Shakti 15th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Mahi gives divorce to Harman

Shakti 15th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Heer tells Mahi that she is not her daughter, she lost that right today. Virat takes Heer away. Mahi recalls her moments with Heer. She asks Heer to stop saying it doesn’t matter what others say, but when own child points out mistakes, then you understand it right away. She tells Heer that she might not trust her, but she has realized her mistakes now. She always gave her daughter’s love to her, but she never fulfilled any of mother’s duties. Today she will rectify that. She promises that she will leave Harman’s life forever. She is ready to give divorce to Harman. She says Heer was right that you win love, you don’t snatch it. Harman was never hers (Mahi’s), but she kept trying to make him hers. But not anymore. She doesn’t want to lose Heer. She tells Heer not to take away her right to call her daughter. Mahi cries. Heer says, mumma and hugs her.

Virat and Heer return to Virat’s home. Virat’s parents ask if they are fine. Sant Baksh says if they had called him, he would have come and handled everything. Virat says, Soumya took care of everything. Parmeet also acts of being concerned. Heer tells her not to take stress, she’s already sick.

Soumya and Harman visit Malika, but she’s not there. A lady asks what happened? She looks tensed. Soumya says she came to her own people for help. Angel is spoiling their name. Why they listen to her and go on a wrong path? Why no one raises voice against her? Kareena and his group come there as Soumya called them there. Soumya says they took a wrong path by listening to Angel for some money and reached jail. She says why they forget that their mission is to spread happiness and bless others. Kareena agrees and says since Angel has become Guru Maa, everything is going wrong. She uses her Guru Maa powers wrongly. The lady agrees and asks Soumya why she doesn’t become Guru Maa again. They all are with her. Kareena accepts her mistake and says she is also with her. Soumya says she can’t take such a big responsibility. Harman also encourages Soumya.

Gurwinder is crying in her room. Virat sees it and goes to her. He asks whether she is missing Daljeet? He says he can understand that, but she has brother-like devar. They have no issues with her. If she has anything, she can share with him. They can’t see her sad. Gurwinder thinks Virat is so concerned for her and she’s trying to take away his love from him. Virat leaves. She receives a call from Daljeet. She speaks in Virat’s favor and says they are not doing right by separating him and Heer. Daljeet reminds her that she has no identity without him. Where will she live? What will she eat? He says if she wants to save her identity, then she will have to bring Heer’s real identity in front of whole world.

Soumya tells Harman that she already has his, Heer responsibility. She won’t be able to fulfill such a huge responsibility of Guru Maa. He says she doesn’t need to fulfill responsibility alone. He is with her. He didn’t support her when she decided to become Guru Maa last time, but today he is with her. After what he saw in college today, he’s scared. In such time, kinnar society needs a leader who fights for their rights, who know difference between right and wrong. She has all that. Her kinnar society needs her. She can do this and he is with her. She agrees. Kinnars clap. One kinnar says who says kinnars don’t get husbands. Soumya got such a nice husband. She and others bless their pair. They all are happy as Soumya agreed to become Guru Maa. They say they will do her ‘abhishek’ on next Guru Purnima.

Harman and Soumya return to their home. It’s dark. Soumya asks where is everyone. House lights up and everyone comes. Soumya asks what is this? Virat says surprise. Soumya asks for what? Heer gives an envelope to Harman. He opens it and it has divorce papers which Mahi signed. Harman is surprised. He passes the papers to Soumya. Soumya is also surprised. She asks where is she. Preeto says that she gave her papers and then left saying she wants to be alone for a few days. Harak Singh says all this happened because of Heer. He tells Harman to sign the papers fast and marry Soumya. Harman says that they also want to give them good news. Soumya is becoming Guru Maa again. Preeto says that’s a very good news. Heer congrats Soumya and hugs her. She says she is proud of her. She thanks Harman for always supporting Soumya. Virat says it’s time for a double celebration. Everyone is happy.

Episode ends.

Precap: Heer and Soumya dance in the party as whole family celebrate the happy moment.

Update Credit to: Simmy

  1. This is not good divorce should not be given to Mahi, Heer is totally wrong as their won’t be Heer with out Mahi
    Stupid serial

    1. Heer and soumya are stupid kinnar. Heer think virat love her so much but virat love her after nutan died. Stupid kinnar. I hope Mahi will get happiness without harman’s family.

    2. Heer and Soumya are not stupid kinnars, they deserve happiness and they got the partners who love them so much. Virat realised how much he loves Heer after Nutan’s death and he went through a lot later to get her, she also fought for their love. And Soumya is now strong like never before.
      And Mahi should find her joy, but it obviously isn’t with Harman. Everyone must understand that you cannot force someone to love you. Love must be from both sides. Harman and Soumya love each other only. I hope that Mahi will also find a new love, it would be nice, I hope the actress will stay in the series. Sareeka played this role for past 2 years, we can’t let her go away so easily.

    3. In this case Mahi is married to Harman and so they can’t ignore her what preeto is doing their now she is stupid
      When she wants child that time she kept Mahi on her head now somya kick preeto out of serial now
      If one side love is strong than it will succeed ok

      Mahi is married and she is women and has desires ok

      Try to understand

    4. So you want Mahi to be caged in a relationship in which she can never get love. Cool! It’s clear you are not Mahi’s well wisher.

  2. It is better Harman can die

  3. Somya left when Heer was small, preeto took care how did Heer got Love suddenly on somya and Harman???? Mahi was there always and she had given a real heart to Heer
    If both the bahus of Parmeet are kinnar then think how the parents heart 💓 hurts and how will they get the grand children for the family

  4. Is that a serial??? It is stupid serial 😤😠

  5. Psr what z wrong with u ur talking nonsense😡

    1. Try to understand don’t say nonsense are you trying to support the Kinnar or truth/drama in the reality????
      Mahi is main if no no Heer
      If you say nonsense again then their will be no reply for you because I understand what ……

    2. 50roomescapelover

      They are scammers…

  6. Par let me clear you one thing that Mahi never loved Heer in her childhood, she started loving heer later when she grew up. And secondly I guess our society has come really higher from the thought that kinnar are disgusting bcoz that’s what ur saying. They are also humans and have the right to get love. And if Mahi truly loved Harman then she would have got to know from his actions when he saved saumya, but she did not. And moreover when Mahi was not giving divorce to Harman then all were against her and thought that she should give divorce but suddenly everyone is so affectionate towards her. This is stupidity. And it’s not important to have children after marriage. It’s entirely your wish whether u want to have children or not. I think our society has progressed this much but there are still some sick people like you who need to change their way of thinking.

    1. It’s PSR instead of par sorry

    2. Agree. This Psr seems like a shitty a*sh*le🤮 Please Ignore.

    3. 50roomescapelover

      Just avoid such unnecessary and annoying scammers.. They are actually one person with abundant fake accounts…

  7. Listen kinners are equal we are making differences and ignoreing them ok….they have equal rights but here I am saying that Mahi is married ok then they can’t ask for diverse…..
    Why preeto married Mahi then????
    In Heer childhood even somya left Heer was taken care by preeto not somya how Heer gets love suddenly????
    Ok come to the point directly
    1)As a bahu somya is doing in harman house how because of Heer she is showing her advantage ok or else no serial….
    2)at starting it self no need of children ok then why preeto married Mahi and not accept somya what was the region there????
    3) as you say no need to have a child then society can marry anyone and no use of family ok
    4)even a kinnar is born to a family rember
    5)Mahi would have given divorced if she was not married ok
    6) preeto is supporting Heer with Virat now why can’t she do that for somya before????
    7)why preeto is silent now?
    8)if Heer was not a kinner then Mahi would have done her motherly love and as a Babu of preeto family then their is no need of somya ….
    9)if Heer was brought from someware as the child to haier her then we accept but here there is wrong done ok because the married Mahi (think of Mahi heart)
    10)you can take wrong words but if we do the same then their is no meaning Ananya it is your karma

  8. Nothing stupid. Finally it has sunk into mahi’s head that love cant be forced. Heer is right. True mahi gave birth to her but it was the same mahi who did everything she could to get rid of her. If not for saumya heer would have been sold a long time ago. I was getting fed up of mahi’s desperation. A woman can survive without a man. She had earned the respect of the family as a daughter but her desperation to force a relationship with harman ruined everything. I only hope its genuine and not another sick plan of hers

    1. 50roomescapelover

      Psr is scammer and nothing…

  9. Kinners are equal we are not making any difference

  10. No she (Mahi) is in love with but they understand if you see clearly because of Heer she left that means she truly loves kinner daughter Heer more than somya she is proved as a mother

  11. You are wrong Psr. Mahi is just using hee to get harman, mahi i selfish. and i am sure mahi is planning something , she will not easily divorce harman. and Psr don,t forget Mahi made deal with angel. and it was soumya who had save heer. that,s why soumya has more right on harman his family and heer.

  12. No because the sined divorce papers are been handed to Heer,somya and Harman ok
    Mahi dint make a deal with Angel ok she believed in Angel because she loves and wans to stay with Harman and Heer as a family ok
    As Angel phoned her that they will say Heer as a kinnar in the college then she rushed out to save her but preeto lock🔒 up Mahi ok it is preeto fault not Mahi she didn’t do any deal is was against angel there if Mahi was a kinnar she would have gone to college as Guru maa to save Heer no need of somya ok as somya was a kinnar she took that Avatar ok anyway today Mahi provide as a real mother to Heer then somya
    If no then Mahi is doing something again means then serial is pulled to say kinnar are strong they can say now and Stop that serial or else waste

    1. @Psr what about the moment when Soumya was about to leave Harman again but Mahi stopped her and brought her back into the family. She faked innocence and tried to defame Soumya. But, in the end we all know that truth conquers.

  13. Hey for all this today in front of kinner daughter Heer she (Mahi) understood and proved as a true loveable mother than somya and given divorce left…try to understand the episode today clearly and no need to dig for old wounds
    No matter Mahi is proved as a true mother for Heer than somya ,mother’s love is true

    1. Avneil fan

      You better write a FF named ‘mahi’s life’ to control your feelings for her. I really appreciate how mahi realised her mistakes and it’s good that she divorced him because she can’t live with a person who doesn’t love her. And Sowmya and harman finally reunited after so many years after struggles so you should not comment bad about them 😊.while Soumya have grown heer and not mahi so Sowmya is said to be a true mother because she have sacrificed herself for heer and not mahi.sowmya done lot for heer but what did mahi do? She just tried to make her away and finally after 20 years she accepted her daughter and then what else she did other than giving birth?.

  14. Psr Mahi didn,t sacrifice anything, neither she is loyal. she is just doing drama t gain sympathy.

  15. This Psr desrve to be thrown out of the group. this psr should go to mental hospital. because not normal only mental person will supoort mahi. this psr is mental.

  16. it is real stupid to say kinnar camt love nor find love. There r various tyoes of love aside from the physical aspect of it. This is a drama portraying kinnars in positive light regarding how they can love too! Keep it up!!

  17. Just because she is willing to give divorce now so as not to lose heer does not make her a better mother. Sorry but her actions towards heer when she was young cant be forgotten. If not for soumya heer would have been sold.her attitude towards heer when she was young is not something i can forget. She was downright horrible

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    Do check it. It’s amazing!

  19. I think this PSR is in love with Mahi. I have a suggestion for u. Why don’t u just go and marry her. This way she’ll get love also and the so called justice that u think she should get

    1. 50roomescapelover


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