Shakti 15th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Preeto gets shattered seeing Soham’s hatred for Heer

Shakti 15th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rohan grabbing Soham’s collar and asks if you will kill her? Soham nods in agreement. Rohan tells that she is their sister, whose hands they had sworn to hold always. He says she is the same Heer, if her sandals had broken, then you would have made her your chappals. He says she is the same Heer, on whose eyes you can’t see even a tear and you are telling that you will kill her. He asks what happened to you…Soham. Soham kisses on his hand and tells that I respect you and will bear 1000’s slaps from your hand, but Heer is a kinnar and my decision will not change for Heer. Preeto is shocked and asks what did you say, I will burn your intentions whoever tries to harm her, and tells that she will pluck the eyes who sees her as an enemy sight. Rohan tells Preeto that he will make Soham understand and tells that he is our Soham…Preeto cries badly. He tells Soham that I can understand when you comes to know about Heer’s truth, you must have shattered and got angry. Virat says you must have felt disgusted also. Soham says he is feeling disgusted even now and it will be there until Heer reaches her place. He says I had thought that Heer will go to her place, before you all come to know, but do whatever you want and I will do what I wants. Preeto asks her to leave her home and Gurdaspur. Soham comes to Preeto and says sadly…if you think of throwing me out of house or Gurdaspur, then I will tell everyone about Heer’s truth and tells that then Heer will also know about her identify, so let this game stay between us. Virat gets angry and holds Soham’s collar tells that Heer is not a game and tells that remember this, I am standing infront of her, even if you try to touch her, then remember that I had drank poison for her one day and if I can give my life then can take other’s life too. He says my relation ended with her, but not my connection. He tells that Heer loves her brother so much, leave her for this love. Rohan tells that Virat is not alone, I am with him and asks him to remember that he is here in this house for Heer, leaving his Nana’s crores of wealth. He says I will not let even a scratch to Heer. Preeto asks him to hear one more thing and tells that their relation ended right here, and tells that you are just my enemy. Soham says if this is your decision, then I accept your enmity from this moment. Preeto, Rohan, Virat and Preeto looks at Soham….

Saya and Heer are sitting on the bench. Saya asks her to have another icecream. Heer asks what is the matter, today you are making me icecream one after the other. Saya says today you have attended Virat’s marriage functions, it is wonderful thing. Heer tells that she wouldn’t have went there, but Jharna challenged her to attend the function with a genuine smile so she went there. She tells that if she had not her exam on Virat’s marriage day then she would have attended his marriage as well. She tells that she is not weak like Virat thinks her. Saya asks her to be courageous always. Preeto comes there with Rohan and asks him to make Heer have chaat on the way. Heer asks what happened? Preeto asks her to go home with Rohan..Heer leaves with Rohan.

Preeto cries and tells Saya that Heer’s truth is known to someone, while she tried to hide her secret a lot. Saya asks if he escaped again. Preeto says he has slipped from my hands, there might be fault in my upbringing and tells that Heer’s biggest enemy is none other than Soham. Saya is shocked. Preeto tells that it is my mistake, I have ruined Rohan and Soham’s lives for Heer’s protection. She says I have ruined their childhood and this turned into a hatred in Soham’s heart for Heer. She says how to take out hatred from his heart for kinnars…I really don’t understand. Saya asks her to handle herself. Preeto says my son Harman and Soumya had fought many fights for Soham and today he became my Heer’s enemy. She says I couldn’t give him a good upbringing …Soumya and cries. She says I told him that I am nothing to him now. She hugs Saya and cries. Saya tries to pacify her.

Jharna comes downstairs and asks if Virat haven’t come. Daljeet says until the haldi gets removed, he can’t come out. He takes 4-5 hours to clean the color from his body. Jharna thinks if he is taking off haldi color or getting new color applied. She thinks he has a record to go and come by window. She asks Parmeet to give his room’s duplicate keys. Parmeet looks at Sant Baksh. Sant Baksh nods his head. Parmeet gives the keys. Jharna takes the keys and are coming towards his room. Virat comes through the window and changes the clothes. Jharna opens the door and finds Virat wearing his tshirt. She tells that everyone is waiting for him. Virat covers up Heer like clothes kept on bed and goes with her. Gurwinder comes there and hides the clothes in the cupboard. She thinks if Virat has caught Heer’s enemy or not.

Soham comes home and asks Shanno to have sweets, as they have won today. Shanno asks if Heer is dead and gets happy. Soham says no, but their enmity has reached to new level. He makes Shanno have the sweets. Harak Singh comes there and asks what is the matter? Soham tells that the laddoo is just for Shanno and him, and not for them as it is bad news for them. Preeto comes there with Heer and Rohan. Soham tells Preeto that the laddoo is of desi ghee and tasty, but you will feel it bitter. Heer asks what you was saying, make me understand. Preeto holds her hand and tells that he has gone mad, celebrating Virat’s marriage as he had betrayed you. She asks her to go and study in her room. Soham asks Heer to have sweets and gives laddoo in her, tells that Virat like cheap man is kicked out from your life. He says if his mind gets crazy then he will mix poison in the laddoos and will feed Virat and his family. Preeto recalls Soham’s threat and throws away all the laddoos. She shouts asking Heer to go to room. Heer asks why did you throw the laddoos. Soham asks her to reply. Shanno smiles happily. Rohan asks Heer to come to room. Harak Singh asks what is this nautanki, which is happening. Preeto holds Harak Singh’s hands and takes him to room. Soham says she had thrown my moti chur laddoo. Shanno asks him to come to room. Rohan drops Heer to her room and asks her to study.

Heer looks at herself in the mirror and finds the haldi on her face. She recalls Virat’s words that he wants to support her all his life. Tu hi mera khuda plays…..Heer cries keeping her face on Soumya’s pic.

Precap: Virat tells Heer that he wants to stay with her all his life as a friend and asks for a last chance. Heer says nothing can happen now. He blindfolds himself with her dupatta and asks her not to stop him. He walks on the road blindly. Heer shouts Virat.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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