Shakti 17th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Shakti 17th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with varun telling Harman that if Soumya is in the house, then it is because of him. He says I can stay out of house, but can’t bear to get kick out of your heart. Harak Singh and Preeto ask Harman to give him a chance. Varun says I will leave from home. Preeto says where you will go. Varun says I can’t live here as guilty, let me go. Soumya stops Varun and asks Harman to stop Varun. She says whatever he did is because of you, and says I can feel how it feels to be away from family, asks him to forgive Varun. Harman looks on angrily and goes. Preeto holds Varun’s hands and takes him inside. Surbhi looks on. Maninder comes home and calls Surbhi, asking her to give him water. He asks Bebe, where is Surbhi? Bebe tells him that Surbhi is at her house, and says I will bring water for you. Nani says I will bring water and goes. Maninder tells Bebe that house is looking lonely without Surbhi and says shall I go and meet her. Bebe says you shall not go often. Nani asks him to call her and gives water.

Surbhi opens her suitcase and tells Soumya where to keep her clothes as wardrobe is full. Soumya says she will keep clothes in wardrobe. Maninder calls Surbhi and asks how is she? Surbhi says she is fine. Soumya thinks atleast she would have got Maninder’s love and care. Surbhi sees her sad and acts to talk to Maninder about her. Soumya understands that she is lying. Surbhi apologizes for lying. Soumya says it is okay as he never cared about me since childhood. She goes to kitchen. Surbhi thinks I know you since childhood.

Varun comes to Surbhi and says you did wrong. I spent all days in your memories in jail. He asks why did you marry my brother, so that you can make me jealous. Surbhi asks him to leave her hand. Varun says I would have hold your hand for life, but I can’t leave your hand, you have to be mine. Surbhi slaps him hard. She says you are staying here as Soumya permitted you. She reminds him that she is Harman’s wife and if he misbehaves with her again, then she will slap him infront of everyone. Varun holds his cheeks angrily. Preeto tells Varun that Surbhi is now Harman’s wife and your bhabhi, and asks him not to forget this relation and not to cross the limits. Varun says I understand and that’s why I went to apologize to her. He thinks you people have to pay for snatching Surbhi from me.

Harak Singh is exercising and tells Preeto that if he becomes old, then how I will play with my grand children. Viren comes there and asks him to check the calculations. Shanno backs him. Harak Singh says Shanno sent her husband here. Shanno comes there and asks for her phone. Viren says I am not joru ka ghulam, I respect you and Bhabhi very much. Harman opens his wardrobe and sees Surbhi’s clothes. He throws her clothes on the bed. Surbhi comes and asks what you are doing? Harman says this is my house and my almari, you can’t keep clothes here. Surbhi asks where I will keep my clothes. Harman says it is your problem. Soumya comes there and sees clothes on bed. Surbhi tells Soumya that she is taking clothes for washing. Harman asks Soumya why she is maintaining distance with him, and asks if they have no relation then why she wrote his name on her hand. Soumya says I don’t know and goes. Preeto hears them.

Soumya comes to her room and looks at their marriage pic. She thinks she can’t answer him and can’t express her feelings. She cries. Soumya says I love you so much, if I was not a kinnar…then. Preeto comes and taunts her saying you are a kinnar. She says this truth can’t be changed, I hope I could do something for you. She says I can do a thing for you, and asks her to remove Harman’s name from her hand, and gives her sharp knife. She says I will not do anything, but you will soon need it.

Kareena comes to meet Soumya. Raavi holds Soumya’s hand and is about to kick her out. Harman stops her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Rashmi Sharma give us more Harman in the episodes!

  2. Today episode is OK.haya seens are less.hate both Preeto and surbhi veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much.i love HAYA Jodi always.harman when will you know ur Preeto intentions on Soumya?Pls understand Soumya.she can’t express her feelings bcoz of she is feeling that she is a Kinner.but,u know na Harman she loves u very much.pls try to understand Harman ur stupid mom only told to Soumya to maintain distance from u.when will u find d truth? Waiting gggggggg for that.

  3. so boring episode

  4. Hi to all, varun should do something which makes Harman knows about his mom. Writers don’t know to use the actors talent I don’t know y they r keeping characters like viren raavi, nani and mainly varun .writer should focus on these characters also no. Preeto always roaming behind Harman and somu instead she can look after her daughters life na. When the serial starts at that time harak Singh behaves like a gentleman but now chii makers r showing his character very cheap like he is doing romance when his daughters life is in bad state . Viren and shanno oh god they r used just to show the family is big and viren is used only to look after the file. I think varun is a silent villain then y makers r not using him ,simply he is roaming and speaking in his mind voice. They r only focusing on surbhi and preeto not even the leads.writers r having only negative thinking ? . Plz do something to get back the show in its original track we don’t want ordinary saus bahu drama
    We saw lots of serial in our language.

  5. I have never seen such a rubbish show never going any way never mean anything just going round and round what the need for this or what are they teaching people to abuse other if their not like us and not give them voice to speak for their on because of what their are no good at all

  6. Hi raji, neenga sonnadhu yethuvumey yenaku theriyaathu pa. Just open panni comment pannuven and you tube paapen illana direct ta antha app la poi paapen avvalavu thaan pa yenaku theriyum sry neenga sonnadhu yenaku puriyala ma id vachu yenna pannanum ? Periya process illama chinnatha solringalaa daily motion Ku ponna paakalaam illaya.sry for troubling u pa

  7. Whatever u said is absolutely right Ammu.In that home all r Preeto puppets.y Makers r not focusing on remaining characters.with their acting skills v can easily take d story in to a new mode.pls send this message to Shakti serial writers to focus on remaining character s and use remaining family members talent also.always that stupid Preeto and stupid ,useless surbhi drama.disgusting ND irritating to watch.

  8. Angelk1

    If they want anything to change. Soumya will have to do it. She should tell the truth to harman instead of staying quiet. Obviously harman wont know if she wont speak up. She had the chance to stop yhe wedding , but she made harman keep a promise an same with her sister.

    Soumya innocence is cute, but its sonetimes dangerous because it puts people in a situation they dont like. The writers should improve soumya character, if she doesnt move forward the rest wont either. If soumya tells harman, he will take action.

    Preeto will team up with varun to get soumya and varun will make his own plan to get surbhi. Causing some misunderstanding to happen with surbhi an harman an surbhi goes back home.

    But if that does happen soumya will try to get her back to the house an surbhi will turn negative. Soumya will then fight for her love an on the way finds the truth .

    This will inly happen if soumya moves forward. Harman on the other hand will stop his parents from their plans with soumya support. An maybe even leave the house with her.

    But since the writers wont move the leads foreward the same thing keeps happening.

    1. Hi Angelk1,i totaaly agree with you.This serial is sucking.
      Same drama in almost all the hindi tv serials
      Writers don’t listen to what commenters has to say,otherwise they would have change the story long time ago

  9. I was sure that it will become like other shows, from the beginning it was nice but now everything get spoiled ! Only rubbish sorry if i hurt Haya’s fans but where is soumya’s shakti ? the episodes are the same , Soumya get kidnapped , harman tried to find her , het got her home preeto stops him from getting close to her ! And i won’t talk about the track where soumya lived with the kinnars , hope surbhi doesn’t turn negativ we don’t want a copy serial like Swaragini , Uttaran….

  10. Thank you bunny, for ur kind reply.iam happy that we both have same thoughts. Hope every one thinks like us. I don’t know whether makers see these comments or not .hope for the best track.

    1. Hi dear Ammu,maybe writers are reading all these comments,but they have other things in their mind,that’s why we are seeing the same drama in almost every episode.
      Like iamsofianeak said,in the beginning this show was nice,but now it’s so boring.
      Hope the writers will change the track and make it interesting.

  11. Hi bunny i agree with you Preeto is a really cunning lady I hate her very much poor our haya Jodi I really sad about them

  12. Juthika ghosh

    Loosing interest to watch this Shakti… Serial.

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