Shakti 15th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Harman does Shradh of Soumya, their love and memories

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Shakti 15th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bansal coming to Vedant ‘s room. He tells her that he is very happy as his son can’t get a good lifepartner to his son than her. He prays for their happiness. He congrats Vedant and says I wanted to see your marriage. Vedant asks him to give sometime and says then you can celebrate later. Bansal says I wanted to celebrate it daily. He asks them to start their life. Vedant tells Soumya that Soumya is a good name and Harman Singh made you Tarana, but I will make you Soumya again. Soumya thinks he made me Gulabo, don’t know what is destiny in store. Harman imagines Soumya as bride laughing at him calling his name.

Bansal gets the room decorated. Soumya ruins the flowers on the bed. Vedant says Dad doesn’t know that we are not married. Soumya says she doesn’t like it.

Vedant says you have to sleep in this room only. Harman asks Preeto to call Pandit ji to do Soumya’s shradh. He goes to his room. Harak Singh is shocked. Shanno smiles and tells Preeto that this is a good news. Preeto is happy and asks her to call Pandit.

Kinnars talk and say why did Soumya remarry Vedant? Chameli says there is surely something. Saya thinks if she had drank all the poison for everyone’s happiness and thinks there is surely something which they can’t see.

Vedant looks at Soumya’s mangalsutra and thinks I won’t let Harman’s memory be with Soumya. He is about to throw it. Soumya comes and holds his hand. He says you had said that you will forget him. Soumya says this mangalsutra will not be in the house anymore and asks for it. Harman and Soumya think about each other. Vedant and bansal promote the show bahu begum. Harman calls Pandit ji and says I want you to do special puja. He asks him to do shradh puja with all the rituals. Harak Singh asks what is all this? Harman says I will bring shradh samagri. Pandit ji says everyone is alive and asks whose shradh he shall do? Shanno says Soumya. Pandit ji says he can’t do. Preeto asks why can’t you do. Harak Singh argues with Preeto about their decision. Pandit says may be Harman wants to end ties with her. Harman says you understand right. Shanno says I will make Soumya’s mannequin. Harman says I will make it. Pandit ji says he can’t do alive person’s shradh. Harman says I will make do shradh of my love and relation and asks if he will do.

Soumya comes to temple and says people used to say that Harman and Soumya can’t be separated. She says this time you don’t do any miracle and says I haven’t come here to complain, but to free Harman ji of our relation. Harman says I will make her doll and takes out orange saree. He says I will make the doll last rites so that I can get free of the relation. He throws the tshirt and says this tshirt was given by her, and she had said that I look good in it, says liar. He takes out goggles etc and thinks to burn them all. He brings it out and tells Pandit ji that she had given all this thing in the name of love and says he will make the doll out from them. Preeto is happy. Harak Singh stands upset. Harman asks Pandit ji to do the shradh. Pandit ji starts reciting the mantras. Soumya is still in the temple and shows her mangalsutra. She says I want to keep it in your feet, so that you realize why gave you such life, when she gave her husband and family then why did she snatch it. Harman thinks today he is ending his 7 births promises and thinks it is all waste like Gulabo. Pandit ji asks Harman to put the teddy/Soumya’s doll in the fire. Harman puts the doll in the havan fire. Soumya’s pallu catches fire.

Pandit ji asks Harman to stand there until the teddy gets burnt. Everyone is standing and have mixed reactions. Soumya is walking out with fire on her Pallu. The ladies alert her and says someone shall set off the fire. They take out her saree which she is wearing. The diya sets off in the havan. Pandit ji says it is very inauspicious. Preeto says I will light the diya again, it is not a big matter. She lights it and asks him to continue the puja. Soumya looks at her burning saree.

The ladies make Soumya change her saree and say you are saved now. Harman thinks of Soumya and his moments. Soumya looks at the saree and picks the burnt saree. Pandit ji asks Harman to pick the ashes and keep it in the ashes pot. He asks him to put the kalash in the water. Harman picks the ashes and keeps in the pot. Soumya also takes the ashes in her hand. She walks out of the temple and puts the ashes in the water. Harman also keeps the ashes in the water and doesn’t see Soumya doing the same. Jag begana hai….song plays. Her burnt saree flies from her hand and falls on Harman. They see each other.

Precap: Harman asks Preeto to search girl for him and says I will get married. They see a girl dancing in the party.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. We must do the shradh for this Wasted serial. Have a go-to soil model.

  2. Common finally the suspense is come out.and its not a good news for shakti fans.they always wished the unique Jodi & love story should not end but this time it is.finally they are separated forever.what fans were questioning the makers about the almighty decision (mata rani decision) they concluded that also to the viewers by burning the saree & other side Harman burning her things & both turned into ashes,so it means relationship ends forever.and finally harmans would be entry is also done.oh my god hats of to makers & the handsome hunk vivian dasena.what a beautiful,gorgeous,slim trim girl opposite vivian.mana padega pure industry main Harman ke liye kya chand ka tukda dhoondh ke nikala hain Harman ke liye.ruubina se bhi jaise handsome ke liye Jodi.what a joke.close chapter for shakti.all the best for the left viewers who watch shakti.harak singh ek nachnewali ghar laya tha sanam character ko lane ke bajaye use hi le aate toh acha hota.oh god mere pas itni himat nahin ki Harman aur us character ka new married life,romance dekhoon.pehle se do kinner tarana aur langde ka romance dekh kar chakar aa gaya hain.god only save this.surprising vivian can act with such opposite that too god.

    1. Saan the characters have denied their characters have ended the production team hasn’t confirmed to them anything its all speculation. Harman thinks soumya remarried becos of misunderstanding they seperatr new characters are starting soumya is going to be a mother to teenager apparently and rubina has said she doesn’t mind playing a mum to a teen and willing continue the show with whatever decision they choose for her

  3. Its nt ended she isn’t married to vedant. Apparently they will be a leap of 20 years and soham will bring harman and soumya back together it so obvious the storyline goinng to change and son will bring them together for the next storyline

  4. you are very right saan.ek kinner ko langoor mil gaya aur doosre ko bandariya.rab ne bana di jodi harman saumya aur makers ne banadi jodi kinner langda aur harman and female monkey.actually saan my god what an character for handsome hunk vivian.its better he leave the show after the leap.opposite this character as lead for you,spoiling your reputation in carreer.romancing with this character further god only save you.she might be a actress god knows in which show.but for you what to say.working with leads like rubina,drashti,sukruti now with this??just think about it? agar makers ko finally harman ki shaddi hi karani thi toh surbhi ko kyon mar dala??shit what a shit in shakti happening.instead of clearing misunderstanding all foolish act is going on.and all villians are enjoying & evils wins.stupid show.rubina & vivian are wasting their acting with such bastard disabled i will kill myself.agar main saumya ke jagah hoti toh harman ko bachane ke baad soham ko harman ke pass chod kar poison kha leti.but never would have stayed with that rascal.

  5. This is just a show samantha u need to keep ur personal issues to urself ??? wow people get so attached to a show n go crazy like u lol u dont no what the storyline might be just need to wait n watch be patient damn

  6. Please let them married. And leave harmanji from this show. They havent made justice to his character. Atleast they would have found a better pair for vivian. But they didnt made that. Vivian please leave the show. Only for you we are watching this show. Till now soumya havent realised her mistake . Let her live with vedant. How can she so much irresponsible. She ruined harmans life and became guruma all of a sudden she decided to leave the postion and go to harman . If the kinner community have started business by trusting her. What ll they do now.
    Soumya you are burden to everyone. Please kill youself harmanjiwill take care of soham or malika and chaMelli will take care of him better than u.

  7. How irritating her character and this show shows her as a protagonist that’s very disgusting.

  8. Alister La Frenais

    To all my fellow commenters and viewers of this serial. I am somewhat confused at the thought pattern of the script writers. From what I have watched, it would seem that the sole purpose of the story is to promote immorality and infidelity. Let us cast our memories back to when both Harman and Someya lost their memories. Although being a transgender woman, that loafer Sameer wanted to marry her, with the full knowledge of the marital status. Moving on to the present, this wheel chair bound guy who has no regard for transgenders, decides to punish Harman by forcing Someya into marriage. Now I am not familiar with Indian law or customs, but surely any person who is already married and not divorced, and then marries again is committing an act of bigamy and thus faces criminal charges.
    On a different aspect of what has unfolded so far. Preeto who was a well wisher of Someya, has turned into her old demonic self. This change was brought about by a pure misunderstanding of Harman and Someya to bring home, what turned out to be Preeto’s first husband. Again I cannot see the link between what happened between Preeto and her first husband and hatred generated towards Someya. After all both Someya and Harman were not aware that the man they helped was related to the family. The only conclusion that I can draw from the sudden change in Preeto’s behaviour, is that she always resented Someya and this was the excuse she used to bring out her true feelings. One other point worthy of note is that the serial is turning into Groundhog day, where the past is being repeated.

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