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Shakti 18th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeto and Raavi coming to Harman’s room and sees him hugging Soumya. Preeto asks did you bring me here to show this bharat milap. Raavi says no. Harman asks why did you come here? If you have any work, and says spying on me. He says Soumya brought food for me, plate slipped and fell down. Soumya thought I will get angry on her and got scared. I hugged her. He asks can’t I hug her. Preeto asks Harman not to get angry on Soumya, and says she is like flower. She asks Soumya to bring food for Harman again. She takes Raavi with her and asks her not to ignite fire between them. She says if this is enmity then what is love. Raavi says but. Harman tells Soumya that he has understood Raavi’s spying and that’s why hug her. He says I can’t hurt my family. Soumya says I will bring food for you. Harman refuses to eat anything and says I will take food.

Maninder refuses to go to Soumya’s house. Nimmi says we are invited by her sasural for first time. Maninder refuses to go and says when the truth will be out then everyone will grab my collar as I have given her birth. Nimmi says you accepts that you have given her birth, but don’t accept that she is your daughter. She says you have done her kanyadaan and get her married. She says I will go and do my duty, if anyone ask me about you then I will not answer. Maninder asks her to go and says I will go for that inauspicious girl. Preeto asks Soumya to give food to Harman and says he will not have food. Soumya says okay mummy ji. Harman comes. Preeto says you came…and asks him to eat food. Harman eats food and says you have made superb aloo gobi and have broken your own record. He says I want to kiss your hand. Preeto asks him to kiss his wife’s hand and says she made food. Soumya hears them. Harman is upset. He gets up. Preeto says you said that you want to kiss on the hand of the cook, and asks will you go without kissing. Harman says it is okay. Preeto stops him and asks Soumya to come. She says he was saying that he wants to kiss the person’s hand who made food. She asks him to kiss her hand. Harman says you have become modern by watching films and says I have room, I will do whatever I want to do. He goes to room. Preeto says badmash…Soumya looks on.

Later Preeto gives saree to Soumya and asks her to come for puja. Harman comes and asks Soumya, why she is sitting like a statue. He asks her to change clothes and come with him. Soumya says I can’t sit in puja. Harman says you don’t have any option and asks her to do as he says till 21 days. He asks her to get ready. Soumya says I can’t sit in puja. Harman asks why? A fb is shown. Soumya recalls her childhood. She tells Harman that whenever she sat in puja then her mum and dadi took her. Harman says I don’t have anything to do with your past and asks her to act to be in marriage just like she married him.

Raavi brings ghee. Pandit ji asks Preeto to call Harman and Soumya. Preeto sends Sindhu to call them. Harak Singh comes and asks if she invited Samdhis. Preeto says yes. Just then they see Nimmi and Surbhi coming. Raavi says something is wrong between Nimmi and Maninder as she came alone without him. Maninder comes and greets Harak Singh. Raavi and Shanno are surprised to see him. Harak Singh also greets him and asks him to sit. Nimmi is about to go to Soumya’s room. Preeto asks her to sit with her, and says Harman and Soumya will come here for puja. Varun comes and sits beside Surbhi irritating her. Harman and Soumya comes. Surbhi hugs her happily.

Pandit ji asks Harman and Soumya to take their places as puja time begins. Harman and Soumya sits for puja. Maninder is worried. Harak Singh asks why he is in tension. Maninder says nothing, everything is fine. Pandit ji asks Harman to keep his hand on Soumya’s hand to give ahuti to agni. Nimmi, Maninder and Surbhi get tensed. Pandit ji asks Soumya what happened? Nimmi signs Soumya to keep her hand on his hand. Soumya keeps her hand on his hand. Tu Hi Mera Khuda music plays…….Surbhi smiles. Harak Singh is happy. They give ahuti together in havan. Pandit ji tells that puja is complete and asks to give Prasad to everyone. Harman and Soumya take Pandit ji’s blessings. He blesses them. Soumya hugs Nimmi. Nimmi asks are you fine? Soumya says yes. Nimmi asks if Harman told you anything. Soumya says no, and says yesterday he praised my aloo gobi sabzi. Sindhu gives Prasad to Nimmi. Maninder tells Surbhi that now we shall leave. Harak Singh says how can you go now. Maninder says he has some work now. Harak Singh asks him to promise that he will stay longer next time. Maninder promises and asks Surbhi to hurry up. Maninder, Nimmi and Surbhi leaves.

Harak Singh tells Soumya that Pandit ji asked her to bury the puja ingredients in land with her hand. Soumya nods. Harak Singh asks her to give heir. Just then few men come there. Harak Singh goes asking Soumya to bury it. While Soumya is burying it. Saya comes there and asks why you are trying to become like them and moulding to become like them. She says Soumya…I am like your mum. Soumya says you are not like my mum and says if you really cared about my happiness then you would have left me here. Saya says just because you are incapable to give happiness to your husband in this birth and holds her hand. Soumya asks her to leave her hand and says I want to stay here in this world, and says I am happy here with my family. Harak Singh comes back and calls Bahu Rani ji. Saya holds her hand and takes her to Harak Singh. Harak Singh is clueless.

Harak Singh asks Soumya and Harman to come and asks lawyer to make an announcement. Lawyer tells that Harak Singh has purchased this new factory on Harman’s name in july 2014, but now he has transfer ownership on Soumya’s name. He says Soumya Harman Singh is the new owner. Everyone is shocked and upset.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Narendran

    Thnx for the update am..

  2. Narendran

    Harak Singh role is quiet good!

  3. kuch zyada hi horaha hai,hum ek conservative society mein rehrahe hain jaha itna easily koi apni prperty apni nayi bahu ke naam nahi karte

  4. Nyc epi.It seems that Harak Singh fully trust Somu nd he believe dat somu is right 4 his son bt when he come 2 know d truth of Somu did he accept her as his bahu rani jiii?????or he’ll jst kick her out of d house. Dont know wat’ll happen nxt…..Thnx Hasan mam 4 d update.

  5. Nice epi , harak singh I know u love ur bahu but u r makking things difficult for her ,surely harman going to hate her and scold her for this.

  6. Luvd d way Harman handle d situation nd also d way he ask her 2 change nd come for puja was awesome this Raavi is very annoying. Plz usko apne ghar jaldi bheejo…

  7. Are ye Preeto to khaafi samajhdaar ho gayi hai….lagta hai use bhi ab Somu pasand aane lagi hai….chalo accha hi hai uske liye..

  8. Harman and his nautanki…..

  9. I luv soumya..she is very cute and innocent….mujhe uske saath harman ka bartav dekh kar bura lag rahi hai…but i hope ki jaldi hi soumya aur harman ke beech mein love story shuru ho jaye…anyways luv this show..

  10. kya kismat paayee Hai soumya. . so happy for her. …

  11. chaachi is heavily pregnant. . n soon a kid will come to their house y r they so silly minded to think only harmans kid should play with those toys??

    They are being too much about expecting heir..
    no other work than producing kids after marriage?

  12. somya is not a woman but a kinner.if she is a woman her menstrual cycle would have start at the age of 12 or 13 like any other common girl n if this would hav happened her mom would hav surely knw abt when she is saying soumya is a kinner that is true.n even if she truns out to b a women she had not got menstrual cycle so she can’t be a mother.

  13. Lol Vivian you are the [email protected]@@

  14. Sabrina

    Soumya is indeed like a flower I was wondering after seeing yesterday precap what she was doing digging dirt lol know I know. I wish if Harman had kiss her hands lol Looking forward to tomorrow

  15. in pyaar ki yeh ek kahani harman was quiet good but her he just have lust it’s not everything

  16. as rk also vivian used to have unique dialogues…
    even harman’s dialogues soopee

  17. poor soumya.. she doesn’t even know what’s husb n wife relationship n also if she can really give him happiness. ..(saya asking her if she can make him happy in this birth)…

    feel really bad for harman…
    he was on cloud9 after marriage n suddenly he is lost..

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