Shakti 15th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Virat decides to convince Harak Singh

Shakti 15th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Virat knocking on the door and tells that his sasumaa is with him, and now his confidence doubled and tripled. He asks if they’re listening. Heer comes near the door and tells that she is waiting for him to come inside and take her to his room as his bride. Virat says I am coming to you Heer, very soon. Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays…..Heer sits there. Preeto says ok, you sit down there itself, others have work in house. She asks everyone to get back to their work. Heer asks Rohan and Soham to bring her books tomorrow, as only Virat can open the door and seems like this door will not open today. Mahi tells that she has pain in her leg and no work to do. She wants to sit with Heer and talk. Preeto asks her to go and sit with her, says your motherly love woken up after 22 years. Mahi goes to Heer. Heer hugs her and tells that she (Mahi) took her side for the first time and that’s why she got special feeling.

Virat uses the handy speaker and tells that years ago, a mad lover climbed on the water tanker and confesses his love. He says this is the season 2 of the same love story. A fb is shown, Harman telling that until Soumya asks him to come down, he won’t come down. The neighbor says Harman was standing on the water tanker and you are standing on the ground. He asks do you think that we are fool. Virat says I have jumped down from the valley, then also they are not agreeing. He says he has kept a fast for Heer and tells that if they don’t agree then he will die thirsty.

Rohan says this guy will not accept and asks them to agree. Preeto calls Parmeet and tells that DSP’s son are doing tamasha outside my house and gathered neighbors. She asks her to do something. Parmeet says your son had done tamasha for Soumya and asks if she can stop him, no. She says how I can do then. She says Heer’s love and your support can handle him. Preeto asks if I shall give Heer’s love in charity. Parmeet says Heer loves Virat then why you don’t want to get her married to him. She says if there is any problem then we can sit and talk. Harak Singh asks Preeto to put the call on loudspeaker and gives call to Sant Baksh. Sant Baksh asks him to say and calls him Samdhi ji. Harak Singh says he wants to get complaint written. Sant Baksh asks him to go to the nearest PS. He ends the call and asks Parmeet if Virat got their girl only. Parmeet says once the marriage happens then they will listen to us.

Heer tells Mahi that once she marries him, then she will make him say sorry daily for not marrying me before. Shanno says Virat is doing drama outside and she is planning marriage here. She says I will make Virat leave. Preeto stops her and says nobody will go. Heer asks what you will say now. Shanno says nothing and goes inside.

Virat tells that he is having a bad time with hunger and thirst, but he will not break this fast until Heer’s family gives him water. Time passes by, Virat asks for water and faints. Neighbors see him unconscious and lift him to take him to Harak Singh’s house. They knock on the door and asks them to open the door. Heer asks Harak Singh to open the door. Preeto signs Rohan. Heer goes inside. Virat is pretending to faint and smiles. Heer brings water. Rohan opens the door and the neighbors bring him inside. Virat opens his eyes a bit and looks at Heer. Preeto checks Virat’s eyes and neck. Neighbor asks Harak Singh to get Virat marry Heer. Harak Singh says there is already a tension due to Corona Pandemic and asks why did you lift him and bring him here. They leave. Heer calls Virat’s name. Virat opens his eyes and says Heer…you. Heer says I didn’t know that you have kept fast or not, but the intensity with which you are showing love is truthful. She asks him to drink water. Shanno calls him nautanki and holds his hand to throw him out, but Heer stops her and tells that Virat is my would be husband and nobody shall insult him. Soham asks Heer if she has gone mad to go against the family members. Preeto tells that even now she is not convinced and this marriage will not happen. Virat says this is not acting, but my love. He says two people support me always and shows me thumps up. He says do you know who are they? He says Harman Singh and Gulabo. Harak Singh asks him not to take his Shera’s name on his mouth. Parmeet comes there and calls Virat. Virat says Maa…you are here. Parmeet says congratulations Virat, I heard that neighbors agreed, very soon your inlaws will agree too. She asks him to come and takes him with her. Preeto says I can’t see Harman and asks him to hear carefully, says I have handled everything here. She says I couldn’t decide to believe that you are alive or not. Heer comes to Preeto. Parmeet asks Heer to go and search her father. She asks her not to listen to them.

Virat comes out. Sant Baksh asks what did you get by going inside. Virat says we will kidnap. Sant Baksh asks when? Virat says we will kidnap Heer’s Dada ji with love and respect. Later in the evening, door is knocked by Inspector. Rohan opens the door and finds Police Inspector. Police Inspector tells Harak Singh that he has to come to PS as Virat came there to return your stuff. Harak Singh says I will come. Veeran offers to go with him, but Harak Singh stops him and says I am alone enough to handle him.

Virat waits for Harak Singh on the road. The Police Inspector drops Harak Singh on the road where Virat is waiting for him. He says I have to call you this way. Virat asks him to do his encounter, but he will not agree to his marriage with Heer. He says I will never agree for Heer and your marriage. Virat says don’t say this, and says Heer was right that his Dada and Dadi are tiger and tigress. Harak Singh asks if he called him to return Heer. Virat asks him to see the set up and thanks Inspector. Inspector goes. Harak Singh asks Virat to say in short and tells that he shall not speak to Heer. Virat says I will not talk about Heer, but about Harman Singh. He says when two heroes are speaking about third hero then bottle needs to be opened. Harak Singh refuses. Virat insists him to come. Preeto and Rohan wait for Harak Singh. Shanno says they have tricked Harak Singh. Soham says they might get Dadu arrested. Heer says if Virat does something like this then I will shoot him.

Virat and Harak Singh sit on the chairs. Virat asks about his preference of wine and serves him drink. He gets a call, but Virat snatches phone from his hands and says no calls now. He says I know that you used to drink with your son Harman only and I used to drink with my Dadu. He says we both don’t have our drinking partners now and asks him to drink for Harman Singh’s name .Harak Singh gets emotional.

Precap: Virat pleads infront of Harak Singh and asks him to give his love. Harak Singh agrees and tries to convince Preeto, but she is still adamant and beats him with stick, asking him to leave from the house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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