Shakti 16th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Preeto gets emotional meeting Soumya

Shakti 16th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya seeing Preeto coming and says sorry. She says I am going out. Preeto recognizes her and calls her Soumya, gets emotional. Soumya says she is not Soumya. Preeto says I prayed to Mata Rani to send my beta and bahu, and you came. She says lets go and tell everyone that you came. Soumya stops her and says I am not the one you are thinking. Harak Singh, Veeran, Varun and others search in the house. Veeran says there is someone here for sure. Shanno says I was saying that. Soumya asks Preeto not to call anyone or tell anyone, says if I get caught then will be trapped. Preeto says I am with you. Soumya asks her not to tell anyone else she will spray on her face. Preeto says ok, I will not tell anyone, please don’t go. She makes her sit and goes out of room. Soumya gets tensed.

Raavi tells Harak Singh that there is nobody here. Preeto comes to them and asks them not to make noise and says it must be cat who has broken the vase. Harak Singh says no thief can enter here. Preeto asks them to go and sleep.

Soumya thinks where is she trapped? Preeto comes to her. Soumya asks shall I go now. Preeto asks her to stay in the house. Soumya says I am not your bahu. Preeto says I am waiting for you bahu and says you are Soumya, harman’s wife. She asks her to swear that she is not Soumya and not her bahu. Harak Singh comes there and asks what is this madness. He says she is not Soumya. Preeto tells Harak Singh that she is her bahu. Harak Singh swears on himself and says she is not our bahu, but a thief. Soumya says I am not a thief. Harak Singh threatens to take her to Police. Preeto asks him not to take her to Police. Soumya says I came here by mistake and will go. Preeto stops her and gives her teddies of Harman and Soumya, blesses her. She asks Harak Singh to drop her outside. Harak Singh asks Soumya to come. Preeto cries and thinks she is not Soumya, but Soumya also looks like her, why did he call her thief. Harak Singh asks Soumya to go out and asks why did she come, and for what she came. Soumya says I came to tell truth to Jolly. Harak Singh says I know how to handle my family and asks her not to come again. Soumya looks on. Harak Singh comes back to Preeto and asks her not to take tension, and sleep. Preeto looks worried.

Harman wakes up in the night also and thinks he will not leave Khushi. He goes out of room and thinks to kill Khushi. Raavi stops him and asks if Khushi came? Harman says did you see her? Harman says yes and tells that she came to prove her innocence and gave me some paper. Raavi asks what is written in it. Harman shows the paper. Raavi checks the paper and thinks it is Soumya’s address. Harman tells her that Khushi told him that if he takes Lavneet there, then will know if she is Gulabo or not. Raavi asks him to take Lavneet there and know if she is fake or not. Harman asks you remember everything and asks her to tell if this is real Gulabo or not? Raavi asks him to go to that address and sleep for now. Harman asks if she is mad? I am asking her and she doesn’t tell me. He checks Maninder’s address.

Soumya recalls Preeto calling her Soumya. Soumya prays to God to make Preeto meet her bahu. Harak Singh wakes up Lavneet and tells her that Soumya came here. Lavneet says I will sleep in Harman’s room from now on, but we have to take out permanent solution for this. Soumya comes back to Sameer’s house. His mum opens the door and sees teddy bears. She asks who gave this? Soumya says Jolly’s mum gave and thought her as bahu. Sameer’s says may be you resembles her bahu and asks her to scold Sameer if he asks her. Soumya goes. Sameer’s mum thinks now she will remember. Soumya keeps teddies in her cupboard and says Sameer will get angry if know them. She says she has to save jolly from betrayal. Preeto does aarti. Harak Singh, Raavi and Harman do aarti.

Lavneet does aarti with Harman and asks him what happened? She says I am your wife and will do puja with you. He is doing aarti. Lavneet burns her hand by mistake. Harman says I will do aarti alone. He does the aarti of Mata Rani. Lavneet touches Preeto’s feet, but she stops her and asks her not to expect anything from her.

Lavneet puts chilli powder on Soumya. Someone falls and water pot falls on Soumya washing her face. Soumya asks Lavneet to mend her ways else. Lavneet raises her hand.. Soumya holds her hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Alister La Frenais

    My fellow viewers of Shakti; do you agree that the writers of this serial have had a mild seizure. The script/ storyline is in the realms of the unreal. Take for example, the scene when Harman asks his sister to confirm or deny that the woman posing as his Gulabo is real or fake, his sister remains shell shocked and walks away. Now I ask you, here is a sibling that wants what is best for her brother yet she fails to give the vital information he is seeking. Added to this she suggests that he pay a visit to the address that was written on the piece of paper in order for him to gain information. I just wish I could meet the writers, because they are in dire need of a wakeup call.

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