Shakti 17th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Soumya’s plan fails to expose Lavneet

Shakti 17th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanno asking Preeto to have food and then have medicine. Preeto says ok. Harman holds Lavneet’s hand. Lavneet asks why is he getting romantic in the morning. Harman asks her to get ready and says we will go out and have tea. Lavneet refuses. Harman complains to Harak Singh that the woman he calls her bahu is refusing to work with him. Harak Singh asks Lavneet to go to him and enjoy. Lavneet says ok and goes to change. Harman sees Maninder’s address. Raavi thinks this girl’s game will end after reaching there.

Sameer’s mum does navrati puja and gives Prasad to Soumya and Sameer. Sameer asks Soumya to come with him. He takes her to Dance Institute and asks the Principal to give her job as a dance teacher. Soumya says you didn’t tell me about this. Sameer says you

will be happy and your mind will be diverted. Principal says we have no vacancy. Sameer asks her to give her job. Principal says lets see and takes Soumya inside. Sameer thinks I wanted you to be busy so that you don’t go to Harman again and again, and thinks human becomes smart in love also. He appreciates his own idea and calls himself genius.

Harman comes to restaurant with Lavneet. He says coffee is good. Lavneet says she felt good to come with him. She recalls Harak Singh’s words.

Soumya sees kids laughing and gets nervous. Principal says she is scared, how she will teach kids. Sameer asks her to dance. Soumya says I can dance with music, but can’t teach dance. Sameer insists. Soumya asks him not to make her tamasha. A girl says didi is scared, how she will teach us. Principal scolds her. Harman asks someone about the address and drives the car. Lavneet gets doubtful. Sameer says I will play music on tabla and asks her to dance. Soumya says please…He plays tabla. Soumya gets flashes when she danced before the puja. She starts dancing. Principal and the kids get happy. Everyone claps for her. Harman comes to Maninder’s house and stops his car. Lavneet gets down from the car. Harman thinks to drop her there and sees Maninder. He thinks if this man calls her then she is real Gulabo else not. He asks her to wait and knocks on the gate. Maninder looks at Harman and says Harman….you are here. Lavneet hears them from outside. He asks how did you come here? Harman thinks he might know my wife. Lavneet gets tensed. Maninder looks at Lavneet and asks you. Harman thinks this Gulabo is fake for sure and thinks to handover her to Police. He holds her hand and tries to take her. Maninder asks when you got angry with your Gulabo, and asks them to come inside. Harman and Lavneet enter inside. Harak Singh is already inside and keeps Nani captive with Dadi’s help. Dadi ties her hand and tapes her mouth. Harak Singh says I will get my son back and don’t accept your kinnar grand daughter. He says whatever happening is right, I am not doing anything wrong.

Sameer tells Soumya that she danced really well and tells that he has trust on her. He says you got the job. Soumya asks when you were playing tabla, I felt as if someone was calling me and starts dancing. Sameer thinks Harman’s ghost can’t get off her mind. He asks her to come. Harman tells Lavneet that Khushi gave him address and asks him to confirm if you are real or fake. Lavneet acts and asks if you don’t trust me. Harman asks her not to cry and understand him. She asks Harman to go home and says she will go to Vaid ji and bring medicine for him.

Soumya comes to the temple and does puja. Lavneet comes there and eyes Soumya evilly. She says you have no place between Harman and me and takes chilli or gulaal in her hand. Harman thinks of Soumya’s words, Lavneet and Maninder’s words. Lavneet comes near Soumya and puts chilli powder in her eyes. Soumya writhes in pain. A woman is coming inside the temple holding Gulab Jal pot to fulfill her mannat, slips and the gulab jal falls on Soumya’s face. Soumya’s face gets washed and she feels relieved. Woman apologizes to Soumya and says she slipped.

Soumya says God keeps calculation of our good and bad deeds and asks her not to betray Jolly. She asks her to mend her ways. Lavneet says I will get Harman, and if you have courage then come between us. Soumya says I will stand infront of you and show you mirror. Lavneet tries to slap Soumya, but she holds her hand. Sameer comes there. Lavneet asks him to make her understand to stay away from Harman. Soumya asks her to stop betraying Jolly.

Harman asks Soumya not to come close to him. Soumya says she likes to spend time with him. He asks what is in the suitcase. She says puja stuff and collides with sofa, suitcase falls down.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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