Shakti 18th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 18th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kinnars asking Soumya to tell her story. She asks how is the married life, husband, family etc. She says you are lucky. Soumya says she is lucky as she is brought up by her mum with so much love. She tells them about getting married to Harman and tells that he has done so much for her, but refused to accept her infront of society. Kinnars ask if she misses him. Soumya says she miss him, and can spend her life with his memories. Kinnar says even they met such nice man, and before she could take Harman’s name, other kinnar asks them to sleep. Soumya looks at the moon and thinks she will live in Harman’s memories. Harman and Varun try to sleep on the bench outside Kinnar’s house.

Harman too speaks with the moon, and says he and his Gulabo will be together soon. He says you must be jealous seeing Soumya’s beauty and tells that moon is the witness to his love. He says he will go and meet him. He knocks on the door and calls Soumya. He asks where is Soumya? Kareena is about to tell her. Chameli stops her. Harman says he will call Police. Saya knocks on the door asking Soumya to open the door. Harman asks them to make Soumya have food. Saya asks him to go and says they will feed her. Harman goes. Saya tells kinnars that Harman shall not know that Tarana is not here and says she will tell later that Tarana reached somewhere.

Viren brings Pandit ji. Shanno asks him to do puja. Preeto asks puja for what? Shanno says so much is happening, and you have forgotten that my son is 2 months old. She says she has kept puja for her son and Harman. Preeto says I understand, and asks her to ask next time. Chintu comes and asks what is the use of puja, when they don’t love each other.

Varun comes home. Surbhi is about to get up. Varun gives her another dose to make her unconscious, and says if you get consciousness then you will make everyone unconscious. Maninder and Bebe come there. They ask where is Surbhi. Varun tells them that Surbhi is unwell and that’s why he kept the door bell off. Maninder and Bebe are shocked. Varun cooks up a story that Surbhi fainted hearing Soumya’s news. Maninder gets angry on Soumya. They leave. Varun thinks your health is in my hands, and promises not to let anything happen to her. He goes.

In the morning, Soumya does Puja and aarti. All kinnars get up. Soumya asks why you all are looking at me like this. Elder kinnar tells that she never saw someone wearing Pallu and doing aarti. They get happy and emotional. Elder Kinnar tells them to kill their desires. Some kinnar come and asks them to get ready, as there is some puja at big haveli and they will get good nek. They get happy and asks Soumya to get ready too.

Chameli tells Saya that her heart is shaking up. Saya says they have to do this to keep her safe. Harman comes there and asks them to give rice. Saya asks them to donate. Harman says one person is remaining. Pandit ji says when there is no person among them then. Saya asks Harman to tell who is left now. Harman is silent. Saya asks him to go. The men who came with Harman ask him to come. Harman thinks he will search Soumya and she has to come with him.

Kinnars come to Harak Singh’s haveli. One of the kinnar lift Soumya’s veil and everyone is shocked to see Soumya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Vivian why do you consider Shakti as ur step show,show completed 300 episodes yesterday and u didn’t posted anything on twitter, Atleast thank ur producer’s,Rashmi is such a strong producer

  2. shakti is something which we should appreciate. Congratulations for completing 300 episodes.

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