Shakti 17th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Preeto invites Vedant and Soumya for Harman’s remarriage

Shakti 17th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harak Singh asking Harman why he wants to call Soumya after doing her shradh. Harman says he wants them to attend his marriage. Preeto promises to invite them. Harak Singh says mother and son get together always. Raavi tells Sindhu that the family members tried to get Harman married many times, but he never got married to someone else. Sindhu says but now Soumya is married to vedant. Raavi shows belief on Soumya and says even this time Harman’s marriage will not happen. Preeto calls Saya and tells that Harman is getting married and invites her. Shanno says why did you call her, last time marriage was incomplete because of her. Preeto says this time marriage will happen. Saya is shocked and tells the same thing to others. Chameli says we have to find out their marriage truth. Preeto comes to Bansal’s house and gives credit to Vedant for separating Harman and Soumya in 3 months which they couldn’t do in three years. Vedant asks her to give a bit of credit to herself. Preeto says surely and gives him sweets. Sindhu and Raavi come to meet Soumya. Sindhu informs her that Harman’s marriage is fixed. Soumya gets upset and reminisces their moments. Kabhi alvida na kehna plays….She then says this is the really good thing and asks who is the girl and asks if Harman is happy. Sindhu and Raavi are shocked.

Raavi asks are you in your senses and says Harman’s marriage is fixed whom you loved and who loves you madly. She asks do you know what you are saying. Soumya says Vedant is my husband now. Sindhu says stop it and asks her to tell truth to them atleast. Soumya recalls her deal with Vedant and tells that she is very happy with him. Sindhu says if you are so happy then come to Harman’s marriage. Soumya says I need to ask Vedant so can’t tell you if I can come or not. Raavi looks on shocked. Sindhu shouts and tells Soumya about Mahi and says she is masters and stays in lal chowk. Soumya thinks it is good.

Vedant asks Preeto not to worry and says Soumya will agree to attend the marriage. He asks her to come and says we will do as we planned. He says I will wait for you to come. Preeto goes. Vedant says it is good and thinks we will get together. Palak talks to Mahi about Harman. Mahi is skeptical about Harman and recalls his words. Palak says what are you thing and says Harman will make your life and even his life. Raavi, Sindhu along with kinnars think something is wrong and Soumya’s marriage is fake, they shall unite Harman and Soumya.

Soumya thinks name is good Mahi. She says Harman and Mahi..are good. Preeto says Harman and Gulabo. She introduces her to Mahi and says she wanted her to meet her. She says Mahi has the competition with a kinnar whom Harman loved immensely. Soumya takes out kajal from under her eye and applies under Mahi’s ears. She blesses Mahi from her bottom of her heart and says I was part of his life, but can never become his lifepartner as only a woman can fulfill wife’s duties. She assures that she has freed Harman and blesses her with best wishes. Preeto says that’s why I brought you here and invites Soumya and Vedant for marriage. Vedant says we will surely come. He says Soumya is my wife and we are very happy in our marriage. Soumya says yes. He shows her mangalsutra which she had kept in the temple. Soumya recalls keeping it in the temple. Vedant says Harman made Soumya wear this mangalsutra and asks her to give it to Mahi so that she gets assured that Harman is just hers.

Soumya takes mangalsutra from Vedant. Preeto says its ok if you don’t want to give and asks her to attend marriage with her new husband. Soumya recalls Harman and her marriage. She calls Mahi and keeps mangalsutra in her hand. She says it is yours from today and Harman ji is just yours.

Preeto thanks Soumya for returning her son. They leave. Vedant says it is good that you kept it under mata Rani’s feet and says when I saw mahi here, I thought it is Mata Rani’s sign and gave mangalsutra to her. He asks will you attend his marriage tomorrow. Soumya says yes and thinks to bear the pain..

Precap: Saya comes to know from Pandit ji that Soumya and Vedant’s marriage is fake. She rushes to inform Harman, but Vedant stops her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Shakti makers have always shown Harman a handsome hunk dumb & foolish.he is altime puppet of preeto the vamp.woh jaisa chaiye use apne hisaab se dhal sakti hain.because for shakti makers preeto is a lead character than Harman & moral of the story is Harman will never use his brains that everything is been a dirty plan of that disabled rascal & the vamp as malika just gave fans a hint in her interview kuch accha aur bada hone wala hain shakti accha yeh hain ki finally Harman misunderstanding will not be cleared & he will complete his marriage with that monkey female mahi & she will become as mahi Harman singh.and if by chance if he comes to know also that saumya & vedant marriage is a fake he cant deny his marriage so he will continue his marriage & there finally that langda will marry saumya.such pathetic & dirty drama what shakti makers have done this.3 saal ki unique love story ka satya nash kar diya.disgusting.but very surprised this time also they did not show Harman intelligent & smart and exposing preeto & everytime others for eg malika or anyother people came and told him that saumya is innocent.this time also Harman only showed his dumbness doing last rituals & bull shit things.kabhi apni akal nahin lagayi aur sach ko dhoondh his interview also he said haar baar woh saumya ko bachake vapas le aya hain toh is baar bhi kuch rasta jaroor nikalega aur saumya ko vapas le ayega.all fakes interview.yahan saumya ko bacha ke le aane ke bajay khud hi mental ho gaya aur shaddi karne lag gaya.

  2. yes you are right fans.always harman is shown a man without brains.always he is trapped by preeto harak infact by shanno too.and then he only loose his temper & spoil his & saumya life together by taking foolish also again doing the same thing to show saumya that you have married so even i will show you that i have also moved on.he will never use his own brains,what happened?how it happened?what sudden change?? was there how saumya left her gurumaa post & married that langda???woh gurumaa bani thi harman se door jane ke liye ,toh ek gurumaa hokar woh doosri shaddi kaise kar sakti hain???he never the case was withdrawan how he came out in hours & when he was taken to jail saumya had come come & also to jail,then suddenly how she was in bridal look that to with mangalsutra?how preeto became fine in few days??there are so many things he can connect,but he is not ready to use his brains.because makers what this faltu marriage shit.really disgusting.harman jaise character ko dekh kar yahi lagta tha ki woh apne aap ko aur saumya ko mardalega par kabhi usko doosre ki hone nahin dega yaa apnese door jane dega.but all fake.uska pyaar aur uski zidd duniya se alag ho gi.

  3. If the marriage happens atleast Harman ll have a peaceful life. Please let harman unintelligible this time. Don’t want to see soumya with Harman. She ll never understands harman and always hurts. She deserves lofe with that vedant. The maker’s completely collapsed the story. They made soumya so selfish and now trying to make as her sacrifices. It is the result of her idiotic deed . No one made her to do this. We cannot put all the blame on preeto

    1. Alister La Frenais

      I guess you must be watching a different version of Shakti to the rest of the population. How in heaven’s name can you blame Soumya as the sole culprit. The problem is not her’s alone, but the pent-up hatred of Preeto towards all transgenders.

  4. Here is my take on this its my first time commenting on Shakti. I use to watch it but stop then I started watching it again from what I have seen Preeto use to treat Soumya bad and then she started liking her,where stupidity comes in is rewind back to when Harman and Soumya meets with the baba and Preeto told them BOTH to bring him home,mind you they had no knowledge who baba was,until stupid Preeto start behaving weird,why vent her anger on Soumya alone?? Huh why??? It takes two hands to clap, if she is playing the blame game she ought to take her anger out on her son too what was Soumya fault in all this? Just because her first husband die? And instead of Harman supporting his wife he insults her if I was in a position like that I woulda leave him too. You guys might say I am being vulgar now but all I am going to say he was accustom to giving it in the back now he will give it in the front ??my opinion right. Preeto is one nasty woman also the other ugly woman imagine she was a villain and still is look whatvshe did to that family and yet they took her back in that house how can one be so bias sorry for mistake its what she and not whatvshe. I still don’t think marriagevwill happen and this Vedant needs one kick down the stairs and he will walk again if not forever be a cripple the bastard.

  5. LMAO Jayashree well said and no you are not vulgar its just the way of life. Transgender are men who are impotent we cannot blame them but society does not accept them its not their fault.

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