Shakti 16th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Raavi gets back in her senses


Shakti 16th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman telling Chintu that even today, he regards him as chota recharge and can kick him if he wants. He says you are two steps ahead of your father and attempted to kill Soumya and me, with Heer’s murderers help. Chintu says he is not chota recharge and is grown up now, can use both hands and legs when the time is needed. Harman asks him to raise hand on him. Harak Singh says spoilt kids will mend their ways this way. Preeto stops Harak Singh and says he is devil’s son and asks Harman to do whatever he can to bring him on the right track, says I will handle Soumya. Harman goes. Chintu asks Preeto to raise hand on him, why she is provoking Harman. Preeto slaps him repeatedly and says you have grown up infront of me, you will betray me. Chintu pushes her. Harman comes back and holds Preeto. He asks if you are fine. Preeto says yes. Harman brings stick to beat Chintu. Chintu laughs and says you brought this. He says Harman Singh will become master ji and will beat me now, I am scared. He says touch me and I will kick everyone out. He says everything is of my father even now. Harman slaps him and then hits him with stick. Chintu falls down. Harak Singh asks Harman to stop it and says he is a kid. Preeto asks him not to stop Harman. Harak Singh asks Veeran to stop him. Veeran says he will die. Preeto asks him to stay far. Harman continues to beat Chintu. Harak Singh says I will call Soumya. Preeto says I am not scared of her. Soumya asks Virat not to think much and give time to himself. Virat says ok. Harak Singh calls Soumya and asks her to come home fast, as Harman is beating Chintu, and Preeto is not letting me stop him. He asks her to come home fast. Soumya says I will come soon. Virat asks what happened? Soumya says everything is fine, tells that she will go home and come back soon. She asks him to sleep and take care. Virat asks her to go and not to take his tension. Soumya goes and thinks Mata Rani shall handle till I reach home. Harman continues to beat Chintu. Soumya comes there and holds Harman’s stick asking what is he doing? Harman asks her to move back and says you have spoiled him. Soumya says I told that nobody shall scold him and you are beating me. Do you think he will mend his ways if you beat him. He has hatred for us and his hatredness will not end this way.

Preeto asks what to do, shall we bear his misbehavior and love him. Chintu says oh old lady. Preeto says we will not bear him anymore and asks why are you bearing. Soumya says our family is breaking and we can’t suffer more. She says Virat is in such condition, Raavi is not in her senses and he (Chintu) has become bitter as he lost his father. Preeto says you are blinded and can’t see badness in anyone. Soumya turns to Chintu and says I will bring ointment for you. He says I am done with your drama, I will not forget that you are my father’s murderer, I will not leave anyone. He says I will not leave anyone and goes from there. Soumya says Chintu is our responsibility and we have to handle him with understanding. Preeto says Soumya…just then they see Chintu bringing Raavi there. Chintu says party was going on here that day and everyone saw gun in my father’s hand. He says even today this will happen. He takes the gun and says according to your story, Soumya shot my dad in self defense. He says same thing will repeat today. Harman Singh raised hand on me and beaten me for my property and I will also shoot Harman Singh today in self defense. Just like Soumya was saved, even I will be saved. Soumya asks him to keep the gun down. Preeto asks Soumya if she saw, whom she favored. Chintu asks her to stop it and says it is your turn after Harman Singh. Harman tries to snatch gun from his hand. Preeto asks Harak Singh to stop them. Harak Singh also tries to snatch the gun along with Veeran’s help. Raavi witnesses everything and gets back to her senses, recalling the incident of Balwinder’s death. The gun falls down near Raavi. Chintu pushes them to pick the gun. Raavi picks the gun. Harak Singh, Preeto and others are happy to see her back in her senses. Harak Singh says you got your memory back. Preeto and Soumya hug her. Soumya says Mata Rani heard us. She tells Raavi that this is her Chintu. Raavi drops the gun and gets up from wheel chair, asking if he is her chintu. Chintu says yes.
She hugs him and cries. Everyone looks on emotionally and happily seeing mother-son union.

Precap: Soumya and Preeto are going somewhere in night. They hear a baby crying. They go to check. They see a man burying the baby alive. Somya says, stop.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Fantastic 1

    Today’s episode was waste of time. They should entirely cut of Chintu’s screen time and focus on the lead and Kinnar empowerment. Deliver a message instead of this forceful screen time.

  2. Exactly!!!!

  3. I just really don’t like Chintu, I feel they should focus on soumaya, harman and virat more then chintu. Since shakti is ending they should forget chintu and focus on kinners.
    I saw the promo for thapki 2, now this really means heer really died, I wish shakti could have a happy ending with heer, but no. I feel said for virat.

  4. I hope raavi doesn’t go against Soumya

  5. Final part of show has started.

  6. 50roomescapelover

    Chintu needed this treatment.. Paagalon ka jaisa harkat karega toh esa hi hogaa naa…he will surely join hands with angel to kill saumya, I think…

    1. No he won’t. RAAVI will regain her Memory before time. RAAVI will make CHINTU realize his Father BALLU’S MISTAKES

  7. Today episode was really worst than ever!. Whenever I see Chintu..I feel like switching off the TV..😡. Chintu is irritating so much.. atleast he should respect preeto..the way he called her was just irritating. Finally raavi is back..but scared whether she will make Chintu understand or she will go against Soumya because we can’t predict the serials. Now what will happen to virat? Now virat will become sonnof harman and Soumya..I think shakti is not going to end soon..

    1. 1st OCT ko OFF AIR hogaa Show

    2. 1st OCT 2022 ko?

    3. No next 2021

    4. No next month 2021

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