Shakti 16th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Harak Singh gets emotional remembering Harman


Shakti 16th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soham telling that Virat might have got Harak Singh arrested and give life sentence. Heer says if Virat does something like this then I will shoot at him. Preeto asks if we all are mad here. Mahi asks Heer to come to room and takes her inside. Preeto asks Rohan to call Harak Singh. Virat and Harak Singh drink wine. Virat says when we are drunk then the mind sleeps and heart opens up. He asks him to say what is his problem with Heer and his marriage. Harak Singh says I will leave. Virat asks him to tell the problem? Harak Singh says there are many? Virat says you count your problems one by one and then I will tell the solutions, and if I couldn’t then I will never see Heer’s face in my life. Harak Singh asks really and asks him to promise. Virat promises him. Harak Singh says you know that she is a ……and you are a man and asks what is the solution. virat says love happens between the hearts and I have soul connection with her. He says Heer is God to him and not a problem. Harak Singh says when your family come to know about this solution then they will kill Heer. Virat says I will not let this happen and will take her away from here. Harak Singh says even my Shera tried to hide Soumya’s truth, but couldn’t hide. He recalls everything and tells that they used to torture her, hurt her, curse her everyday. He says we know what had happened with us and don’t want the same to happen to your father. We don’t want sin on our head. Virat says I will tell them that I can’t become a father, and says then nobody question Heer’s identifty. Harak Singh says you are drunk and such decisions are not taken in drunkard state.

Virat asks him to what he would have done if his son Harman Singh was standing infront of him and pleaded for his love. Harak Singh imagines Harman and gets emotional. Virat hugs Harak Singh and asks him to give his Heer to him. Harak Singh recalls Harman begging him for Soumya’s life and telling that he has just Soumya’s right on his mind, heart and body. Preeto comes there and stops Harak Singh. She breaks their hug and says today’s children thinks that they can play with elders’ emotions to achieve what they want. Virat asks her to stay back for a minute. He takes out something and tells that he had wine for the first time with his Dadu on the street. He says his Dadu used to feel cold and that’s why he used to cover shawl on his Dadu. He covers Harak Singh with Shawl and says it is not my selfishness, but love. He goes.

Sant Baksh and Parmeet are waiting for Virat. Simran says what is the hurry of marriage? He went out to convince his inlaws and we are waiting for him. Sant Baksh and Parmeet express their wish to have grand child through Virat and Heer. Parmeet says they have so much love that they will hear the good news soon. Virat is walking on the road when he imagines and comes running to her. Tu hi mera khuda plays…..He hugs her.

They dance while the song continues to play. Virat comes out of his imagination and looks at his hand. Preeto asks Harak Singh why did he sit and drink with Virat. Harak Singh says he was taking Harman’s name repeatedly. Preeto says he was making you emotional. Harak Singh says I saw Harman there and drank on his sayings. He says I didn’t feel Virat, but my Harman there. She asks him to keep two wine bottles with his dead body so that he will drink with his Harman after his death. He says I miss you a lot Harman. Heer hears him. Virat is upset that Preeto called his love as selfishness and says they will understand one day, how much I love him. Parmeet comes there and holds his hand. She takes him home.

Harak Singh hugs Harman’s jacket and cries, recalling his words that he has his blood and obsession too. He recalls Harman telling that he can’t marry someone else. He cries badly hugging Harman’s jacket. Heer comes there and asks him not to cry. She says Please Dadu. Preeto calls Saya and tells that Virat called Harak Singh to meet, they had drunk and now Harak ji is crying. She asks if she is understand what she said. Saya says yes, and tells that she is in her every decision.

Parmeet brings Virat home. Virat falls on the sofa and says Heer Singh, I love you and will take care of you always. He says I will accept you, the way you are and will never tell anyone that you are a…and sleeps. Sant Baksh, Parmeet and Gurwinder are surprised to hear this. Sant Baksh asks him to go to room and sleep. Virat is still sleeping and tells that he will sleep here as he has to go to Heer’s house in the morning. Gurwinder suggests Sant Baksh and Parmeet to talk to Harak Singh and Preeto. Simran says Virat didn’t ask us to talk to them. Parmeet and Sant Baksh decide to go. Virat says Heer Singh, I love you….

(Imagination Scene) Virat comes to Heer and wakes her up. Heer gets up. He gives her flower. She takes it and sits on the sofa with her. It turns out to be Heer’s dream. Mahi wakes her up and says she can’t sleep late in sasural. Heer says my saas’s house will be my house too. Mahi says yet, but mother in law doesn’t listen to bahu. Heer tells that she will handle everyone. Preeto says why you want to go? Heer says she will manage and handle everything, wants to go to her sasural and take experience married life. She tells Preeto that she is Dhakad and shall use her power to get her married and not to stop it.

Precap: Heer says she wants Preeto to apply her haldi first. Meher (from Choti Sardarni) says finally Heer’s childhood dream of becoming a bride is coming true. But what will be Preeto’s 3 conditions during her pheres that Virat agreed to?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Seriously…what a boring plot is going…pagal deewana aur pagli deewani..

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