Shakti 17th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Harman confronts Soumya for her changed behavior

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The Episode starts with Mr. Bansal bringing Soumya to his house. Harman and Harak Singh are shocked to see her there. Vedant says you came again. Soumya slips. Harman holds her. Tu Hi Mera Khuda…..They have an eye lock. Soumya moves away. Vedant says you was thrown out of job then why did you return? Mr. bansal says I brought her back and asks Harak Singh to make him understand that Soumya is a good at taking care of Vedant and he is scolding her. Chameli calls Soumya and says Soham is crying a lot. Soumya tells the place of bottle while she is making tea and says she has important work to do. Saya thinks she didn’t leave job. Chameli says Soumya is mad to make tea of Harman’s choice. Mr. Bansal tells Harak Singh that they will do the work after the paper work is over. Soumya brings tea and gives to Vedant, Harak Singh, Mr. bansal and Harman. Harman spills the tea on his clothes looking at her and gets up. Vedant scolds Soumya. Harak Singh says it might be Harman’s mistake and the cup slipped. Mr. Bansal asks Soumya to take him to guest room. He asks him to wash his shirt. Soumya takes him to guest room and tells that she will clean his shirt. Harman says so you are doing this job and became his servant. Soumya says I am caretaker here and not a Servant. She says I will do what they ask me to do and says this is my personal matter. Harman says I was quiet because of you else would have beaten Vedant. He says he will tell them who is she? Soumya gives him Soham’s promise.

Mr. Bansal says Harman took a lot of time. Harak Singh says he is particular about cleanliness and hygiene. Vedant says Soumya is good at giving lecture and says I will call him. Soumya says I will decide what to do and asks him not to work here. Harman says I will work here and want to see what you want to prove by being a caretaker. Soumya holds his jacket and cleans it. Vedant comes there and says you couldn’t clean the stain since 20 mins and you want to make me stand. Harman sees her neck and maang and thinks she isn’t wearing sindoor and mangalsutra and thinks how did she change so much. Soumya says it is done and goes.

Later Harman is searching track pant in his cupboard. Harak Singh says if you don’t want then we will not work with Bansal. He says I know that you have dropped the tea intentionally.

Harman says I will work there. Soumya thinks he will follow me always, so do I have to leave work always. She thinks she will not run away and will face him. Harman says we will face each other.

Next day, Soumya is going for work. Harman comes there and says she is going early. She asks what are you doing and asks if he is not working. Harman says I work with my timings and asks her to return her mangalsutra. He says if you are not wearing it then it will be with me. Soumya goes to room and gets her mangalsutra. Saya asks have you gone mad? Soumya says he said right and says a kinnar can’t be suhagan so what is the use of keeping it with me. She handovers mangalsutra in his hand and asks him to search someone else for it. Harman is shocked. He says I will drop you to Mr. Bansal’s house. Soumya says we have different ways now. Harman gets angry and breaks the vase on floor. Soumya asks him to pick up the broken pieces. Harman asks Saya if she saw how Soumya reacted. He says I thought when I ask for mangalsutra, she will fight and wear it. Saya says she felt bad and returned mangalsutra. Harman says you are her mother.

Mr. Bansal is doing Lakshmi Pujan on his marriage anniversary. Servant says why he does the puja for his wife who left him years ago. Other Servant asks him to be quiet. Vedant asks him to do the puja outside and says it is less of puja and more tamasha. Mr. Bansal says I didn’t ask you to do puja and says he is remembering his wife. Vedant says your wife betrayed you and left with someone. He says you might be feeling proud to remember her, but I feel ashamed to call her as my mother.

Mr. bansal says I never tried to change your thoughts and asks him not to interfere in his decisions. He says your mum left me, but she gave me most precious gifts to me. He says one is your sister Rekha and other is you. Vedant says Rekha might be gift, but I am black spot as people laugh on me. Mr. bansal asks where is Tarana? Vedant messes up the puja stuff. Mr. Bansal says don’t do it and asks him to eat medicine. Vedant asks him to stop the tamasha if he wants him to become fine. Soumya runs inside and goes to room. She brings medicine and water. Mr. Bansal holds Vedant’s hand and asks Soumya to make him eat. Vedant asks him to leave him. Soumya force feeds medicine in his mouth. Harman comes and asks what is happening here. Vedant says dad is punishing me with kinnars’ help. Soumya asks him to go for meeting now.

Soumya asks Pandit ji if the puja is done. Pandit ji says yes and leaves. Servant says everything is changed in this house and says our malkin used to make kheer for us on this day. Soumya picks the thrown things on floor. Harman says gurumaa orders her husband to clean the mess and is doing the same things here. Soumya says I am not Servant here. Vedant comes and says bathroom is that way. He asks her to serve breakfast.

Mr. Bansal talks to Harak Singh about the marketing. Vedant says I asked her to serve breakfast, but she didn’t bringing it yet. Harman asks what is the use to shout at Servant? Vedant says this is my personal matter. He asks if she is related to you. Harman is silent. Soumya brings kheer and asks them to eat kheer first. Vedant asks if someone eats kheer for breakfast and asks her to take it away. She asks him to taste it. Vedant says kheer will not be made in this house again and throws the tea spoon. He throws the tray and the kheer bowls. Harman gets up angrily. Harak Singh whispers in his ears to calm down. Vedant comes to his room. Soumya says sometimes we have to face the past and says I made that kheer for you and says sorry. She comes out. Harman says you don’t melt down when others say sorry and is saying sorry to others without any mistake. He says you have changed so much and asks her not to make him regret for wasting his three years of his life. Soumya says if she had known that her life will become easy then she would have come to Saya’s house long back.

Precap: Vedant brings Soumya to park and gets her arrested on theft charges. Soumya worries for Soham in the lock up.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Same old story to be repeating once for Harman a new female entry who will be vedant sister.she will fall in love with Harman.and vedant that oval egg faced male for saumya both brother sister duo will match ex husband wife Harman & saumya.this is the coming story of makers for Shakti.hats of to the team.vedant is a going to turn cyco character now.his sister will also be cyco towards Harman or might be a good pair for Harman.makers might have thought now its time Harman settle with a woman it is they have changed the character of saumya.she doesn’t love or care for Harman anymore because she is a gurumaa.she has left her married life.she will try her effort now to make Harman marry vedant sister.and vedant is going to fall for saumya.makers have decided for Harman character aslo,so already he has lost saumya .his all efforts of bringing her back doesn’t work.and no other characters are taking effort of bringing Harman saumya now preeto will start involving vedant sister for Harman so that they get in singh house wedding bells for Harman & vedant sister.this track will continue for next 4 to 5 months.and then finally married life of Harman & vedant sister new entry & saumya setteled in kinner house or might be paired with vedant.this is what is kinner’s Shakti after all.every episode for ordains there will some dream sequence of Harman & saumya so that they do not loose the 4 to 5 months there will be episodes how Harman gets attracted to vedant sister as he comes to their house for business matters.hopeless makers,they have ruined the show completely.

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