Shakti 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 17th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman thanking Saya for accepting his request. He says I knew that shagun will come from Shanno’s mayka and Preeto will taunt Soumya. I want Soumya to feel the motherly love and want to tie her in all relations so that she can stay with us. Saya says you are the only one who differentiate between the people, and says she is happy to do something for Soumya. Harman thanks her. Preeto cries sitting in the toy room and says toy room is empty. She tells that she gave away all the toys like she gave her heart, and cries hugging Harak Singh. He also cries. Preeto asks him to stop toys manufacturing and start stone factory, says we will become stone.

Soumya cares for her baby and says she wants their baby to be accepted by everyone. Harman smiles. Harak Singh says Harman is born to us, and we are not born to him. He says we will not show our tears to him and asks her to promise and not to cry. He wipes her tears.

Bebe gives tea to Maninder. Maninder asks where is Surbhi. Bebe says she is sleeping along with Nani. Maninder says he is thinking to talk to Soumya as she is the only one who bring her life on right track. He says once Soumya comes to know that Surbhi is here and wants to get divorce from Harman, then…Surbhi comes and hears him, says wah Papa. Bebe says we love you. Surbhi says if you do this, then I will think that you don’t care for me. Nani tells Surbhi that Maninder loves you very much. Surbhi says yes,, I know.

Soumya smiles looking at her baby. She kisses baby’s hand and recalls Nimmi’s care and love for her. She kisses her baby. Shakti song plays….Harman comes and says you are lucky to get your mum’s love, and says she don’t care for me. Soumya says I am lucky to get him and says kids don’t differentiate between normal humans and kinnars. Harman tells her that even he don’t differentiate and likes her very much. Soumya tells that she is worried about Choti. Harman says she will come. Soumya says she is going to kitchen. Harman says what do you think that Preeto will let you step in the kitchen after the mahabharat. Soumya says it is her duty to go to kitchen. Harman tells baby that he wants to romance with Soumya, but she don’t care for him.

Balwinder apologizes to Raavi. Raavi says mistake was not yours fully. His phone rings. Raavi asks him to pick the call and face him. Balwinder picks the call, hears Kishan Lal and tells Raavi that he told him that if he don’t return by evening then he will not give him property. Raavi asks him not to worry and says she will talk to Harak Singh and get her share. Varun hears him and says his fight will get easy with more people claiming over his property. Soumya comes to kitchen and tells Preeto that she will make tea. Preeto gets irked and asks her to make whatever she wants else Harman will do drama, and goes. Chintu tells Soumya that he will take care of baby while she works in the kitchen and asks her to make chocolate milk for him. He takes baby to hall. Preeto looks on at the baby. Raavi says today Soumya is making tea and thinks something is going on in Maa’s mind. Preeto asks Chintu to get her medicines from room. Raavi understand her plan and takes Chintu with him. Baby is left unattended. Preeto goes and looks on from far.

Soumya is working in the kitchen and makes tea. She comes out and sees baby about to fall down from the sofa. She is shocked and drops tray from her hand. She runs towards the baby and holds the baby before he falls down from the sofa. Preeto is shocked as her plan failed to harm the baby.Harman comes running and asks what happened? Soumya says nothing. Harman sees broken tea cups and comes to Soumya. He asks how did these things fall? Soumya tells that it fell down from her hand. Chintu returns with Raavi. Harman asks are you sure? Soumya says yes. Chintu gives medicine to Preeto. Preeto looks on tensed at Harman.

Harman asks them to make two dresses for babies. Raavi says only Shanno’s baby naam karan will happen. Harman says even his baby’s naam karan will happen with Shanno’s baby. Everyone looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. New montage looks superb…ty

  2. Ok.. So bhondu Saumya didn’t realize what Preeto did to her babby…how can someone be sooo stupid. Now a days no one is giving her any dialogues. I wonder why??? She has not spoke more that 2-3 lines in the last few couple of episodes.

    Disclaimer: I have not used the word in my comment neither am I referring to anything on kinnars in general.

    1. *not used the word kinnar.

  3. New montage looks beautiful loved #Harman dialogue

  4. Preeto’s plane failed superb.I think our haya start their new journey???????????

    1. There’s no new journey for them…only suffering and more suffering and too much suffering. It’s suffering for them and suffering for us to watch them?. Babes I know you wish good for them but the fact is that they are never ever going to be happy ??

      Disclaimer: I have not used the word kinnar in my comment neither am I referring to anything on kinnars in general.

  5. your silver lining

    What the hell is wrong with the writers yaar… what are they trying to show??
    Seriously the show has crossed all the heights of stupidity… it’s getting on my nerves now…Sigh, the cvs have ruined a very good show with a uniqie and bold concept… How I wish they had focused on Saumya’s ‘life story’ instead of her ‘love story’…

    1. Very true…?

  6. Hi jessica i know that. But l like it hapenning.By the way i read your comments about your incident.But i tell you all kinners haven’t that behaviour.I’m not your country.But i met kinners in our country. They are not live group.They are educated people and they have good jobs.Some people have affair actually their life is noraml like us.They have own house,family vehicals,jobs,bf etc.They have good behaviour

    1. ?.. That’s good to know…thanks

  7. Hi everyone , yes the show went to a very deep hole of boring and stupidity of the makers , nothing new , more tracks full of cruel , it’s not solved any situation , everything still as it , saumya has no dialogue except her head’s up or down and around , even the emotions with harman she has no reactions

    1. ?✌️awesome comment…hehehe?

  8. Me I feel they is nothing going in this show only cruelty is been show nothing more bathing less somuya still dumb why does she want surbhi to come back instead of starting their new journey she always think of other people beside her husband Harman I think its higher time the maker should show us something new and enjoyable than this cruelty evey time ,somuya need to fight for her self and the baby what’s wrong with her some one want to harm the baby and she lie to her husband to protect preeto that why she us in trouble with her friend kareena if she would tell the truth to Harman the would had sorted out between the two but no she always listen to preeto .

  9. Hi ,I am new here I did not see some episodes ,can some one tell me where is surbhi?

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