansal is shocked and asks where is Tarana? Vedant says Tarana was caught by the Police for stealing mobile phone and asks why he cares for her. Saya tells Mr. bansal that Tarana can’t do this and says your son trapped her. She folds her hands and asks him to help her to bail her out. Kinnars call Saya and tells that Soham is crying a lot. Saya asks them to make him quiet somehow and asks Bansal to help her.

Bansal comes to police station and insists to talk to Inspector. Constable says he is not here. Saya asks Soumya not to worry about Soham. Constable says sir will come in the morning and then he can help you. Lady constable asks Saya and others to leave. Soumya worries for Soham and cries. Soham is crying in the cradle.

The kinanrs talk about Vedant and worries about Soumya. In the morning, Soumya comes home and sees Harman sleeping with Soham in the room. Noore Khuda plays…Soham is sleeping peacefully beside his father. Soumya admires them and is about to touch Harman’s hand, but she stops, She goes out and asks who called Harman ji here. Kinnar says I called him as Soham was crying a lot. Soumya asks her to ask Harman to leave. Harman says you have become selfish.

Precap: Harman asks Soumya if she wouldn’t have told him that she was in lock up. Soumya asks him to let her do the work. Harman asks who am I? and breaks the glass. Vedant and Mr. Bansal come there. Vedant asks did he misbehave with you. Soumya says yes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Stupid sumaya…… Isn’t she guru ma? What is her duty? Why another kinner can’t come to vedant house as a nurse…. The serial gets it’s worst… The serial is about to show respect and rights about kinner but noh it shows disrespect about the kinner rather it shows a stupid beautiful, s*xy woman’s story where man were fall for her….why? She can’t tolerate Harman’s a little word then how can she tolerate Vedanta’s insult? Everytime vedant also remind her about her identity, then why doesn’t she feel offended? Both preeto and sumaiya are stupid character….. Harman should leave this selfish Sumay…. When there is no respect there is no love….sumaya don’t have any respect for harman…..

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