Shakti 15th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Soumya takes up Servant’s work

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Shakti 15th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viren puncturing the car tyre on their return. Preeto calls Saya and asks her to come home. Saya comes there and meets Soumya. She asks her to come fast and says Harman is not at home. We shall leave before he returns. Soumya stops Saya from taking her and tells that she can’t go anywhere, and will stay there itself. Saya asks her what she is saying? Soumya says she got consciousness now and tells that she has to face Harman. She says when Harman can bring me from Bangkok then what do you think that he can’t bring me. She says she will stay there itself and will settle the scores. Before Preeto could say anything, Harman comes and claps…and says now you must have understood that you have nothing to do with us. He asks her to go and never to come again. Saya leaves. He says he knows why they asked him to go and get money and waste 2 hours. He tells Viren that he will not ask him who asked him to do this, as I know. He asks Soumya to come to room.

In the room, Soumya tells Harman that he shouldn’t have spoken badly with Mallika and says she is like my mum. Harman says you worried for your mum and not for your malik. He says I will teach you manners. Soumya asks if you brought me to trouble you. Harman says I brought you here as my wife, thought to love you, and do your puja all life, but you wanted to be sold and went. I bought you and now you are my Ghulam, you have to listen to me silently. Soumya asks him to tell what she shall do to get rid of his service. He asks her to return 20 lakhs rs with which he bought her and until then she has to work with him. Soumya holds her head.

Shanno asks Laundry guy to wash the clothes. Soumya comes and asks laundry guy to go. Shanno says then who will wash the clothes. Preeto asks him to go. Soumya says she will do all work alone. Preeto asks what is the need. Soumya says she is not educated and will work in the house to pay Harman. Harman says it is a good thinking and asks her to wash all clothes and irons it. Soumya says ok. Harman asks her to bring tea before washing the clothes.

Varun brings tea for Surbhi and says sorry. Surbhi asks why you are apologizing and says I don’t have any complaints with you. I know that you are with Preeto and asks him to stop his acting. Varun asks her not to call his love as acting. Surbhi asks him to go and thinks she don’t have the strength to meet Soumya and thinks what forced her to change. Soumya brings tea for Harman. Harman tells sugar is less. Soumya says it is same. Harman asks her to taste. Soumya thinks Harman asking her to taste tea to make it sweet and tells that she will make it again.

Preeto tells Shanno that it is good that Harman said that Soumya will do all the work and asks her to make her do all the work. She asks her to make Soumya wash clothes again and make her die with overload of work. Raavi says she will not leave us after death. Shanno says she will give her much work now. Chintu hears them and thinks they are surely making plan to trouble Soumya.

Soumya asks Harman to take tea and says I will make until you likes it. Raavi calls her and asks her to wash utensils. Soumya asks Harman to drink. Harman says you don’t need to make again. Chintu comes and asks when he will be back. Harman says he will come soon. Chintu says he asked to help soumya and asks him to bring chocolate. Harman says corruption will not end. Chintu says not corruption, but love.

Soumya works in the house. Shanno comes and asks her to stay like ghulam. Soumya says ok. Shanno asks Viren to bring something. He brings chillies. Soumya thinks to all work.

Soumya gets high fever and weak. Chintu and Harman takes care of her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Vivian has to win this time, plz vote for him,He DESERVES IT MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE

  2. Love you vivian

  3. Dear bunny, my friend, l am also a regular viewer of this show. Last week the show ruled the trp charts because of the Bangkok drama. But this ongoing track is quite slow as compared to the previous one. This is a social drama and l want the story to focus on kinnars and their struggle
    With Harman being the central character and not on gulami or saumya doing loads of household works. I want shakti to keep rulling trp ratings because it has a great role in shaping my hero’s(Vivian) career.

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