Shakti 15th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Soham gets sick

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Shakti 15th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sindhu announces she doesn’t want this marriage. Harak Singh and Veeran were furious. Preeto asks Sindu if she doesn’t love Ankush. She asks Suomya why she jumped into this wedding matter, they were fulfilling their demands. Sindhu says she loves Ankush, but she can’t marry in the family which demands a lot to marry her, should she give her family’s life as well. She wish she had known earlier. Harman asks why they were fulfilling all these demands. Suomya says they were joining a relation with a kinner’s family, they demanded property and money in return. Preeto says she knew all this, and it was none of their matter; the elders were already dealing. Shanno curses Suomya. Harak Singh tells Suomya she was wrong this time, she returned Baraat in the midst of wedding. He knew this would happen and

kept everything hidden. Shanno cries. Preeto asks Harak Singh to call Ankush’s father. Suomya convinces that today they are demanding dowry, what if they demand something else tomorrow. Shano curses Suomya to be a kinner. Preeto counters Shanno that they will do anything for this kinner, and her daughter’s wedding. Sindhu says she doesn’t want to marry. Preeto asks Harak Singh to call Ankush’s parents and apologize. Suomya convince that Ankush loves Sindhu and would surely do something.
Harak Singh dials the number of Ankush’s father. Harman turns the call on loudspeaker.

There, Ankush’s father blames him for loving that girl. Ankush disagreed with his father’s actions, but gets a slap in return. His parents warn him to choose love between his parents or Sindhu.

There, Harman says Ankush would surely come to take Sindhu. Shanno still argued with Veeran that their daughter’s life has been destroyed. Preeto blames Suomya for all this. Suomya insists that Ankush would surely come to marry Sindhu, he loves Sindhu. Ankush had reached and says he left his family to marry Sindhu, he promises to give everything to Sindhu and love her like Harman loves Suomya. Harman happily calls the Pandit. Sindhu was brought into the Mandap by Suomya. The wedding rituals take place.

The next morning, Suomya was decorating the wedding bed for Sindhu and Ankush. Preeto comes to Suomya and tries to apologize. Suomya says she didn’t mind, your elders have a right to scold. She has learned from her and Harman that the love ultimately wins. Preeto says even she now believes that love ultimately wins. Preeto takes Suomya back to her past routine now, after everything is over.

Suomya was studying. Harman comes to the room, singing and throwing flowers over Suomya. He requests Suomya sometime from hers. Suomya sings in return and tells Harman to continue with his studies as well. Preeto comes at the door and pulls Harman’s ears. She forces him to sit for the studies and let Suomya study as well. Suomya laughs over his insult, then poses innocent. Harman tells Suomya he feels proud of her decision making today. Suomya confess that her love won him all this confidence.

In the hall, Harak Singh tells Ankush that they have widespread businesses and he can handle them. Preeto tells Sindhu to go and get him something to eat now. Ankush joins Sindhu to kitchen, as he had promised to love her like Harman.
In the school, the teacher tells the class that exams are approaching and they must all prepare themselves. Harman demands Hari that he would cheat from his papers and pass the exam. Suomya was feeling uncomfortable. Pari comes to help her with the studies.

At home, Ravi and others notice Soham suffered from fever and vomiting. Harak Singh calls the doctor. Suomya returns home and was concerned for Soham. Harak Singh goes to get medicines the doctor had prescribed.

Harman takes the books for Suomya so that she can study and he can take care of Soham. Preeto says she massaged Soham but Suomya is mother after all. Suomya was worried how she will give the exam.

The next morning, Suomya was ready to leave for school. Preeto and Ravi object, but Sindhu says she is going to school from today. She will look after Soham till Preeto takes the exam. Preeto understands that Suomya is a mother and can’t understand.

In the school, kids gather around Soham. The Principal asks why Suomya brought her to school on exam day. They tell the Principal their kid is extremely ill. The Principal suggests to take him to their Ved.

PRECAP: Suomya was disgraced for being a kinner at Ved. The Ved comes to protect Suomya.

Update Credit to: Sona

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